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Jan 19, 2011

New DPS School in Whitefield

Delhi Public School is adding a new school under its brand name in Whitefield this year (2011). The previous DPS Schools -  North, South and East Campus come under the KK Education and Charitable Trust.

The new DPS school is under the Praxy Fernandes Memorial Trust. Annabelle Manwaring is the contact person and is the Vice- Chairperson of the trust. The trust has been involved in helping the rural and disabled some time back. Annabelle, a mother of 4 daughters, was a Director at Leo Burnett in UK and has returned to Bangalore. She is involved as MD of Pro-Sports Promotions involving car rallies and is into the working of the trust.
Admissions are going on and applications have been distributed from last year, 2010 onwards.

Syllabus: CBSE
Classes: Nursery - Class 5 (for 2011)
Email: dpswhitefield@gmail.com

Address: DPS Whitefield
489/14, Borewell Road., 3rd Cross,
Bangalore/ Bengaluru - 560 066

Phone: 99801 01353, 88928 92330, 81234 34050

For more information , click here: Delhi Public Schools, Bangalore. The admission procedure, application dates and details are posted.


  1. would like to send my resume for the post of primary teacher. how do I go about it ?

  2. Is there any website related to Delhi Public Schools, Whitefield Bangalore

  3. what is the web site of the new dps whitefield at bangalore.which management is running this school.whether they have any experience in running the educational institutions.please clarify this.

  4. I have been trying to locate the website, but there seems to be none on the web so far.
    The administration of most schools is run by real estate people, so you cannot expect any experience even in the best schools.

  5. http://dpswhitefield.com/

  6. I would like apply for teaching job in pre primary section, so what would be the procedure for that? I am unable to get any information regarding this.Please reply

  7. i would like to know how far it DPS white field from prestige shantiniketan, is it possible to get admissions in the middle of the year. Thanks

  8. very bad experience with the school........and be away with this school

    1. can you share your experience if possible?what is the student teacher ratio..howz the teaching quality..how much load they give on kids for homeworks

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. @ pal : you don't know the difference between career and carrier...what are you going to teach the kids? Please don't spoil their future .....

  11. DPS FEE STRUCTURE (2012-13)

    Application form charges : 500/-

    Annual (Payable in two installments)
    Tuition fee : 27,000/-
    Annual charges : 11,000/-

    On Admission
    Admission fee (Non-refundable) : 15,000/-
    Caution deposit (Refundable) : 20,000/-
    Development Fund (Non-refundable) : 30,000/-

    Fees payable at the time of admission (within 7 days after Interaction) are Rs 84,000 which includes one- time Admission Fees plus 50 % of Tuition & Annual charges. The remaining fee Rs. 19,000 (50% of Tuition & Annual charges) to be paid in November 2012.
    Transport, Uniform, Books charges extra. (To be paid in May 2012)

  12. >> very bad experience with the
    >> school........and be away with this school

    Can you explain bit more about this? Thanks.

  13. DPS Whitefeild is recognised by education authorities of Karnataka state or central government?

  14. Shri Salman Khurshid, Union Minister for Law & Justice and Minorities Affairs attend the special school assembly on Friday December 23rd at 11.30am. Following this, the Honourable Minister will attend the Bhoomi Puja at the site of our new school premises at 1pm.

    Parents( including those who have taken admission for next year ) are welcome to attend the Bhoomi puja and meet the Honourable Minister. Please do not bring the children for the puja. This is in strict compliance. For the students [Nursery-Class 5], it will be a regular working day.

    Following are directions to the new premises:
    From Hope Farm Circle, take the Chiktirupati Road for 3 kms. At HP Petrol Station, take a left.
    At the next fork, do not take the Soukya Road but take a left onto the Hoskote Rd (NH 207).
    Proceed on the NH 207 for 3 kms, crossing a railway crossing and a village, till you see signs for Delhi Public School, Whitefield.

  15. Horrible experience parents be away from this new dps whitefield, my kid is in nursery session 2012-2013,
    poor management,no one to take care of kids , secuirty most of the time mishbehaves with parents even fought with parents several times,
    few section of nursery are on the top of terrace where kid has to walm alone with bags no aaya or teacher to follow n guide on stairs several time kids have fallen, but still management is blind.

    Parents if u want kid to be in safe hand be away from this new campus.aas now we are planning to pull our kid from this new school.

  16. i too agree with the above post our kid is also in same pool , poor management ,no one to look after small kids when they are walking in the stairs while going inside the classrooms, my kid has even fallen down few times from the stairs, still management is not ready to accept or make any changes...just money oriented school, parents be away from this new branch of dps whitefiled.

  17. Wanted to know about DPS Whitefield education culture and how there results so far. I wish to get my son admitted to their new campus at whitefield. Anyone who know, please respond

  18. We are looking to admit our son in DPS Whitefield in Grade 1. Requesting, parents, teachers and staff to share their positive and negative experiences which can help us to take this decision. Will appreciate responses!

  19. My daughter has been in DPS whitefield for over a year now, and personally I am very happy. There is good amount of thrust of academics and equal extra-curriculars too. She is in grade 1 and I am impressed with the way the school has been handling the children &their interaction with parents. The new campus has come up pretty well and has very spacious classrooms and smart board which is used on very regular basis to enable better understanding.

  20. They look more greedy...Increased the fee by 30% from 2013-14 year onwards. Other DPSs area charging 38K upto UKG where as this one increased their fee and made all the way to 50K...donno where they wiull end up in the future years...

  21. True they only are intrested in money this year they increased fees and says this is because of an improved infrastructure but in really right now higher grade classes are run in new bldg where comstriction is still going on and kids are made to sit in classes which are incomplete transport is pathetic and utter nonsense they increased transport fees as well this year. Only promises nothing else

  22. hello
    Can anyone please help me regarding the fees structure for this academic year. It would be of great help.

  23. I am retiring from army service after 37 years as an officer and will be settling at Whitefield, would like to serve school at any capacity to keep myself engaged and busy also to contribute back to society. salary is not an issue at all. I will be available from 01 Nov 2013. If keen I am available at bnvenu1959@gmail.co. Thanks


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