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Jul 12, 2010

Baldwin Boys High School

Baldwin Boys School is one of the oldest schools in Bangalore and its history can be looked up on the other post on Baldwin Girls School.

Syllabus: ICSE
Location: Baldwin Boys High School
14, Hosur Road, Richmond Town,
Bangalore - 560 025
Karnataka, India
Phone: 91 (80) 221 2742
email: principal@baldwinboyshighschool.org

Website: http://www.baldwinboyshighschool.org

 Class Strength: About 65 students per class. Total strength: 3000
Activities: Swimming,Chess, Hockey, Football, Cricket. Clubs in various categories like music, aero modelling, philately, debating etc.

Hostel : Dorms are situated in the campus itself with a capacity for 200 students.
Fees: Caution Deposit Rs. 2000 and Development fees: Rs. 25,000 for new admissions. Annual fees comes to around 45K excluding transport. For hostel admissions: Different fees for NRI and locals amounting to 91K to 1 lakh for new admissions. You can check out the fees in the school's website.

Admissions: Maybe after December, not sure, could do with recommendations of the Church.

Remarks: The school students shine well in academics and in extra curricular activities. The minus point is the high class strength and lack of individual attention. For primary classes, there is a single teacher for 65- 70 students and no assistant teachers like in Bishop Cotton Boys. Lots of homework and though the site tells learning is not by rote, such is not the case (heard from friends).


  1. its a sad skul i studied there till 2nd standard and teachers use to hit us like anything we were bitten up for even asking doubts and the actuall make u stand naked and stuffz of dat order....princi moves around with a scale bashing up students....guys(older once) measure their dick sizes openly...a totla GAY skul....teachers forced us to remove our clothes for nt doing somethings......no disipline at all kids r seen throwing food...just one lunch break my dad came and he decided to change d skul ....DONT PUT UR CHILD IN HELL

  2. I am really dismayed by the way someone has provided feedback about this school. Can we expect some constructive feedback? Else don't mislead prospective parents..

  3. In reply to the comments above about the sad "skul" comments above, I am sorry to hear that you left Baldwins. You missed out a good opportunity to learn that the correct spelling is school and not "skul" and its older ones, not older once. What was that? Huh? You think its awesome to use abridged words like skul, d, ur, u...? Nope Chuck testa. It just sounds retarded ghetto dweller. Or should I say... it sounds like you! Congrats!

    Baldwins is a excellent school. It has a higher percentage of affluent students compared to other schools of Bangalore. It sure has some kids who are mischievous, but end of the day the students excel in life. And that is what a good school is all about.

  4. Even I face these kind of insults. We were told to remove shirts for not covering the notebooks. Beaten with scales (along the edges) in the knuckles. I am not talking about Baldwin school. But another missionary school. What you guys want, a disgusting fact or nice story?? your pick....

  5. Good school... The base of the students become very ststron.. To be successful you need to work hard, and Baldwin Boys lead the students to the rrigh track


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