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Mar 24, 2012

Sri Chaitanya Techno School

Sri Chaitanya Techno Schools of Andhra Pradesh set up shop in Bangalore last year. Some of the schools in Bangalore were taken over to create 6 branches. They are focussed on preparing students for Medical and Engineering exams, CA and IAS exams. For this reason they have the Sri Chaitanya CA Academy and IAS Academy. They prepare kids for Olympiads also.

Syllabus: Primarily CBSE. From 6th to 10th they have a Techno Syllabus based on a mix of ICSE, CBSE, and State Board syllabus
Locations: Sri Chaitanya Techno School (SCTS)
Behind BEL Regional Corp. Office
Arabic CollegePost
Phone: 9591998942/44

#14, Sri Nidhi, JP Nagar,
8th Phase, 2nd Block,
Jambu Sawari Dinne,
Phone: 9591998896/97

5th B Cross,
Post Office Road,
3rd Phase
Yelahanka New Town
Bengaluru - 106
Phone: 9591998942/44, 080-25666333

Shammanna Garden,
Devasandra Main Road,
Behind Kaveri Bakery,
KR Puram
Bengaluru - 36
Phone: 9591998958/67

(Formerly Sunrise International School , thanks to a user comment)
Huskur Post,
Near APMC Fruit Market
Via Bommasandra,
Bengaluru - 99
Phone: 9591998986

Admissions: The school admits students of State Board and ICSE till 9th class.
Classes from 4th to 9th had admission tests around Nov 26, 2011. Two objective type question papers were provided, one for ICSE and another for CBSE and State Board.


Harini said...

There is one at Marathahalli too, which I presume they are focussing on a lot. I am satisfied with the school. They have to go a long way in improving the infrastructure though.

Muthukumaran S said...

We want to know how is the education level at chaitanya techno school at Veerannapalya.

Can any one help to know?

Arul Annad said...

we want to know abt chaitanya school e-city for STD 5 admission and how they are in education standard

DV said...

iwould like to know any branches in and around rajajinagar

Anonymous said...

hi all,

can anyone please give a detailed review about chaitanya techno school at the earliest, as the admissions have started everywhere.

yadhubala suba said...

hi all, can anyone please give me details about education level at chaitanya techno school at ramamurthy nagar, bangalore so urgent bcz i want to put my child

Jaya said...

Hi all, Can anyone tell me how is education in Chaithnya Techno School at Hebbal, Bangalore? Your help will be appriciated as its very urgent for me as I need to decide the school for my son soon.



Muralidharan Srinivasagopalan said...

I am looking for this school somewhere near Rajaji Nagar / Hebbal as I am located in Malleswaram.

Would request if some one can share info on this

Anonymous said...

Mr. Muralidharan, there is a branch opened in Seshadripuram, adjacent to Fortis Hospital or Tax Office. Am happy with the premises.

Anonymous said...

Please let us know how is Chaitanya e-techno school in JP nagar? How is the education and teacher's attitude towards students. Are they able to maintain same standard as in Andhra with respect to education as well as infrastucture?

Anonymous said...

HI ,
Please let us know when the admission is start class 8 std, in E-city school

Harini said...

As I had mentioned earlier, my son goes to marathahalli branch and I am very happy with their teaching. He is in UKG so no stress at this point. I would recommend it if you are looking for good education, sans fancy terminology unlike many of the other schools around.

Anonymous said...

heard the co campus of narayana pu college is commencing this june .pl give feedback on this.

janavi latha said...

As per my experience i want to tell that dont approach sri chaitanya techno school... i never saw such a worst lady especially the primary incharge padma bg road. when we ask something she just answers with her dirty angry cruel face simply telling that i dont know u go and ask principal ,no proper response...then why the hell when she dont know how to answer... she is not even fit for bathroom cleaning job....I feel pity for the teachers who are working under her because i have seen the way she was treating them by keeping her dirty angry face and shouting at them without any respect in front of others. I dont know how the principle is entertaining this kind of lady......Plz for ur kids future dont waste your time in this school

Anju Varshney Saxena said...

Can any one tell about d branch at j p nagar 8th phase

Anonymous said...

Can any one of you tell us about teaching, workloads on child and other general factors at hulimavu branch???

sunitha said...

Hi, Can any one please share your experience or comments of the school in Hebbal branch, how is the teaching standards and how are the teachers are they friendly with the students please let us know abt the school as early as possible

deepu said...

Can any one give feedback of chaitanya techno school in yelhanka.i want to join my kid in class 1.i want to know the teachers behaviour with kids and about all other activities also.

Uthaya Suriyan said...

Dear Parents,
We joined our son in the veerannapalya branch in L.K.G, didn't have good experience. Teacher is very arrogant, in PTM she didn't dicuss any positive points about our kid, further we had hear feedback like kid is always lying.. and the teacher suggested us to be harsh on our kid... we decided to dicontinue there...

Anonymous said...

Hi, Banaswadi branch is very much good. I recommened for it

shweta parvatikar said...

Can any one share about teaching and over all conduct of Sri Chaitanya Techno school on Bannerghata ...

Guru Prasad said...

Any one please provide Review of chaitanya techno shcool at nagarabhavi banch? looks like they just started in 2013 and 14. Campus looks good, but need to understand the quality of teaching.

Sunitha said...

I dont recommend Sri Chaitanya school to anyone. I have joined my child in 2010, since 3 yrs he is in this school. I joined him believing their promises about different teaching methodologies, but forget abt different methodologies, basic education standard is not in place. The teachers are substandard. I am not sure they recruit them. They have 1 hindi teacher shared across 4 branches. Same for Kannada and French also. How will they concentrate on teaching. I have waited enough by expecting things to change for 3 yrs, but nothing changed. Things have got worst. I am shifting my child to another school now.

Anonymous said...

Hi anyone can provided feed back on Chaitanya Techno PU Collage, Koramangala 10+2 (CBSE) Teaching faculty etc please


Anonymous said...

please inform me any branch in chennai

swathi said...

chaitanya hebbal branch is the best amongst all the branches of chatanya.

Anonymous said...

is anyone evaluated any school on outerring road from marathahalli to KR puram?


Before joining ur kid , better consulte the parents whos children r studing that school, srichaithanya is lacks quality , plz think before u take a calll

Anonymous said...

My son is in ukg now at Banaswadi branch.He loves going to school and the teachers are good too.Only thing is his communication skills need to be improved by teachers rather than they suggesting us to train him at home.Need to wait and see for the future classes.

Santhosh said...

HI, I am planning to put my son in EC campus. Can you please suggest the standard and fees structure

Neethu Shree said...

can someone plz let me the feedback about quality of education in ittamadugu road, banashankari 3rd stage, bangalore

Anonymous said...

how is seshadripuram branch? do they teach well, treat well? i heard there is no admission for 10th. how is the certificate issued after exams then.

Anonymous said...

not a good school but R.M Nagar is best..

Anonymous said...

tell me about the quality of sri chaitanya nagarbhavi. i plead any1 to tell me about the school cuz itz my future i m gonna join in tat school this year.

Anonymous said...

How is yeshwanthpur branch?

Kallesh H P said...


Can anybody suggest me regarding performance of Uttarhalli Branch.


Papudesi Chalapathi said...

I am satisfied with the school, they teach well, Uttarahalli Branch

Anonymous said...

Please tell about sri chaitanyatechnoschool in nagarbhavi. I want to join my chid for 5th std.

Subhashis Biswas said...

This is a request to all the parents not to admit their child in this school. My wife was a teacher in this school (Marathalli and later Kaggadasapura, Bangalore). Tour child's life will be totally destroyed. My wife served 1 year in this school as an English teacher. She joined Marathalli branch, but later got internal transfer. Last February, she put her resignation and served 2 months notice period as per their rule. But school doesn't have the little ethical value of clearing the teacher's salary for the last month. That is also without citing any reason. How you people can think that the school can teach your child the ethics, value which is also required later in their life. Don't be cheated by their claim of mentoring your child for IIT/ JEE / Olympiad. All these are bogus claim. They will try to make your child a machine and doesn't help them to nourish their mind for lateral thinking. But this is the most required for each of the people in the later work career.

Anonymous said...

This is a request to all the parents not to admit their child in this school. My wife was a teacher in this school (Marathalli and later Kaggadasapura, Bangalore). Tour child's life will be totally destroyed. My wife served 1 year in this school as an English teacher. She joined Marathalli branch, but later got internal transfer. Last February, she put her resignation and served 2 months notice period as per their rule. But school doesn't have the little ethical value of clearing the teacher's salary for the last month. That is also without citing any reason. How you people can think that the school can teach your child the ethics, value which is also required later in their life. Don't be cheated by their claim of mentoring your child for IIT/ JEE / Olympiad. All these are bogus claim. They will try to make your child a machine and doesn't help them to nourish their mind for lateral thinking. But this is the most required for each of the people in the later work career.

Hari K said...

I & many friends had joined our children in this schools as we had heard a lot about the school. We were told that SCTS is NO 1 school in Asia. Some recent incidents are setting a feeling among the parents that children, teachers & principals belonging to other than Telugu community are treated with prejudice. We are surprised that the group promoted by an NRI can have such a narrow vision. Our children are feeling suffocated as the medium of instruction within the school is Telugu,Telugu & Telugu. Now a days many parents have started abbreviating SCTS as Sri Chaitanya Telugu School & it is getting viral on social media also. The CEO & Agm’s are unable to satisfy our queries & always say it is a management decision. This type of management style is culmination of employing CEO & Agm’s who are street smart go getters & not having any distant relationship with education. So we are literally thinking of withdrawing our kids & putting them in other schools with a broader vision. This situation has become so evident that many schools are approaching us for admission with a waiver of admission fee.

dharini said...

Chaitanya schools claim to be famous for techno curriculum. I have seen the other side. My child is in class 7. In techno curriculum before the OT exams the teachers just make the children mug up the ans & reply. They are able to do so because papers r given to the teachers before hand. My child has learnt that cheating is gud, mug up the ans & dont work hard.

Anonymous said...

chaitanya group promises big things but doesnt live up to those things. teachers teach in telugu, dean & mpc staff hit children, run coaching institiute in school, revise the questions of exam papers before exams to produce result. all manipulated results. not worth the money paid as they are cheaters

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with many comments written up. My experience has been the same. Such a poor management . As a parent when we wanted to meet the representatives of management regarding certain burning issues the management turned a deaf ear & nobody turned up to listen/solve the issues. they charge heavily for all things. blazer cost is rs 1800 whch you get for 600 in market. Apart from being expensive the quality is also very cheap. they dont provide the materials, books etc in time but charge heavily for all these things. this is truly a telugu school.

Anonymous said...

It is a plea from an existing parent of chaitanya.i had a very bad experience with chaitanya schools. v were informed tht the school is affiliated to cbse but today i come to know only 6schools out of 16schools r affiliated. i am stuck up as now my child is in class 10 in hebbal branch. when he was in 9 thy said affiliation done but towards the end when registration was done tht time also thy didnt inform us tht the branch didnt get affiliation & children will be enrolled under rammurthy nagar. I tell you they are very BIG CHEATERS. All there IIT, JEE results r manipulated. They call SIMO,SIPHO other exams. All these exams are written from Andhra Pradesh & they manipulate all these results. pl dont trust them. they are running all illegal was a very big mstake tht I left the established schools such as NPS,Presidency,DPS ,VIBGYOR,Royal Concorde, Kensri, Sindhi schools in Bangalore & went for these schools. If you love your child & want a good future for your chid please dont put your child in a cheaters school because your child will be learn this cheating & will held u responsible for tht.

Anonymous said...

I am working with chaitanya group so i am not revealing my name. I thought to share my information with the parents. It is a matter of shame to reveal that the academic director of chaitanya group was a driver for the chairman & the CEO was a floor incharge in Chaitanya group. You can imagine the vision,quality & standard of the management when such people are being promoted.They are street smart people. Like politicians they have goons to hit, beat or even murder people who dont listen to them. They are criminal minded people.They dont teach values, ethics to children at all. I am bound bcoz i have a family but you pl think twice before putting your child in ths school.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me how is the Sri Chaitanya Rajajinagar Techno school

Anonymous said...

thanks everyone for sharing experiences online. we were under impression that chaitanya will lead in bangalore just like it did in Andhra. this will just save our child. we will think of other coaching institutes. thanks tonnes to everybody once again.

Anonymous said...

Wat aby electronic city branch....i hav put my son fr boarding here....he says teachers dont knw english.....really very diappointd...let me knw some details if u knw

Rex Martin said...

They talk about rules n regulations. we shud nt give pressure to teachers, parents should take uniform till date took full payment of books n uniform but din get full book nor uniform. pricipal ms palaya prici talks abt rules what parents shud do. bt i guess she 4got her responsibility as it is nt mentioned in their diary. transportation is awful. the day 1 on wards parents r taking tension. bt mgt i dnt knw whether they r aware f ts or nt. just to get students they promise lot . 2de educaion s a business its proved,

Anonymous said...

First of all i will ask you why joined your Child in SCTS, E-city or any branch. Every 1 know its cheating school, From the enquiry to result u will be cheated in every corner. It takes min 20 page to explain that.
In brief:

CBSE Subject - period
1st Language - 7-8 period
2nd Language 2- 5-6 p
3rd language = 3 prd
Maths = 7
Science= 9
Social science=9
Work Education or PRE / Voc Edn = 3+2
Art = 2
Computer sciene= 2
Games = min 2

SCTS Subject - period
1st Language =1 - 5
2nd Language =2 - 3 ( max 4)
3rd language = 2 Prd ( some schools no class)
Maths = 9 -10
Science means only Phisics & Chemistry not biology, Biology is treated like non science subject
PC = 12 minimum, (max 14)
Bio= 2-3
S S= 5 max
Nil they don’t know
Art = 1 ( will give it as substitution for PCM)
Computer sciene = lol 1 or nil
Games = 1 min ( 2 periods will be study hour)

Anonymous said...

Please for the sake of your child,don't admit your child in sri chaitanya .One day the swimming coach pushed my child in the swimming pool,who was in color dress and did not have a spare dress to change. When I complained to the Incharge, she said -On Saturday its not the teacher's responsibility, its the parents responsibility to take care of the child. Our children are not safe in that school. Please think twice before sending your child to SCET

Anonymous said...

I request everyone not to admit their children to Chaithanya school. I want to get my daughter out this year. They might be doing good in Andhra ?? but not here. Their way of approach to education is very........... bad. Poor quality teachers, no activities, fleece money. Even after 2 months no text books and note books are received, notes are written in rough note book. Children will not learn much, but will only mug up. very sad... your hard earned money will be wasted. there is no annual day or sports day. No water in toilets..endless complaints. children are also not happy going to school. unnecessary study hours , sometimes to pack bags. this kind of curriculum with no activities will not work out in karnataka. already many parents are upset. for every small information , authorities have to contact hyderabad. disgusting. Even the principals or teachers have no freedom to work. They have to wait all for information from central office. dont ever join your child to this school. THere is no personality development of the child.

Anonymous said...

i too agree with the past comment.

Anonymous said...

My Dear Parents my humble request you to all, Dont admit your students in school, which is running more branches.Because the schools like SCTS running 200 branches, their instruction is to finish the syllabus. Not to Complete it. There is lot of difference b/w finish & complete.
For ex; 10th standard syllabus they will finish!!! by the end of october itself!!. Think from June to October End or in Nov 15 they will finish.
Next is Phase 1,2,3 Mug up programme.If your Child is not able to understand the management never bother. They need Marks that's all.In revision i mean phase, twice in a week one teacher will meet student. This makes students partial knowledge, Just think about your child. You want Perfect educated child or Marks Factory???????

Anonymous said...

You ask for a hopeless school & the name is SCTS. This school is meant ONLY for traditional Telugu less educated or uneducated parents who want their children to get good marks by mugging up the answers or cheating. it might be doing well in Andhra but Bangalore is called as mini USA. How can we allow such schools with no values, ethics, morals to run in Bangalore.Many schools are not affiiated & school is running classes `upto 10,11 also. I fail to understand that our country neeeds engineers or doctors who cant speak english properly,got the degree by just mugging up & not understood anything. in nutshell I can say donkeys. If a school doesnt have values, morals, ethics, then what will they teach to children. Already we are suffering from corruption. In future do we want such leaders. The dean & MPC staff force the children for tuitions & if they dont go they are treated badly. All the branches are HOPELESS.An appeal pl dont put your child in that school. Let your child grow naturally.

Keerthi Reddy said...

Things are going on really wrong in this school (Jubilee Hills, Branch). Here are a few of the instances:
1. The teachers are giving physical punishment to the kids from “3rd” standard onwards. There have been instances where the teachers are giving 8-10 slaps to the students for not telling the correct answer during the class.
2. The students are asked to hold their hands at the back all the time they are on the campus; that even includes climbing the stairs or walking. How absurd is this? How can you balance yourself with hands at your back?
3. When kids aren’t able to complete their lunch during the lunch hour i.e., “30 minutes” they are made to stand outside the class and eat while standing. This is sick!
The principal is just a dummy candidate and isn’t willing to take any action and always points the finger to the central office.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The main goal of school should be to give better people to the society. They have put their compound in our site & 4 others & in spite of the court orders to remove the wall & give the allotted site to us they are not doing so. It is my mother's 20+yrs hard work. If the school is not built on proper terms what values will they build to our kids! I wish management responds to this positively.
This is specifically for branch at Veerananpalya, Bangalore

Anonymous said...

Scts one of the worst schools waste of money its not worth even a penny NVR ever think of this school

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