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Aug 17, 2009

New Horizon Public School

One of my friends was on a look out for a good school in Indira Nagar region. Finally after a slew of interviews in different schools, the child got admitted to New Horizon Public School. But soon after they got transferred. So I could not gather how well the school functioned, but all in all they were okay with the academics of the school.

Syllabus: ICSE
Location: 100 feet Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore - 560 008. India.
Tel.: +91-80-2526 1735.
e-mail: principalnhps@newhorizonindia.edu

Fees: Tution fees is about 30K per annum. But initially you have to shell out more than double the amount for admission. The fee structure is not mentioned in the website.
Admission: Application forms are handed out in October. Admission to primary involves interview with the kids.
Second language: Hindi,Kannada
Extracurricular activities: Volleyball, Basketball, music,dance, drama, aerobics, elocution.They have very small ground facilities.
Website: http://www.newhorizonindia.edu/html/NHPS_html/NHPS.html

Remark: This school is part of a bigger institution "New Horizon Education Institutions" offering Engineering,Arts and Science Streams and PUC. More reviews I read regarding fees and admission, here.


  1. Hi,

    I will be moving to Bangalore for the next ICSE academic year. I am looking for schools in the Indiranagar area. Could you please give me a list of all ICSE schools in that area and the process for admission to class 6 and LKG.



  2. Hi,
    You can try out Shishu Griha. You might want to try out Gopalan schools. They are good. In Ryan, I feel it is average.
    Generally in most schools: For class 6, you will have entrance tests, for LKG you will need to go for an interaction session(parents and kids).
    Admissions for LKG start in September in Shishu griha, Kumarans.
    Hope someone might elicit further.

  3. Hi, Thanks for your immediate response. Can you tell me if the schools will entertain us during the Christmas vacation. Thats the only time I can make a visit with the kids for the preliminary screening for admissions.



  4. Hi Priya,
    Maybe you can ask someone to get the forms for you You can send them a scanned copy of birth certificate, medical certificates if needed and photos. Else when you come over personally you can join them preliminarily in schools willing to do mid-term admissions.Maybe you can change schools later.
    Some of them are responsive through email, so check out. Hope this helps.

  5. Hi Ritat,

    Tnx so much for the info. Will zero in on an apartment first and then start checking out the schools close by.



  6. NEW HORIZON SCHOOL Principal SUCKS...THE LADY DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO SPEAK TO THE STAFF, KIDS AND GUESTS..A SCHOOL IS ONLY AS GOOD AS ITS TEACHERS...IN THIS CASE THE PRINCIPAL IS RUINING THE SCHOOL IN THE NAME OF DISCIPLINE...BULL SHIT...She needs a lesson on Interperseonal skills, courteousness and ListeNING SKILLS...YOU old lady get a life...people pls refrain from taking your children to this school..I was lucky i got my son out of this HORRRID School within the same year..

  7. There's a new principal in the school now. Not sure about why you needed to interact with her or the old proncipal.
    For my experience for junior classes, the teachers are really good,

    However few points to note about the Management :

    1. At the time of admission they charge huge amount in CASH without receipt, in the name of saying that your child is in waiting List.

    2. There is no break up of fee structure anywhere. For the books and stationary also the collective amount is charged without showing any break up.

    4. No circular or statement has been provided informing that these are the measures taken by the school for enhancing the security, and these are in progress etc.

    5. Processes need to be more systematic


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