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Jul 19, 2016

Cursive handwriting

Have you looked at your child's handwriting and felt it to be terrible? Has your child not learnt cursive properly?

My child never learnt cursive handwriting in school. When I changed schools during class 1, the new school was already into it.
We have been trying to get him to write better, but it never improved. We tried worksheets, cursive books. It was always between block lettering and cursive.

It's been a few years now and I thought this summer might be the right time to properly reinforce the skill. So devoid of any school interruptions, I was looking at various websites and finally we have made good progress due to the "HEV Project".

The youtube videos go progressively and should be of great help.
We used it with a single line notebook and used up 3 lines for the writing. Then at the end, we adjusted our space to a single line.

Hope this helps those kiddos!

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