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Oct 24, 2009

B Mona High School

Baby Mona High School started in 1983 in Koramangala. I have seen students boarding its bus in Bommanahalli. So thought of posting on it so users can share experiences.

Syllabus: ICSE  and State Board
Location: B. Mona High School
No. 77, III Cross, Block-5, Koramangala, Bangalore- 560 095
Phone: 080- 25530678/25523240

Classes: Pre-K till 10th
Activities: Art, Craft, Debate, Football, Throw ball, Volleyball, Basketball, Kho-Kho and Tennicoit.


  1. I absolutely adore reading your blog posts, the variety of writing is smashing.This blog as usual was educational, I have had to bookmark your site and subscribe to your feed. Your theme looks lovely.Thanks for sharing.


    Best B School in india

    1. With relating to the above comments I would like to post a comment where the above said comments are absolutely true no second thought about that. 
      To begin with a saying "Students life is golden life." Yes it's true where we all have enjoyed n had fun but where it's comes to this Great school it's very heart breaking n sickening as students of this school have never come arcoss the word ENJOYMENT OR FUN OR ZEAL etc. Here students are asked not to share the food right from lower to higher standards. If the simplest thing 'sharing' is forbidden here when do they learn sharing and caring. Its like blockage for children to curb their independence of joy. Teaching is also not up to the mark. There is inconsistency for teachers to teach as well for students to adjust. Secondly to bring out the darkest part of the school is The Principal. She is very disgusting woman who treats the staff as servants ( even there is a word beyond servant that is also applicable) one of the student of this school has seen this shameless woman (the devilish principal) hitting the office staff. She uses vulgar language with teachers. She herself is the bad remark for the post of principal. She doesn't know the meaning of being polite.
      Many teachers have quit the job because of her filthy mind set and behaviour. Initially she communicates as soft as butter but then shows the true colours. Even teachers are not allowed to communicate with each other. Throughout the year there will be job vacancies in this so called school since the teachers will quit the job because of her mental torture. It's a request to all the parents n others not to entertain children n teachers either for admission or for job. The above said matter is genuinely true.

  2. this school is never less than a night mare...A B**** is the princi of this school. Please try not to send your precious kids to this school. Its the worst school in whole of this country, principal is a Ghost always ready with a cane. She harasses the students based on racism, grades. The school is complete shit.

  3. B. Mona High school, here the management is only money minded. It lacks talented faculty, nor library is good enough, nor it encourages students for co-curricular activities. This school is hardly been competitive in any field. It never exposes the student's talent, only partiality is played by the faculty and principal is very good in harassing students for their little mistakes and their parents, she is absolute crap. This in turn harms the growth of the child, and suffers the inferiority complex. Finally this school is absolute crap.

  4. This is a prison not school infact......very bad choice...yuck..!!!

  5. u guys was very right it is almost a hell i just want to tell the parents that don't even step into that school in your life

  6. there is no extra activities.The principle always want the students to study.It is the worst school in the world all low class.Teachers they don't even speak english properly.I just tell the parents than not to spoik their childrens life.The principal is always back of money


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