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Jun 6, 2014

School survey form

Hi all, This blog has been of great help to many parents. We have added a survey form for your school.
Please take the time to fill up your responses. Your inputs are greatly appreciated. The results will be published after a substantial amount of responses.


  1. The school is expensive with no importance given to sports, swimming, horse riding,cricket, etc.It only emphasizes on learning, behavior and ethics. GOOD ENOUGH. We can always look for a cricket coaching camp/swimming coaching camp/etc as we don't send kids to school to learn sports!!!! They teach VALUES and that is what is most important in the formative years.
    Flipside: Exorbitant fee.

  2. Our Son Devansh has made leaps and bounds academically, and socially. He is safe, appreciated by his teachers and peer group, He is a happy go lucky child with the kind of environment that enhances his interests towards the school. As a parent I feel Oakridge is doing its best in incorporating the child's love for learning for realistic life.
    Let the good work prevail!


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