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Jul 17, 2014

Irresponsible and insensitive

It was a shocking news when I read today's paper. The headlines of a small child being raped on school permises by the gym staff (Vibgyor School near Varthur and Kundanahalli ) and the irresponsibility of the school administration is just not tolerable. Who knows how many children have been affected and how many complaints have proved ineffective against the staff.

1 comment:

  1. Yes for me it was absolutely repulsive to read this kind of thing happening where a child is sent with full trust by parents.

    Now some other schools in the same locality will make a loud noise about this for their own benefit as if they are morally superior. That is also bound to happen unfortunately.

    Each and every CBSE approved school is supposed to have a committe of senior lady staff, a mother and a well known lady person together always ready to look into such sexual harassment issues.

    Now how many CBSE schools have this beyond name sake? Very few. They may all have a list of names just to get the approval...

    But then some schools are even not affiliated to CBSE but claiming to he a CBSE school so what hope is there that this kind of thing will not repeat.

    Exemplary punishment must be given to rapists so they do not repeat this ever. If school management comes forward to protect the criminal then what can you say. Most repulsive thing.


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