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School Map

Here's a trial version of a map from google. I have marked some of the schools on the map. When you click on a school you can view the school name and below it is a link to the "review" from this site. Hope it is easier for you to locate schools near your area. Will keep adding more schools.

The icons are symbolised as follows:

Blue icons - CBSE Schools
Yellow icons - ICSE (some have IGCSE also) Schools
Green icons - Special Schools
Fuchsia icons - IGCSE or IB

View Schools in Bangalore in a larger map


  1. Brilliant. How can make a pointer to a new school?

  2. Hi Avinash,
    Thanks for your input. You have to be a collaborator for this map to add schools to this map.

  3. Hi , Great work ..But chinmaya and bethany are in blue (CBSE ) but actually they are ICSE

  4. Thanks bhatnp for pointing out the mistake. I have rectified them as well as arranged it in alphabetical order.Thanks for your feedback.

  5. Hi Rita,
    Deen's, Vydehi School of Excellence, White Field Global School, Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir, The Brigade School, Whitefield Rd, Gopalan International School, Chrisalis High, DPS Whitefild are missing

  6. Hi Rita,
    There are many comments on schools which are going beyond the limits. People are using this forum to accuse individuals which may lead into legal issues. Request you to moderate the comments as you are managing the blog. This doesn't mean that negative comments are to be objected but personal comments and defaming statements on individuals are going to cause a lot of issues.


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