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Apr 8, 2017

Schools in India and US - Part 2

Tutoring for kids

Many Indian parents love to advance their kids in Math, so they send kids to centers like Kumon, Gideon, Eye Level, Huntington, Sylvan etc. Since English is a second language for Indians, kids also attend English classes. There are also private tutors for kids in Middle School. Online tutoring is also an option.

School Selection

Public schools - You can attend a particular school depending on the community or street you live in.
Charter schools - It covers the predominant area
Private schools - You are free to apply anywhere

Where you choose to live depends pretty much on the ranking of a school district or what you want for your child. Some parents tend to put kids where the Indian community is more, some just prefer other areas.

Extra curriculars

Lots of opportunities for sports and hobbies. There are recreation centers, private centers, sporting fields and stadiums or just after-school campuses which offer a wide variety of activities.
Your kids college application will require filling up some of those, so its one primary reason parents tend to put their kids in classes.


Playground, parks are available in suburbs. Sometimes kids get together for play dates if they are small and are located in long distances. Older kids play in school grounds or parks.

Parent teacher meetings

These are referred to as conferences. Elementary has parent teacher conferences year round. Some middle and high schools don't have meeting dates. You can either mail teachers, give them a call during conference hours or fix an appointment to meet them


Elementary kids have very less homework compared to India. In Middle school, the homework load starts increasing and high school is similar to India.
Indian parents love to have more homework for kids. Competition is paramount here also. Some parents just leave it to the school work.

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