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Sep 15, 2010

Update on DPS (2010) admissions,fees, academics, paperless ...

Admissions in DPS start with announcements in the school website itself. Dates and syllabus for exams are mentioned thoroughly. The day of the exams everything is planned out well, students given out seating rooms and teachers take care of them. Parents can wait till exams are over. For higher classes there are afternoon exams as well.

Results are published on the website within a week or two for all the classes till 9th. A very informal interview of 5 mins is arranged with the Pricipal. You can pay the fees and that's it.

Well it's not over, you can be sure that apart from those selected, they retain few more seats, call in the next set of parents, maybe with a capitation of 65K,(30K without receipt and remaining with receipts). Still lesser seats are kept for June admissions, when people coming from abroad or transfer might apply and get in with a capitation ( sorry it's called admission fees now) of 90K or so.

Kids strength is about 40 or lesser for a class.

Fees last year(2009) was 31K. Fees for 2010 is 35K, this excluding transport(15K-16K), books, extra sports after-school hours, uniforms.

Kids have lots of activities and lots of choices, hobby class, clubs. Not much strain on Academics, no pressure. Not much homework. This year the first batch will be going for their 10th exams.
One disadvantage is that all parents should have an internet connection to check out the circulars being sent.

Going paperless is not the best option. This applies to all schools giving out circulars in the form of emails or as such in e-format. Think about the amount of electricity each parent wastes just to check whether a circular has been sent or not. Better use paper and recycle it.

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  1. DPS East has started the admission. Please check its website for details.


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