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Aug 15, 2010

Admissions in JSS Public School

JSS Public School was last year, the most sought after search in this blog. So I hoped to update it further. Due to lack of extension in infrastructure, there are very limited seats. Admissions are open in October for nursery and LKG, and few for UKG. It's very difficult to get admissions for higher classes or after Nov-December,  so anyone proposing to check out JSS, should do so early.

Also got to know that academics is very good in JSS. The only deterrent for few might be teachers conversing in both Kannada and English.


  1. Would you have feedback on the Banshankari branch of this school?
    Appreciate any feedback...
    Thank you!

  2. HSR JSS School Principal demanded Rs 10,000/- as management fee (without any receipt) apart from Admission fee of 25,000/- . I'm writing this to inform parents who want to put their kids in JSS Public school in HSR layout. JSS school management ask you to pay 12 months school van fee before May 15, kids studying in LKG/UKG may find it difficult to avail this facility, also management would not return you the van fees,even if you don't want to continue school van.

  3. My son is studying once i called principal to ask about my son she got panic and dint reply properly it is in JSS public school dharwad its bad management and they eat lot of money from parents

  4. My son used to study in Jss Public School HSR Layout...It has the worst set of teachers and are very partial...they pay attention only to certain students and snub the rest. He finished his tenth 3 years ago. From what I have heard, the teachers have not changed at all...they do not encourage students to write answers that are more satisfying. They want only certain students to flourish. I am writing this as a responsible parent and do not want any other child to suffer like my child did. It is like a nightmare come true.

  5. At JSS HSR the cricket coach is very bad and uses vulgar words at the strudents. As a parent I sincerely suggest you not to admit your child in the school. At least, not in this branch. Basketball coach is also very partial to children. He doesn't pay attention to all. My son was very depressed with the BB coach and his behaviour. He said that the coach used to TEACH only certain people and ignore the rest. My son now hates that game. It used to be his favourite. I still remember what happened 2 years ago. To all parents who want a bright future for their children without any sad memories....do not admit your child...most sincerely.

  6. my son is studying in the jss public school, that is in hsr is not good at all, they are very much money minded and teachers are so worst they use such a bad languages to children, nursery teachers are not teaching they are only giving importance for writing, so please anybody seeking admissions in jss don't go.

  7. Reading all this about JSS HSR has now put a fear in me and I do not know if I should let my son continue in the same school or change it. I do not want him to suffer if the high school teachers are this selfish and partial. He is now studying in ninth. His future is important and I do not want it to be spoiled by his own teachers. Please tell me your opinions.

  8. Gross Indiscipline in JSS Public School. My son studying in HSR Layout. Other kids will regularly bully soft guys like my son. He was facing this for past few years. No action was taken though we complained to Principal and Class Teacher. Most of the kids are from well off families and hence Principal is afraid of taking action on them.

    New thing I have learnt is from 7th std onwards kids will rob each others' items like pens, books, etc.
    This also I experienced as my son lost two costly pens in just one week

  9. Just an observation by looking at the below timestamps of last 5 postings.

    May 24, 2012 at 10:37 AM
    May 24, 2012 at 10:45 AM
    May 24, 2012 at 1:02 PM
    May 25, 2012 at 8:02 AM
    May 29, 2012 at 9:34 PM

    May not be true, but may be fishy too as how come such an orchestrated negative
    comments are posted so close as Anonymous?

    1. Obvious. My child studies there since 2009 & I will rate it as above average

    2. Was just looking at the reviews and yes as you say, there is something fishy. This must just be some student who did not like this school and has taken his/her time to comment such rubbish. To all parents I request you to pay no heed to this person's words. There is no such thing as teachers teaching only some children. This person has got partiality and favouritism confused. All the teachers are fine and the school is doing a fine job in teaching.

  10. Dear Parents,
    Please publish your bitter truth not fishy things in this website. I want to take admission for my daughter this year in Lkg.

    Please let me know about your experience in this school.

  11. Dear parents,

    Don't try to get pr-kg admission in this school.It's waste of time.They have very limited number of seats that too they select based what cretieria god only knows.

    So parents don't waste your time

  12. Hi,

    I have went for admission for my kid on LKG and she got selected on 21/9/2013 and almost 75 students were selected. The kid wil join school in Month of April 2014 and the demanded 25000/- before 25/9/2013 with first quarter fee as well. If kid is joining in the month of april what they will do with the money that they are taking 7 months prior. Any financing company is tied up with this or they will keep this as fixed deposit and give intrests as salaries for their teachers. Stupid managements.

    If schools, teachers and highly educated principals are making their educations as business how come kids studies in their schools tied up with relations in real life. This is so stupid.


  13. Hi Balkrishna,

    But its common most of the schools doing the same.

    The problem is they will not give proper salary to teachers also.

    How good teachers will stay further ??

  14. hi
    I have been going through reviews about few schools since from last two days as I am seeking admission for my daughter fr class 6. I am wondering whether I will be able to take admission in any of the schools. It is so scary when I read these reviews.
    I think we as parents should take some ownership to laydown systems now, as we are paying such huge amount of fees and donations, end of the day again none of us are satisfied. The whole system of education is getting corrupted. Do not understand where we are going to hit.
    I feel schooling should be such a clean environment,and a great experience to every child when they look back.. where every childs future is made, and they are our tomorrow. we need to really think..

  15. The schools seems to be run by some (or is it all) corrupt staff who are only bothered about making money.
    Its not uncommon to see some shady characters using the school facility, taking girls in car, bike, etc
    Many of these pics were on facebook, but removed after I had complained sometime back and got my kid out of the school.
    Recently was passing by the school and noticed the same and additional shady characters within the school complex. I thought they were thrown out of the school (if not city).

  16. This school is loosing its legacy, every year new set of teachers are going to join, they were not properly trained or experienced. The new teachers doesn't know how to teach the children. Initially they promised the parents that they will not take more than 25 students per section but now it is reaching close to 40 students. These new inexperience teachers are not able to control the students which forces our kids to go bad in academics. There is too much pressure on students even for nursery, lkg, ukg studs during the exams. Whenever parents raises the concerns over their kids academics new joiner teachers are blaming the class strength and kids.

  17. Pls suggest how is Jss bsk branch for LKG

  18. This school is only good for teacher's children, most of the teacher's childrens are studying here . They have special treatment. Check their face book and school website, you will find most of the photos also thier childrens photos. Useless management, uncultured teachers. I dont prefer this scool.

  19. JSS Public School is asking every parents to pay 2000 for their guruji celebrations. Its open bribe and compulsory to pay. JSS please stop looting money from parents for your guruji celebrations

    1. teachers are really rude, management should council the teachers on the way they need to behave.

  20. Dear All, any recent feedback from the parents who have their kids going to this school? Is favouritism mentioned in the above posts prevalent? I plan to take admission for my daughter in this school.

  21. Not a good school, few teachers are rude, not sure if they are trained

  22. Hi , I want to take admission of my son in Pre-Kg JSS HSR , pls suggest.


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