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Jun 30, 2009

Lawrence School (ICSE)

I had been looking around a school with easy admission options. This school is situated in HSR Layout and has a ground opposite to it. Found the environment friendly.

Syllabus: ICSE
Location: No. CA3, 9th Main Road, HSR Layout, Sector-6
Phone: 080-25722777

If there is a rush,they conduct entrance tests, otherwise its easy to get admissions. Admissions start in January of the year.

Fees: There is a different fee structure for new entrants and old students. About 35K for a year. You can find the fee structure in the website.
Class Strength: 25-30
Second language: Hindi, Kannada
Extra curricular activities: Integrated into the timetable, so no after school hours. They have karate, yoga, dance,music, craft. Also has club activities.

Website: http://www.lawrenceschool.in/


  1. Hi, Just wanted to convey my opinion of Lawrence School in HSR. I had put my son for LKG and 1st in Lawrence. LKG was fine. They taught alphabets,numbers,stories and rhymes, but the phonics part was rushed up in one month towards the end of the last term. So no good grasp over the language.
    UKG I had to shift elsewhere, UKG I was told was very good.
    Again I put him in 1st std, since I came at a later date for admissions. This was the time I finally decided to take him off. In six months 4 teachers changed. Syllabus was rushed up. Teachers never took the time to help children realise the concept. Very less maths practise was done. It was always tests.I feel students were over-worked. All in all a lacking administration.But other sections in 1st had good teachers, only our class suffered.
    Good points: Transport was good. Sports teaching was good. Kids were given individual attention.All kids are involved in activities. You can meet the principal to talk out problems.

  2. Hi,
    Just read ur comment could u tell me where is ur son studying now so that i can try the same school for my son also for the next academic year
    is jss ok how is lawrence this year any idea

  3. From "vinukushnidh", Oct 20, 2010 1:48 PM

    > I like it!

    Both my children are studying at Lawrence School and I am extremely happy with the Head Mistress Ms. Parvathi, Principal Mr. Subbaiah, Ms. Pushpa Subbaiah from the management, the teachers and the healthy & caring atmosphere in the school. Individual attention for the students will be taken from the teachers. So soon the school has got interactive boards for each class room. Everytime we visit the school, we see a lot of improvements happening.The fee structure is also nominal compare to other schools. Management is open for suggestions My kids are enjoying. Whenever we visit the school, we could see a beautiful smile from the whole staff.I feel it is worth sending the children to this school.

    Seen at: http://www.parentree.in/groupdiscussion-5242/Review-of-Lawrence-School--HSR-Layout.html

  4. Dont go to Cambridge They are more commercial and less for kids development

  5. My Son is studying in 1st standard in Lawrence School HSR Layout. LKG and UKG were fine. But now, it is utter waste. Teachers always hurry in finishing syllabus. No care for children. Everything has to be taught in the home.. Yes everything. I think parents pay 40K a year just to make children sit in the school and teachers get paid just to be in school. No teaching at all. Anyways.. I am going to get my son out of the school and find better school.

  6. I think Aditya if you fin such a case ask to Principal and co-ordinator , My son going since last 4 years started from Nursery, And I didn't found this problem , if one or two teacher do I told them let first to understand. and most of schools are more commercial.

  7. Hi! what is the recent fee structure for Nursery in this school?

  8. Hi, the recent fee structure for nursery that I was told was 65000 donation and 12000 per term(3 terms which makes it 36,000pa)

  9. Hi Can anybody please throw light on your recent experience with Lawrence school. we are shifting from mumbai and do not know anything about Bangalore as such. Would be staying near HSR layout as it is equidistant for me and my wife


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