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Sep 30, 2012

Important: Parachute Regiment School / Army Public School

An important information has been given by Mr. Lakshminarayana and he had followed it up with comments in the CBSE Affliated Schools link. I am reposting it for the information of parents. Thanks to his valuable inputs.

Regarding Parachute Regiment School / Army Public School:

Parachute Regiment School, Bangalore with CBSE Affiliation No.830052 changed its name to Army Public School, PRTC from 1st July 2011 and issued Marks Card/Reports under the same Affiliation No.830052. What is the status of Students studying in this School? All the details of Parachute Regiment School is outdated like Name of the Principal, Phone Number, EMail etc.,
I have received Reply Letter under RTI from CBSE that Army Public School, PRTC, Bangalore using Affiliation No.830052 allotted to Parachute Regiment School, Bangalore is NOT AFFILIATED TO CBSE. Management of Army Public School, PRTC have Re-admitted over 1271 Students of Parachute School, illegally collected Rs.21,000/- each amounting to around Rs.2.60 Crores and further demand of Rs.6000/- for next 3 Quarters as monthly Tuition Fees without approval / permission from Competent Authorities (Government, CBSE etc.,)I demand action from CBSE Board
Recently one of our Parent has received RTI Reply from CBSE Board, Delhi. CBSE Board has given permission to Parachute Regiment Training Centre, Bangalore to change the name of the School from Parachute Regiment School TO Army Public School, PRTC on the same Affiliation No.830052 on 4th September 2012, subject to the condition that new management would not charge any fresh admission fee from the Students on this account. But, the School Management changed the name from 1st July 2011 (One Year Back) and collected Rs.21,000/- during March/April 2012, as Re-Admission Fee without the permission from CBSE & Competent Authority and started mentally harassing & discriminating the Children of Parents who opposed the Re-Admission Fees. Now, Karnataka State Commission for Protection of Child Rights and Dy.Director of Public Instruction, Bangalore North have recommended the Director of Public Instruction to take strict action against the School for violating Child Rights and other irregularities. Now 42 Students have filed Writ Petition Nos.38868 To 38909 of 2012 (Edn) in Hon'ble High Court of Karnataka represented by their Parents to quash the Re-Admission and monthly Fee.

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  1. N. LakshminarayanaOctober 2, 2012 at 7:31 AM

    The Chairperson of Karnataka State Commission for Protection of Child Rights has sent 'SUMMONS' to the Principal, Army Public School, PRTC, Bangalore to attend the enquiry on 4th October 2012 at 3pm to answer to the Complaints of Students/Parents/Public on the Harassment to Students. All these days the School Management harassed our Children for not paying Re-Admission Fee and now CBSE Board, Delhi clearly instructing the School Management not to collect the Fee demanded by them, hope the School Management will stop harassing, discriminating and violating Child Rights and follow the Rule of this Land.


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