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Oct 8, 2013

Reg. Legal issues

Hi All,
For all those who have been threatening this site with their legal notices please read on.

This site is a platform for parents to vent their woos and suggestions.
Schools have not been providing a platform for parents to express their concerns, that's why they are taking it out on the school in such forums.

I hope instead of threatening me with legal notices, you can take action on your school personnel and bring about a change in the environment of your school.
This will go towards a long way in making your school a better place for children.

The mentality of your staff is going get imprinted in the child's mind studying in your school.If the admin itself is not in a proper state to hande affairs, how can parents come forward?

If I take out all the comments of your school, the same thing is going to get repeated over again.
Finally parents are going to resort to other websites for venting out.

Schools are forgetting the impact of social media nowadays.
I hope instead of sending me all those emails, please read the comments of parents and take action in that direction.

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