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Feb 1, 2012

Ravindra Bharathi Global School

Ravindra Bharathi Schools of Andhra Pradesh has headed its way to Bangalore. Its opening up its Global CBSE school at two locations, HSR Layout and Marathahalli.

A little detail about the school: M.S. Mani started the first Ravindra Bharathi School in Nellore 15 years back and now its spread to over 60 locations in AP. They have residential schoos and preparatory schools for IIT and Olympiad. The schools were started, drawing inspiration from Rabindranath Tagore and Shantiniketan.

Syllabus: CBSE (affiliation in progress)
"The curriculum in Mathematics and English Language is based on Cambridge International Primary Programme (CIPP) for Grades 1 to 5.Grades 6 to 10 follow the curriculum designed by CBSE".

Address: Ravindra Bharathi Global School

HSR Layout
Campus: Sy. No: 29/1, Samasandra Palya,
Near Sobha Daffodil, II Sector, HSR Layout, Bengaluru-560102.

Admissions Office: Door No: 114, 24th Main,
Near Maramma Temple, Parangipalya Bus Stop,
II Sector, HSR Layout, Bengaluru-560102.
Tel.: 080-25722815/16. Mobile: 7353777383.

Campus: Sy. No: 92/1, 7th Cross, Tulasi Theatre Road,
Marathahalli, Bengaluru- 560037.

Addmisions Office: Door No: 389/2, 7th Cross, Tulasi Heatre Road,
Marathahalli, Bengaluru - 560037.
Tel: 080-25401343/44. Mbl: 7353777385.

Admissions: Admission granted for Pre-KG to class 7.
Admissions all year round and can be accomodated if vacancy arises.Admissions finalised by the principal.
Parents welcome to visit the school and have informal discussions.

"The interview is as pleasant and unthreatening as we can make it. It is normally conducted by the respective Principal and the Counselor/ Psychologist." 

(Nicely put isn't it? NPS and others please take note)


  1. Oakridge Internation school is opening its branch in bangalore.The location seems to b sarjapur.

  2. anybody share the good and bad for RB School marathahalli? please

  3. i think rbs is good school in future

  4. I also believe it would be good. I have interacted with the Principal and the admin staff. Its looking promosing.

  5. anybody's kid joined this school? i am thinking to do admission for my daughter...any comments

  6. rbg school is excellent.

  7. Ravindra Bharati Global schools - Marathahalli is a fraud school dont join your kids.Veena, SUma and dinesh will give duplicate bills.everybody will ask the money.they will play with the kids life.dont join and they will eat the parents

  8. Ravindra Bharati Global school Marathahalli Bangalore is not good please dont join your kids.They will cheat the parents and ask more money than they defined.No responsibility. No care. Govt schools best than this. ITs a brand but no use they need money. some government officials needs to take action on this kind of staff and bussiness in karnataka.

  9. Has education become a fraud business..?
    This all will happen only in India

  10. The school opened formally today. It looks good for me, I joined my kid in Nursery.

  11. This the best school i have come across ..As they opening it .sometimes there will be some problems but it seems to the best school in bangalore

  12. It is very bad school. They are caring the kids properly. It's my experience.My kid is in that school with LKG.

  13. My kid is studying in that school.I went first day to the school. First day itself i felt very bad. Teachers were not experienced and trained. They are taking more fees but no proper education. Don't join your kid in that. They are playing with kids life.

  14. Hi All Parents, I have created online forum for Ravvendra Bharati Global School Parents ,Bangalore . Please come and join there.
    Also please spread this to all Raveendra Bharati school ,Bangalore parents.

    Lets start to use this forum to discuss all our concerns,issues and share information.

    Facebook link : www.facebook.com/RBGSParents

  15. I joined my kid over there in day care my kid is njoyng to be there regards their caring and apart from that principal veenamani,she is a very good administrator.apart from that in her office the people sumalatha,dinesh,vijaya, will receive the parents politely to acknowledge towards her. who has the guts to say that they are giving false bills come to school and prove it.so ignore such rubbish.

  16. They promised us that they will open school on June 22 they did.It is fresh branch in Bangalore may be it takes some time to adjust all the things we need to understand i think in few months it will alright.yes the infra structure is good and staff caring regards children is so good and office admin part is good.I think even they were mingling with all departments to avoid disabilities of the school.

  17. I joined my kid into LKG in Ravindra Bharathi global school Marthahalli branch.
    1) They are very bad in taking care of kids.
    2) Fees are very high, they are not satisfied what they are providing.
    3) Teachers are not experienced.
    4) Only the transport staff is good.
    5) Admin staff is also not satisfactory, they are not responsible.
    6) Finally this school is not good as other Andra schools. :.(
    very bad :.( I didn't expect this kind of response from this BRAND

  18. More Advertisement less focus on administration.worst school like waste schools in Bangalore.It will not continue long time.dont join your kids here.They will pack soon.

    According to the high fees and hipe no care to kids.
    Improper management and teachers.

  19. Dont join your kids. waste school. They need only money from day 1.Asking full fees but no assurance.how to believe whether they will treat good through out the year.so dont pay the money all and pay in lumpsum.Be carefull with the staff.Veena is good only.

  20. I too had bad experience with Ravindra Bharathi Global School - Marthahalli Branch. ohooo need to search school again. If any fine good school in Marthahalli please let me know?

  21. Parents who says its not a good school,u go anywhere in India u will never b satisfied with any of the school because u have such type of mentality..u just want to take out some stupid reasons to say shit about d school..school has just started last week n what ru expecting in week to b happened??Principal and teachers they are working so hard on it..Parents before saying anything about the school just see where your child stands..u would b having one or two kids at home u can't handle them.Have u ever given a second thought to it how teacher handle 25 kids in one class..n u expect ur child learns everything in one day..parents just ignore such rubbish who says its not good or fraud..Its a growing school..teachers are putting so much of efforts to give their best..one of the parent who has created a online forum for d school you don't know d spelling of ravindra what issues u will discuss I can judge..so before saying anything about d School,Principal and Teachers first pay attention on ur child performance..

    1. U must be employee of the school. No matter how old is the school, parents will always expect full infrastructure promised during admission because they payed full fees. About the teachers? Yes they get paud for taking care of those kids.

  22. Hi this is not correct.It is not free govt school or Asram/orphan school.If something is charged(50k) means they will ask questions abt few processes of the bussiness/school.Here kids/teachers/officeboys is not matter.school is a big bussiness now a days.

    Note: one simple thing I will tell

    If product is good u will sell alot in market with little time.If product is not good u will not sell and survive also.(this is for child or school).

    my suggestion to all parents and school team is one(keeping kids in schools is very big challange in future) due to below details

    1.) High rates of fees (parents have lot of expectations in minds)
    2.) Caring on kids by teachers(they r gods to childrens) no coments on teachers
    3.) Financial clashes (over rates, misusage of cheques,bills,money etc)in schools
    4.) Respect to the Individuals (parents)
    5.) Kids need more privacy than house.Kids always like school.That environment needs in school.THis is not possible now a days. Lack of planning and Infrastructure in schools(gardening, ground, bathrooms, games, child equipments etc).

  23. Farhat

    I have admitted my kids in Ravindra Bharathi School - Marathahalli but I am very happy with their part of job when compared to other schools. All who are writing that it is bad etc is all rubbish. As a start up they are really working hard to keep up the same standard as in AP. So parents let us help them instead of cribbing with them.

  24. I am not so happy with the school and the current facility. When discussed with principal i found that they are facing genuine issue with the land owner who is delaying some portion of his work. But this has not deterred the school administrators to goahead with thier day to day activities. I hope they soon resolve all issues and continue thier schools as they are doing at other places. If our kids are in the school and have genuine issues then its best to talk directly and resolve with school instead of just keep writing here our frustration and wasting time. Yes, maybe its helping other parents to make decision on joining this school or not, but let us also write how our kids are doing in this school.


    For all the parents who have responded here I would like to take few Lines to put my thoughts. Thanks for all feedbacks. We would like to understand your concerns and we would recommend you to touch base with us directly so that they can be addressed. I also like to mention that as in any new setup as there will be some teething issues and we being a new set up here in Bangalore are working towards resolving them and work in the same way as our other locations are performing..
    Thanks Farhat for your feedback and I'm happy that you are able to understand the new setup.

  26. I really wonder to see few Positive reviews. Hope they are Genuine!!!
    Here's my experience with the school. I've joined my Daughter in Marathahalli branch.
    I've made 3 visits to the School till now, 2 times before the school opened. Each time I went, I had an interaction with a different woman.
    In the first visit, I was impressed with their presentation and with few inquiries and their reputation in Andhra, I decided to join my Daughter in their school.
    My second visit was for payment, this time also I was very much impressed by them and had lot of expectations on the School.

    After few delays, the School formally opened. I couldn't visit in the first week due to other commitments but my Wife said that she's not impressed with the School.
    When I visited the school recently, I had to interact with another person whom I never met before.
    The way they talk now or their attitude towards the Parents (who already paid the money) is totally discourteous. And, the environment in and around the school is also not Good. I had few concerns over the school.. but, forget about the answers, they are not in a position to listen what my concerns are.

    One thing I can conclude is.. this School was opened only for 100% Business purpose. The management only wants money and least bothered about other things.

    I urge all Parents to be in the School during the first Parents meeting this month. Let's discuss our issue and concerns there.

  27. Yesterday i went to the school, they were treating very bad. They were ok previously.After paying the money they were treating differently.This and all is ok. They are not taking of kids properly. My kid is in Nursery, every day my kid sank box comes as it is.They are not feeding the kids. Bus comes early in the morning to pickup they won't eat at morning and they are not feeding there. Before this school my daughter went to day care there they feeds nicely. Thank to the day care people. My daughter too lean i am worried day by day, How she will be after this year.

  28. Yes, you are correct, after paid the school fee they are behaving like
    they don't know whom we are(parent of the kids), especially principle
    is thinking she is the only person knows about education, she is
    thinking that parents are illiterates.people doesn't have time to
    write the unnecessary comments.Hi parents my humble request,July 28th
    i.e Saturday parents meet is there, so be prepare we are all raise
    to voice inform to the Dean and principle. earlier we have send my kid

    to play school they are feeding the food very well, but here my kid is
    coming back to home with out eating snaks which kept in box. maids are not experience so

    they don't know how to handle the kids.

    Even they are in start up mode, at least they have to arrange some
    toys for kids.

    Thank you

  29. Yes, you are correct, after paid the school fee they are behaving like
    they don't know whom we are(parent of the kids), especially principle
    is thinking she is the only person knows about education, she is
    thinking that parents are illiterates.people doesn't have time to
    write the unnecessary comments.Hi parents my humble request,July 28th
    i.e Saturday parents meet is there, so be prepare we are all raise
    to voice inform to the Dean and principle. earlier we have send my kid
    to play school they are feeding the food very well, but here my kid is
    coming back to home with out eating snaks which kept in box. maids are not experience so

  30. I want to say something this is anonymous.. every thing is good apart from the administrators bcz i had observed the 2 rulez are maintaining so ugly 1) admin 1 admin 2 i.e., that waste kareem he doesn't even don't know how to communicate wid people such a waste broken language even a 10 pass student can talk better than him. that's it abt him waste of the admins and i beleve in that a good admin like veena is very good in every aspect dont' make over rulez on children BE GOOD DOOO GOOD

  31. apart from all the things the school is very good.. it will take much more time to develop the environement in the school. and i believe it is the best school in future in banglore bcz only thing is they need to konw human moralities of any parents and their childs belive in work and not in business.

  32. Dear all,
    If your kids are not eating, why don't you change the menu? I know that teachers are actually taking care to feed the children, as everyday when i meet the teachers, they tell me exactly how much my child has eaten. Do discuss with the teachers and they'll surely help you.

  33. Why do you bother whether kareem is bad or veena is good? They are all surely working hard for the institution in their ways. Until children are doing well in school in academics and are happy, y bother about other things?

  34. RBGS is doing very well..very good activities are being organised, and for their first year, it is all very good! Keep it up!

  35. I'm also parent and my kid is in rbgs marthahalli, I have very happy with all the people there. Admin is doing very nice with every parent. They r attending to every matter and helping us in everything when we visit the school. So all parents Pls ignore on wrong comments and help the new organisation to work better.

  36. RBGS marthahalli is quite different from all other schools in bangalore. i am very happy because i am allowed to talk to the class teachers and clarify my doubts. in the previous school-cambridge, i was not able to interact with the teachers. like beggars parents had to stand outside the gate. very good administration.

  37. Hi all,(today Only I saw this blog/forum)

    This is Saratchandra working in HCL, I joined my son in Nursery B section at Marathahalli Branch and he is also happy to continue here.Initially some problems will come please give some time to them atleast 5-6 months.I dont know otherthings wht is happening in the school.Below are the problems I faced and experienced till date

    1.) some cheques bounce happened due to miss communication (10K).

    But, Veena madam given me immediately (400 rs back). Veena madam is good and she will respond immediately.Please approach her if any.

    2.) Staff is good if any pls approach Suma, Dinesh etc. Till date I approached Suma only and talk slowly with patience.

    3.) I met one teacher her response is very good.She will receive very nicely.she is good teacher.She distributed the books and dress also.

    *** Finance problems is different and respect to the teacher/Principal is different.

    I want positive environment and happy to say meet the staff or veena madam.Dont worry and go in a good way and we have good relationship with school.
    Gossips will be common dont take as serious.

    Thanks to everyone (those who read)
    Yours faithfully

  38. Hi, My Son has Joined in Nursery ' C'at Marthahalli Branch. He is 3yrs completed. From last 2 months we observed that every thing is going on smooth manner . but we are facing some many problems in Bus transport only .

    Below are the Problems that i faced and experienced till date :

    1) At the time of Joining Managment & Principal had given assurance that school responsibility to drop my kid in front of my home.But they never dropped my kid in front of my house (even though not in my lane) they always stop the school bus on main road only (6,7 mts walkable from my home). this distance does not matter but main problem is , Bus coming some times 10 mts late & 10 mts early so due to this we need to wait for the bus before 1/2 hr & some times problem in rainy season to walk with kid on this mud roads .

    2) For Kindergarten students they promised me they will send mini van (like omini) but am always seeing 20 seater long bus.In Intial days the care takers in bus evrenthough they not close the doors properly after few weeks later i found some improvement in bus care takers.

    I Requested number of times principal & transport guy (name venkat)about the van & dropping the child on main road. but no use.

    3) from Marthahalli branch school & to my home it wont take more than 15 mts by 2 wheeler .But school bus almost they are taking 45 mts .

    For kids to sit all these time on this big bus is very difficult .

    4) total 5 kids are coming from same lane , every one is having the same problem.

    Except this major transportation issue & rest of the things are fine.


  39. Dear Parents,

    Have you seen your kids photos on the picasaweb if not this is the link:
    https://picasaweb.google.com/103947779993457387482 it is really nice to see your kids have fun along with their studies.
    My kids are enjoying all the activities and events at school and are always telling their other school friends that everyday is something new and interesting. I really think I did a good job by putting them in this school.

    Thanks to Principal, teachers and other staff
    Farhat Shahbudin

  40. I went thru the link . Indeed the activities of the school are motivating the children. Every child is getting an opportunity to participate. Every day is a new experience. I think they are still streamlining the bus route plan. I an very happy to see my kid participating in the activities. I attended the PTM and the response of all the parents was encouraging. Every school has gaps and scope for improvement. Lets be supportive and encourage the school to grow to its best!

  41. I don't think so the above comment is written by the parent.... Anyways there is lots of mess up going in the school....so better not trust....

  42. I attended the independance day program. was good.
    Teachers have worked very hard.
    the program was innovative and coordination was good.congratulations to rbgs. I hope the same enthusism is shown in academics also in the coming months. All parents are expecting something different from RBgs.

  43. Hi,

    Thanks for Sharing the link. https://picasaweb.google.com/103947779993457387482

    There are certainly some issues. There is huge scope for improvement yet, since it has just started. There are many other bad schools in the City I have come across with my kids who even doesn't teach, encourage, and take care of kids..


    Here are my thoughts after three months.. My kid really started loving the school,

    1. Principal speaks to us politely and listens and tries to rectify issues and very encouraging.
    2. Interaction between teachers and parents is also very encouraging.
    3. This has to be sustained activity.
    4. This school maintains good Student:teachers ratio.
    5. Initially I too had issues with transport but this got rectified quickly after escalating it to the principal.

    Guys, we must curse ourself for our irresponsibility for not catching up with governement schools though we pay huge amount of tax every month and every year.

    I am answering to the question which says they charge huge fees, but remember folks, it is not government it a private school, management guys should set up the place, building, infrastructure, teaching, non-teaching staff salaries. It is not free it has to be paid at a premium from our pockets. He is not running a ashram or a trust.

    We should really encourage and thank them to do their job better, a pat on the staff will help them do a much better job. See the difference when you congratulate them.

    I don't repent on sending the kid to government school, infact that was my first choice, however mutual irresponsibility of teachers and students made us we parents look for a better choice.

  44. think twice actually thrice before putting ur kids in rabindra bharathi school. highly unethical money swindlers,arrogant and unprofessional people running the school.u hv 1000 schools with better values in bangalore.if u feel this is a lie go check their curriculum dont carried away by the infrastructues lie building and mainly their false promises..

  45. looks somebody out there to tarnish the image of the school! good luck

  46. really very much confusied with both good n bad opinion,dont know wat 2 do

  47. worst school, principals keep changing in this school. Parents you have to catious about this school. Principal hasn't got good control on the teachers and doesn't look at the acedamics of kids.

    She is a headstrong and answers and skips your questions. Principal despite of several pleas she is not changing her attitude. Heavily disappointed with the way the academics are being handled. There is no place to complain even.

    I am going to take my kid to a government school next instead of these blood suckers. I am also not going to pay the remaining next term fees.

  48. i have put my child in rbgs, hsr layout. i too initially thought that the school is moving on very slowly, but later i realized that since it is a new school, it wud take time for it to earn a name, nevertheless, the principal, admin staff were very good with us......teachers are also good and im sure they are trying their level best.

  49. i too have just admitted my child in rbgs, hsr, for next academic year. thr were a lot of parents too sitting with me, i discussed with them and then finally took the decision of admitting my kid in this school......

  50. Am totally confused going through a conglomeration of good and bad comments about RBGS. Nowadays to put children in a proper school is an uphill task for the parents where we remain uncertain about the actuality and the promises these schools make. I just have one simple query to ask you parents who have already put your wards in RBGS, HSR Layout, what is their mode of teaching, what is the teacher-student ratio for the junior classes, how much attention and time the teachers offer to students, how are the in-house attendants, do they guide the students to the washrooms, some details about the security aspects, in short how strong is the security at the main gate, what is the attitude of administration, class teachers as well as the Principal after admission of the child? It would be kind on the part of the existing parents to revert back to my doubts at the earliest before the next academic session starts. If I get a clear understanding on the above, then I can decide upon something constructive. Awaiting your valuable feedback dear parents......

  51. Parents time to open your eyes RBGS marathahalli is not as you thought and as you think.School has only opened to swindle the parents and take the life out of children.At the time of Mrs.Verna it was taking up some shape and academically she was involving children everywhere. But after this Bela Murthy has come school has come to an end.She has come just to eat money and sit in A.C room.

  52. hi Friends,

    School is established now and running fully.who will listen your comments here.My dear parents dont send the comments here change your son/kid.Now check the fees next academic year.u will wow next.

    Note: RGBS is looting like anything.Stupidus faculty and principal.all old processes.

    No liberty for parents.Kindly note that even they are using this comments as advertisement.Near to that place other schools is there join there.Its good for long term.

  53. I am a parent of a child studying in this school(hsr layout). I am not at all happy with this school. The security at main gate is bad. Children keep running out and the security or the teachers hardly care. The maids handle children very roughly and complain directly to parents if your child visits the loo often.The teacher(at least my experience- cant say for all teachers in the school) is headstrong and willing to teach only the silent obeying kids.I can go on and on...Another money minting machine is what this school is.

  54. i am also thinking to join in HSR RBGS school , fees are equivaluent around this area . i do not know about the care given for each child , security , way of teaching , teacher experience, will they collect extra money apartment from what they promissed while joining , etc.
    I request parents give the feed back about zee , ravindra bharathi (HSR layout) ,and chaitanya school.

  55. If RGBS HSR has to pull up it has to work hard, looking at the way they are doing they cannot come up and give good service. Pity all the parents and kids too continuing in this school.
    If you are continuing don't crib about anything that comes up as you are getting(bad) what you had expected.

  56. Its is doing OK now after Bula Murthy is packed. So far so good.

  57. Don,t join your kids in this school. Govt school teachers behave better than this teachers. Many teachers are very rude, hindi teacher is literally beating the kids . no control over the teachers.

  58. My child is in L.K.G Marthahalli Branch.And i m very much happy with the school and teacher.;My kid loves to go to school and after coming from school she allways talk about her class teacher,she attached too much with her teacher,even i feel she is very good,very calm and always smiling.i can see a good growth of my child in RBGS.

  59. It is regretted to inform to the Mangement of
    Ravindra Bharti School which is located in Toli
    Chowki, Hyderabad AP. Our kids since 2 years in you school and we parents did not see any kind of development. Especially, they did not pay attention to kids and not their studies.
    We complaint several time to Head Mistress and she never took any action against the class teacher. I don't know why? 08:30 to 3:30 children are in school but not improved. We pay every year Rs. 20,000/-. In the whole school speaks in Hindi not in English. Therefore, we decided to take out our children
    and put in other school. Becuase Head Mistress is Loose not strict. Furthermore teachers did not care to the Head Mistress.

    Before, We heard that RAVINDRA BHARTI IS VERY GOOD SCHOOL. BUT WE SEE VERY CLOSELY IT IS NOTHING LIKE WE HEARD. TEACHERS ARE NOT PAYING INTEREST TO KIDS. TEACHERS ARE NOT EXPERINCED. Really the school management makes US upset. Please change the class teacher as quick as possible. They destroy the standard of School. Management prompt action is requested.

    Thank you.

    From Parents

  60. I am a parent of a child we commented on 3rd of September, 2013 but uptill now we do not get any feedback from you. Regarding Ravindra Bharti School, BRANCH, TOLI CHOWKI, HYDERABAD AP.


  61. I joined my daughter in Ravindra Bharati Global School Marthahalli.Now my daughter is UKG.

    1.Come into Fees,fees is different to different kids.If any Parent goes and ask about the fee then they will get the discount Fee.If the parents r not asked about fee,then the fee is same .the management of RBGS is not that much of good.
    2.coming to Studies,iam very much satisfied ,what the teachers r teaching in class room.and also very nice about the relation ship of child and teacher & also parent and teacher.

    3.If rain comes,it is very horrible to goto school.kids r dreses up very nice but they r getting problems due to mud.

    4.compaing to two branches(HSR & MARTHAHALLI),the RBGS people r giving preference to only HSR students.y we donot know .we r also paying the fee.In Site they r uploading the activities and cultural photoes only HSR layout kids.


  63. Hi,
    My son is joined here in UKG. I am not satisfiled at all. Teachers are not teaching anything in class.Everday i have to teach 1 hr to my kid.So study wise its very bad.In the mid of the year only i have plan to change my kid school.I dont want to waste more time .Parents i suggest dont send your kid to HSR branch.Otherwise u will suffer like me.

  64. the school of marathahalli branch is not at all good.better than this we can put our kid in some govt school.principal is not having any control over the kids.not well experienced teachers.my request is tonever ever put your kids in especially in marathahalli branch.

  65. one of the worst school.inefiicient principal.dont send ur child better u kill them.no control for the students .not experienced teachers

  66. RBGS is doing very well..very good activities are being organised,convocation program was excellent it is all very good! Keep it up!

  67. excellent. convocation program was good.

  68. congratulation for the CBSE afficiliation

  69. With the cbse affiliation, surely the school is moving in a progressive direction.. Congratulations

  70. Its amazing to see that after the session is over, someone realized that the staff is inefficient. I think the school is really taking a great shape and has a great future ahead...


  72. Not at all properly organised school, they don't have a particular fee structure. In efficient principal. No experienced teachers. if it rains u have to take a boat to go to the school. Better we will put our kids in govt school rather than spending more and putting them in such schools.

  73. Its almost two weeks since the school reopened. The teachers this year seem really promising. My daughter is happy going to school

  74. Hi parents during my review search regarding RGBS Schools, I found all almost 80% of reviews are bad and worst against the RGBS Schools across the country. They are doing money laundering business in the name of education, govt should put ban on such things.
    For more info plz visit below url;



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