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Sep 5, 2009

Sri Kumaran Children's Home

One of the schools in Bangalore West to start admissions early for Nursery is Sri Kumaran's Children Home Nursery. I found out only yesterday, so here goes about the school. I have heard about the good academics of this school from a relation who lives in Bangalore West. Though no one I know goes to this school, I have seen the school figure well in public results. This school has been around for 50 years and you may want to check it out.
The School has a nursery section and offers State Board, ICSE and CBSE in different campuses.

Section: Nursery Section
Location: Sri Kumaran's Childrens Home - Nursery Section
Tata Silk Farm
Bangalore – 560004

Phone:  080-26760478
email:  nursery@kumarans.org
Website: http://kumarans.org/nursery/index.aspx
Admissions: Will start on 9th September 2009 and end on 12th September 2009. To look up, more on this here.

Remark: This was the first school started with a noble vision by the founder Late Smt. Anasuya Devi.

Syllabus: ICSE
Location: Sri Kumaran Children's Home - ICSE section
Old address: Tata Silk Farm, Basavanagudi,

Bangalore – 560 004

New Address: from June 2009, in the same location as the CBSE school
Mallasandra ( Near Purva Highlands)
Kanakapura Road, Bangalore – 560062
Phone: 91-80- 26761191/ 26771598

email: icse@kumarans.org
Website: http://kumarans.org/icse/Glance.aspx

Language offered: Hindi,Kannada, Sanskrit

Admission: Vacancies will be known in November and admission will be done only if vacancies are present for 1st to 8th. For 2009, there were 130 vacancies for class 1 and about 35 vacancies each in 2nd to 8th.

Fees: During admission, you have to pay the full fees for the year. From second year onwards you can pay quaterly or half-yearly.
For the first time: about 80K
For the second year: about 40K per year
Transport ( paid at beginning) : about 11K
Books and uniform: 19K + 17K

Syllabus: CBSE
Location: Sri Kumaran Children's Home - CBSE
No 28/ 4, Doddakalasandra, Kanakapura Main Road

Bangalore – 560062
Email :  cbse @kumarans.org
Tel No : 080-26321077/ 26322921

New Campus (from June 2009)
Survey No. 44 - 48
Near Purva Highlands
Off Kanakapura Main Road
Bangalore South Taluk

Website: http://kumarans.org/cbse/Index.aspx
Language options: Second language : Sanskrit/ Hindi/ Kannada/ French
Third language: Hindi/ Kannada / Sanskrit / French/ German (from 5th)

Admission: For primary and secondary, the CBSE site says, you have to look out from August itself, whereas, the other sister sites say it is done from November. Last year there were no vacancies.

Fees: For the first year (paid yearly or quaterly): about 81K
From second year(yearly or quaterly): about 41K
Transport(paid full annual): about 10K
Books and uniform: 2000 + 2000

Syllabus:State Board
Location: Sri Kumaran Children's Home - SSLC
Campus I
Tata Silk Farm, Basavanagudi

Bangalore – 560004
Email : sslc@kumarans.org
Tel No : 080-26763381/ 080-26765965.

New Campus (from June 2009)
No 28/4, House List No 140
Uttarahalli Hobli
Kanakapura Road
Bangalore 560 062
Webiste: http://kumarans.org/State/Glance.aspx

Remark: A blog I got to read, gives an idea of the selection process for Kumarans' nursery. Read it here. Also has a section of how he narrowed out the schools of choice. An enjoyable read for would-be school hunters.

The website of the school is well-informed. So you can gauge most of the details in the "At a glance section".

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