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Jul 14, 2009

Primus Public School

One of the school buses plying in the Koramangala area is that of Primus Public School. I got to know of it first through a Day Care Centre located in Koramangala first block. They started the school in 2007.
All the details are located in the website of Primus Public School, (they have not updated the site yet).

Syllabus: ICSE or IGCSE in 9th and 10th; and AS and A level for 11th and 12th
Location: Primus Public School
Post Box No. 21,
Chikanayakanahalli Village,
Off. Sarjapur Road, Bangalore - 560 035.
( Coming from Total mall, the school is 2km to the right from Doddakanalli bus stop).You can follow the signs for Prakriya School.
Phone: The phone numbers in their site are not functioning.
The numbers functioning are: 080- 2574 1450, 2574 1452,96636 91787

Fees: Annual fee ranging from 40K(for lower grades) to 80K(for 11 and 12th). Admission fee and refundable security deposit of 30K+30K.
Updates for 2010-2011: For classes KG to Grade-8
Admission fee: 30K, Security deposit (refundable): 30K (for siblings at Primus, security deposit is 20K)
Annual fee: 44K, Lab fee ( class 7 and above): 3000, Resource fee (covers books): 3000
Transport (per month): upto 10 kms: Rs.1450 , upto 15 kms: Rs.1650, above 15 kms: Rs. 1850.

Admission: Admissions on first-come-first serve basis. No entrance exams
Starts from first week of October. Applications can be downloaded from the website also. You can visit the school and pay admission fees to secure admissions.

Class Strength: Maximum 35 students per class. But when I heard from the admissions office, their first standard at present has 50 students in a single section, they plan to start another section from next year.

Extra curricular activities: Art club,Sports Club with Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Badminton, Cricket,throwball and Gymnastics.Availability of indoor stadium.

Website: primusschool.com

Remarks: The trust Primus trust is spearheaded by the founding members of Indus International School (Mr. Vasanth, Mr. Suryanarayanan, Captain Unni Krishnan) also.

Update (14th Oct, 2009): I paid a recent visit to the school to check it out. The infra structures are in place. I could see kids playing mini football. The campus is neat. The only thing is the bad condition of the road to the school. Prakriya school is just behind it. There is a stark difference between both schools.
Admissions are hassle-free. You can check out here.

They plan to start a state-board school in 2010. Another thing is that, though there is option for ICSE syllabus in 10th, almost all their students prefer IGCSE syllabus.


  1. Hi Parents,

    Any parents from Primus give feedback on the school regarding academics and focus on individual child, quality of teachers, attrition rate etc. I am looking for admissions here. So any pros and cons will be helpful for us.

    1. Hi,
      Any feedback? Have you already taken the admission. I am looking for admission for my son.

    2. My children are studying in primus for 2 yrs now and they both are very happy. No entrance exams till 5th grade. You can find the fee details on their website which you won't find in other schools. As far I noticed they don't give assignments (projects) to children (which in the end will be done by the parents).Right from the Principal to the security, all are friendly.


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