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Oct 6, 2010

Xseed, Mirambika School for New Age and Sri Aurobindo

Schools founded on the thinking of visionaries like Krishnamurthy are few like Shibumi and Rishi Valley (only two in Bangalore that I know of). Another visionary whose principles are closely followed is Sri Aurobindo. The school which is intent on its path is Mirambika School for New Age. This school in JP Nagar caught my attention for a totally different reason,which I have mentioned at the end.

Syllabus: School is affiliated to CBSE but follows the "Integrated Education with free Progress System"
Location: Mirambika School for New Age
Sri Aurobindo Complex Trust
Sri Aurobindo Marg,
9th Cross, 30th Main,
J.P. Nagar 1st Phase
Bangalore- 560 078.
Phone: 080- 26640562
Email: sactmsf@vsnl.net

Website: www.newrace.org
Classes: Nursery till 10th standard

Admission: Forms are available online and set of rules can be looked up.Interview process followed.
Facilities: Gym, Meditation Hall, Music, Dance, Arts

Remark: The school has a set of guidebooks to induce the child to Sri Aurobindonean literature. The Integrated Education System they try to inculcate is a system devised by the Mother and is goverened by the soul. You can go through their website for full details on their philosophy and the kind of education they try to impart.

My interest in this school stemmed from the reason that they were using the XSEED method of education. This method of education was mentioned to me by a friend of mine whose kids are into XSEED methods and books.Xseed is an integrated curriculum for any syllabus like ICSE or CBSE. They give the tools like workbooks, activities are pre-planned for a subject making it easier for staff. It aims to inculcate the child with concepts rather than rash thought processes. Teachers are also trained for this methodology.
In a nut-shell, the method of using xseed in school has made it easier for the child to understand concepts, no rote learning. Every aspect of teaching a subject is well-planned.

Mirambika School is one of those few schools other than Mother Teresa Public School and Bangalore International School which use Xseed method. You can check out more on Xseed at http://www.xseed.in/.  There is an Xseed Pre-School in Sarjapur Road as well (ITTINA Soupernika Apartment Complex, #3/2 Kaikondahalli, Sarjapur Main Road (Nr. Wipro Corporate Office).


  1. The contact no. is actually 26640562. The two nos. provided above are not correct/no longer in use.


  2. Thanks Rajorshi, for pointing out the error. I have updated the changes.

  3. My children are studying in Mirambika. The elder one for the last five years and the younger one for the last three. Very approachable teachers, good teaching methods, reasonable fees and they take only about 25-27 students for a class, each class with only two sections. Unlike the so called elite and public schools, Mirambika does not overcharge for anything - be it books or van fees. They do not also fleece money from parents now and then on the pretext of costumes, school celebrations or charity.

  4. I am seriously considering Mirambika for my daughter for next year. She will be in grade 1. But I am unable to access the website. It returns an error message. Anyone know how I can get the correct website? When does the admission process begin?

  5. I am looking at schools in bangalore particularly those that veer towards whats called alternative education... mirambika is a school i wish to check out, thank for this blog post but the school link isn't working and i don't seem to find them on the internet.

  6. thanks alot for your review bout Mirambika ,as i was considering this school for my daughter...but the link is not accessable..how cani get the correct website???

  7. Hi
    Are you sure that mother terasa public school is following XSEED ?

  8. WE recently had been to Mirambika seeking admissionfor our child. The Principal not only made insensitive comments on our child, she also proved that she lacked an understanding of child psychology.
    The school building lacks colour and looks more like an ashram.

  9. Please let me know the schools in Bangalore which follows exceed syllabus.


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