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Nov 12, 2009

Sadhguru Sainath International School

A new school with all infra-structure in place and a rapidly growing one is Sadhguru Sainath International School. The school started in 2007, comes under the Sadhguru Sainath Educational Trust chaired by Prabhakar Reddy, a realtor. They have a PUC College, Degree College and a Law college. They are in process of starting a engineeering,medical and catering colleges as well.

Syllabus: CBSE
Type: Day-school as well as residential (co-ed)
Location: Sadhguru Sainath International School
Kudlu Village
Madivala Post
Bangalore - 560 068
Karnataka, India
( 4 kms from Silk Board, 2 kms from Kudlu gate on Hosur Road)
Phone: 080-64536855
Mobile: 9740967496, 9663085697, 9448053697

Website: http://www.ssisbng.com/school/index.html
Email: ssisbng@gmail.com

Admissions: Open year-round. You can download the application form and a well informed prospectus from the site. Admission is based on entrance test, interaction and observation by faculty, and past academic records.
Eligibility: Pre-KG 2 years and 10 months onwards, LKG - 3 years and 10 months onwards and so on.
Classes: Nursery to Class 9
Class size: Average of 25 students.

Academics: For nursey, play way method of teaching. No exams till class 6.Assessment based on project work.
Activities: Art, Music, Sports are included in the curriculum. Yoga classes, adventure clubs, Literary and Maths associations.

Remark: Its good to see a school having all the infra-structure in place, (swimming pool under construction) within two years of starting. They have 700 students at present and a campus are of 10 acres.They have a fleet of 40 buses.
Their website is well informed, than most other 'so called best' schools.

Personally, I have heard the academics is good. One parent I know was very satisfied with the school. But one incident made them change the school. Their child had hurt his leg badly on playing and no intimation was given to the parents. A safety concern made them change schools, but otherwise they found it to be very good.

Having a personal experience with the school, then do tell us about it.


  1. Hi,
    Does anyone know the fees in Sadhguru Sainath? I heard the fees is higher than that of DPS. Due to a sudden hike many parents have pulled out.
    How is the academics there?

  2. hi,
    i can definitely tell you about this school, but its difficult to compare with other schools as i dont have much exposure with the other ones.

    the fees isnt very high, i must say... its around 26.5 k per annum for KG classes. there is a one time admission fee of rupees 5k i suppose (not very sure) the above said amount is including everything (bus fee, books and uniforms etc)

    about academics, they are giving good value ofr money. ofcourse they arent anywhere near the true international schools, but the fees aint anywhere near either, so we got to compromise. the syllabus being followed is CBSE and they claim to have no exams till 6th. but there had been assessments, and i feel its just another name for exams - nothing very new there- depends on how much pressure you intend to put on your child :)... you can either go easy with it and let your child take it the way ahe/he can or make him/ her sit and study for the tests, i've seen both types of parents in this school :)

    the teachers - atleast the couple of them i know so far - do speak good english and have a ver positive attitude. i never heard any complaints from my child regarding punishments given at school. they arent harsh on the kids, so much so good :)

    the only thing i hate about the school is, sometimes they give too much importance to the academics. my son is in KG and they hardly get the time to take him to the playgrounds every day. but i suppose they do that once in a while though not every day. also the portions are quite a lot, may be its the same in other schools too, i dont really know. the few other parents (whose kids are in other schools) too speak of almost the same kind of portions. they do give homework almost every day which had been quite hard in the beginning, but it has come down these days after we spoke to the teachers in a PTA meeting, so its going ok, no complaints.

    kids do speak english in class though theres quite a bit of local population, may be because the fee isnt that high. (still i havent seen my kid learning any bad habits or gestures s i had feared) in toto, i feel the school is good enough if you don't plan to shell out a hefty amt from your pocket.

    the infrastructure is, as said above, on place. the pool is under construction and the buildings and lawns give you a very light feeling. i just loved the school at the first visit. ok, thats too long a review already, let me wind up... if u need to get in touch, please mail me @ mvnishaa@yahoo.com (dont know if adding the email id is allowed here, sorry if i am going against the rules, but truly, i had found little or no info about this school while i was searching for it. so, guess am being too excited in sharing the info i have abt the school :) )

  3. Hi,
    Thanks a lot for the review. I am looking for admissions here for my son for 1st.

  4. it had been an ok experience with this school but for the interaction part with other parents.. it'd be great if we have a common platform for interaction. i have created a group in orkut, but no one ever joined :D... in case any parents whose kids are going to ssis is reading this, it'll b nice if you join the group and share the feelings. thanks and regards

  5. Hi Nisha
    It would be useful if u could send the orkut link, so that others visiting this page can join it.

  6. hi rita,
    thanks for responding...
    here is the link to the community created in orkut...
    would be great to see u there

  7. Hi,

    Anybody can tell me which is the better option among JSS & SSIS since JSS is a new School.


  8. Hi,

    Anybody can tell me which is the better option among JSS & SSIS since SSIS (Sorry not JSS)is a new School.


  9. My kid is 4 years old. we reside in ittina neela searching for a cbse school? We are confused between St.Xaviers and Chaitanya? can anyone suggest me which is better?

  10. Not very good reviews on st.xaviers.U can try Zee,chaitanya,BRS global center for excellence,Treamis etc.All are CBSE schools.

  11. sadhguru sainath is better than chaitanya and narayana


  12. ssis is better school

  13. Hi All,
    My kid is studying in SSIS school from Pre-KG.As everyone said this is very good school and nominal fee structure. I am very satisfied with the school. Now my kid is in 1st standard. Year by year they are improving. This year the school hours are increased for 1 hr. But there are teaching Dance, Karate, Slokhas and Bajans in that time.And giving importance to the physical activity too. Its well planned for the whole day.
    My kid is very interested to go to the school. And her English and GK are very good. The same feeling from her friends parents too.

    From the homework side, yes .It was bit high till last year(till UKG),but this year its reduced. And in PTA meetings ,if we complain about anything, you can see a positive change within few days.
    And Van drivers are good enough, they open the gate and drop the kid and wait till someone comes out of the house.
    Fees is 26k for 1st std. And admission fees is 20k.We are very satisfied.

    Though not a hi-fi school, their curriculum is very good. Not much pressure for the child. And up to the standard.

  14. @ Muralidharan... That was a hilarious post :)... gave me a good laugh... Any way, to clarify, i wouldnt have minded 'owning' the school - after all it fetches good money! But Mr. Reddy (the actual owner)may not be too happy with the title you conferred on me :)

    today i am here on this page after a long long time... Only because some one got in touch with me through this post.. And to tell you, I have moved my child out of the school long back... its been 2.5 years :)

    1. Hi Nisha
      Kindly tell me the reason to change. And to which school you hv changed. I m looking for my sons admission in ssis in 3rd std.

  15. hi all,

    Thanks for sharing the right info about the school. Can anyone please let me know the CURRENT SCENARIO of SSIS, as i am planning to join my son in class 1. please let me know your true feedback at the earliest.

  16. Hi friends,
    SSIS is really very very good school. From kg to college, they are taking care of children very well. Teachers are really so caring..... My daughter is in first std now. They are giving good results also

  17. What is the different from brs , I feel brs infra looks like a mansion

  18. Hi Kumar,
    Happend to visit this page again and saw a message addressed to me. Hence responding.
    My decision to quit was pretty much personal. I wanted my child to have lesser load and a decent share of play time. But it is all about how you want it to be. I know parents who say "when they can play at home, why play at school?" and they are right in their own way too.

  19. Hi Nisha,

    Please let us know in which school have you put your child. As my kid also needs lesser load and more play time.


  20. @ Anonymous
    Had to change another school too due to some hard times there.... n now, finally (hopefully) put my kid to the samhita academy on bannerghatta road... a bit on the costlier side when compared to ssis, but quite content and happy.

  21. However the fee amount has been increased quite high in SSIS now I believe. For UKG admission they are charging 72K (37K Admission fee + 35K normal fee) and around 17 to 19K for transportation. Can anybody please confirm if this is the case now

  22. Yes, recently i checked with them about the fees for Nursery and they told 72K. Is it OK kind of school? How abt child safety?

  23. SSIS is a very good school and they are good in Acadamic.

  24. Hi Friends, We have transferred from AP and shifting to Bangalore. We are searching for the CBSE schools in Bangalore nr electronic City - Silk board area. How is the option for SSIS/SFS.? Can anybody suggest more schools?

  25. Hi friends
    Can anyone review about PUC? I wish to join her in this college. Is it okay and worthy? I heard very good about this college mainly about faculty and coaching. Is that true? Please anyone share their experiences

    Thanks in advance

  26. Yes the fee is 88K now for UKG. I got feedback about the school saying, it is good in curriculam. Even though they does not have international standards, it seems they are putting good efforts in education.
    Yesterday parents meeting happened, and it was not well organized. Hope they increases in that

  27. Hi ,
    Cany anybody please give feedback about transport and security as SSIS is located little interiors of Kudlu village.Anybody faced any challenge with respect to location of the school

  28. Hi all,
    Please advis on narayana itech near bommanahalli. How the school standards. Awaiting For your valuable suggestion.

  29. hi,
    can anybody update the fee for LKG.how about transportation fee.i heard education is good.and school timings.

  30. Hi,

    I am looking for admission in sadhguru sainath school for 2nd(second) standard, please help me out about fees stucture,facilities and procedure to join.

  31. Can anybody tell me about fee structure in ukg


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