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Dec 15, 2011

Gear opens new school for admission

Gear Foundation in collaboration with Confident Infrastructure group is opening its new campus in Sarjapur Road, Somapura Gate.
Admissions are open till class 5.

Confident - Gear Creative Leadership School - CGCLS
Somapura Gate, Sarjapur Road,
Phone: 080-25741991/2/3/4/5, 9741777799

More details about Gear:

Gear Montessori Plus - GEM+
This is the Montessori section of the school and children are taken in batches according to age. Limit is 20 seats per group. Child needs to start before 2 and half years of age and "admission is finalised when kid is 2 years of age"
Follows the Montessori method.

Gear Innovative International School - GIIS
Kids who match the GEM+ standard are inducted into GIIS, for class 1, after a Prospective-parent meeting with the principal and tests in English and Maths. Also kids starting class 2 and above should have a good academic record. The applications are downloadable.

Syllabus: CBSE
Location: Gear Innovative International School ( GIIS )
Doddakannelli, (near Adarsh Palm Retreat)
Off Sarjapur Road & Outer Ring Road,
Bangalore 560 035
Phone: 080 - 28440919/17
Email: info@gear.ac.in

Remark: The school truly follows Montessori and only parents having its know-how are better off applying.
They follow the weightless bags policy and uses filing system. Chess, basketball, yoga, shlokas are integrated into the day-to-day activities.

Reviews from a parent (primary class):

The infrastructure is not that good but I have heard they keep asking for money now and then most of the time. So be prepared to shell out more.

The best thing about the school is their teaching methodology. The teachers understand student's psychology very well and interaction between staff and students is very good.
If the kid is doing well in Maths for example, he/she is motivated to dwelve deeper into the subject. Homework if not done also, is taken care of and motivated by the teacher.


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  2. Here bulling is a big problem and the teacher encourage and support kids with show off attitude, but not really to talented kids. The kids are not encouraged for culture and respects.
    This school is only a place for kids to be developed into a showoff type.

  3. yes I also agree that Gear students are not really telented . They are not learning to give respect to the teachers / elders . Gear management is only money minded and they are making fool to the innocent parents


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