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Aug 26, 2009

Chinmaya Vidyalaya

Some of my neighbours kids were going to Chinmaya Vidyalaya in Koramangala. The school is one of those, which recently converted to ICSE syllabus from State Board syllabus. Due to the language policy of the Karnataka Government, the school took the decision.

Syllabus: ICSE recently
Location: Chinmaya Vidyalaya,
No 31, 15th Main,IV Block,
Koramangala,Bangalore, Karnataka - 560096
Phone: 80-25538341
email: chinmaya_bgl@dataone.in , gayathri_54@yahoo.com
( Note: There seems to be another state board affliated Chinmaya Vidyalaya in Bangalore, if so, please comment on it.)

Admissions: Novemeber- December. For admissions to Kindergarten the child has a interview.
Fees: Less than 20K per year.
Website: There is no separate website for the school, but you can look up the vision and approach here.

Activities: I am not sure if it has many extra activities besides craft and sloga chanting and athletics.

Remark: The school is part of Chinmaya mission. So students imbibe the vision of the Chinmaya mission. They have slogas taught in school. The mission is involved with education institutions all over India and abroad.
This school might not be the right one for an immigrant to Bangalore, since the office staff are fluent with Kannada.Getting replies in English proved to be hectic when we went to get applications in December. Nevertheless this is a good school for those wanting their wards to imbibe vedic values and traditions.


  1. Koramangala branch is not a good one compared to Indiranagar. Teaching level is horrible. Teachers are not motivating and they dont teach discipline. Correction of class work or home work is not done up to the expectation of parents. Its totally blind correction. English speaking is very poor for the students. Lot of project work is given for students as home work even during exam time which is total waste of time and money for students. Finally i dont recomend this school for anyone.

  2. Well , different people have different view about school v/s their expectations. However I am trying to respond to each point. Note that I am not promoting the school by responding this. This is my opinion. FYI, I just returned from US and have affinity towards growing hindu culture for my kids. So my openions may be biased little.

    Koramangala branch is not a good one compared to Indiranagar.

    - I have not visited Indiranagar branch

    Teaching level is horrible.

    - As I am not educational expert I can not comment, but surely I can say it is meeting standards for given fees.

    Teachers are not motivating and they dont teach discipline.

    - This is not true 100%. Teachers do motivate, I have attended few parent teacher meetings and talked with few students. Students are having good descipline. It is common to have rougue students in any school.

    Correction of class work or home work is not done up to the expectation of parents.Its totally blind correction.

    - I think its opinion related to this parent. In our case, its fine though not excellent.

    English speaking is very poor for the students.

    - In general its upto mark for average Indian student. However, I have noted kids in general have developed local slang usage.

    Lot of project work is given for students as home work even during exam time which is total waste of time and money for students.

    - Project work is given to home, true. Not during exams. May be few kids do not do it in time, then work postponed towards exam time naturally and pressure builds on parents.

    Finally i dont recomend this school for anyone.

    - As I told in beginning, I neither demote school nor recommend school. Just put the fact together

    1. I am a parent and both my chidren studied in this school. It is 100%true that projects are given in exam time.

    2. Hi . This is suresh, I am looking for 1st standard admission for my daughter . Could u pls give me few details abt this school like how is teaching and extra activities pls. Thanks in advance.

  3. I am comng from the US, and interested in Chinmaya school in Koramangala. I have 2 kids 1st and 7th grade. What is the teaching level there? Is this the right school for 7th grader who has completely studied in the US?

  4. Hi Vidya,
    If you r returning from US it might not be a good idea to join in Chinmaya, (reason being, traditional method of teaching, so it will be difficult for your elder kid to adjust).If you are a Kannadiga and want traditional values of Chinmaya then it you can look into it for your younger one. But not many activities at school.

    Definetly I would not recommend this for any R2I.
    Hope this helps.

  5. Can anybody tell where is This chinmaya vidyalaya in Indiranagar?

  6. This school in Koramangala, in the current academic year has shown interests only on crafts and not on the education part. The children has been given a heavy amount of home works and the teachers have decreased their teaching responsibilities. They themselves have expressed that the management have suggested and put the pressures on the teachers to introduce more of extea curricular activities than studies. Throughout the year the parents are fed up of searching the items for the crafts and the dresses for the programs held often. No writing business in the children's dairy books for which they charge to purchase the dairy books compulsorily. Feel sorry for the children who become sandwich between the parents and the teachers in the rejections of the materials from the teachers when they get them to their classes. The parents will not be knowing what exactly they are doing in the school nor the parents are informed in the right manner. Everything is verbal.
    With regard to the school bus provisions, No teacher or the school authority is bothered to inform the parent if there is non-availability or late arrival of the school buses. Pathetic. Every time, the parents 'MUST & SHOULD' pay the told fees right in time or otherwise there is a fine for each day after the elapse of time. Very rude talks by the old man in the office of the school with the parents. He should not be asked to say the same for the second time. He talks as if the parents did a mistake by asking the same answer again. So disgusting!
    Children will be having their classes till 3:00 pm. The school says the children, to join for singing and dance classes to which naturally the children gets attracted. Now, the children coming from far away places by school buses, will be more concerned to go to their home after the classes. No one is saying that whether there is bus provision or not after these extra classes. How the children should come? Or why do they introduce such classes for children in the odd times? OR, are the classes provided only for the children who stays nearby? OR, Do they expect the parents or the Guardians have to pick up the children? It seems to be so meaningless. Hope the Management sees this this message and takes the necessary actions.

  7. As it said neither the principle nor the management take any responsibility. principle cannot be blamed for this as she herself comes software job timings and she is always busy in eating and eating and eating. if she doesnt find food to eat she eats humanbeings. she is a very good actress.who made an ass to sit on the chair?

  8. The school is a shame to the CHINMAYA MISSION itself as its disgusting manners and other offensive behavior remains as a black mark on the mission.I strongly recommend that you plz dont put your kids in THAT school that is only if you dont want them to become something in their life.!!!!

  9. thank you for all the comments.. i was going to do the mistake of admitting my daughter there

  10. Hi all,
    I am looking for a CBSE school (for my son, 11 th std) near Whitefield, Bangalore. If someone knows good schools nearby, pls. suggest me.

  11. thank you so much for the review.... i saved my child from having disastrous life ahead.

  12. Instead of writing ill of the school and the PRINCIPAL(please let the person first learn the spelling!)why don't they rise the issues in the parent teacher meeting itself? Parent Teacher Meetings are meant for clearing doubts & clarifying doubts.A child becomes really educated only when the school & the parents go hand in hand.- a well wisher .

  13. You people are just a hilarious bunch of stupid, idiotic and bags of toxic waste!!!. All you people reek and stink of Insecurities i think!!!..

  14. Can somebody suggest, how is the Chinmaya school on St. Johns Road ? I am planning to put my daughter in UKG in the next year. As some of my relatives have also given very good reviews abt the school. She is right now studying in Blossom Nursery in LKG in Coxtown. Your suggestion shall be really helpful as I am in the process of planning for my daughter's future.

  15. Please make the students to speak in english which is very much necessary in the upcoming competative world.

  16. Hi
    I wanted to admit my child in this school but now i am confuse to see the comments, can someone help me ?

  17. Saroja Sridharan, Principal – Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Koramangala, Bangalore.

    We thank all those who have expressed frankly about our Vidyalaya. We welcome the suggestions which will help us to work hard and improve ourselves in rendering the best to the society. We have a forum with scheduled timings, where parents can give their valuable suggestions and feed back during their interaction with teachers. They are also free to approach Principal for any of their queries and suggestions, which may enable us to guide our students in facing the challenges of modern life confidently.

  18. What to feel free to talk to teacher & principal, if we complain teachers target students.

    When they don’t understand the psychological parameter of the child what are they been trained to teach. Children by nature they are sensitive, for their own purpose they are the path in saying lies gossip & politics.

    This leads to the children for taking a wrong path.

    As a teacher they are one who trains them unity helping tendency secularism & national integrity in the class no children’s are superior & inferior all are one.

  19. Chinmaya Vidyalaya,Koramangala is a very nice school . I have been studying there from nursery . I know how the school is .

  20. Hi, This is Ranjit. My son is going to nursery now and plan to join chinmaya school for LKG. When they will give the form? Please advise.


  21. Hi,

    I want to share an experince with Chinmaya Vidyalaya Koramangala. I had tried for my kid's admission in UKG class,The hurdles I faced
    1. Security didn't allow me to go the school
    2. After so much argument with security and stating few mission members name they allow me to go to inside the office.
    3. Office staff told no admission for UKG and final word should be from principal.
    4.After begging so much I have got an appointment for next week.
    5.Principal told to come on April, if any children are discontinued from UKG then only they can give the admission.
    6. I was planning to take a rented house near to the school due to this I was compelled to took an admission on another school.
    Due to Gurudev's name and the mission's name and knowing about the organization thought to joined in this institution. Thought of giving some cultural values to kid but....Now he is joined in a christian based institute and they are giving good education and their cultutre.....
    Hope the time will come, where Hindu organizations will come forward and give promotion for the culture and values.

  22. Can anybody tell me clearly whether i should admit my kid there , Ur reviews will help me take a call

  23. Three years ago, the school had a good reputation and I had admitted my child to this school.. Over this period I have noticed a gradual degradation in the syallabus and the teaching system compared to other schools and am seriously thinking of changing the school. This year's admissions are nothing short of chaos. There is no co-ordination between the administrative staff and teaching staff. Parents are left running from pillar to post to find out which section their ward is admitted to. There are lot of names that have been omitted from the lists.. When the school has collected the fees during the month of April, could not the management have come out with a proper list of the names of students against the sections they have been admitted too.. On the first day of school there was a rough hand written list of names of students names and their sections. A lot of names were spelt wrongly... To make matters worse, the children were shuffled again and made to change their sections..

  24. Hi,
    I would RECOMMEND Chinmaya Vidyalaya for certain. My kid studies in the school and I am very much impressed with its DISCIPLINE and VALUES. The following are the benefits which I reaped:
    My kid speaks good English
    He has good handwriting
    I can express my feedback freely in the register provided during the Parents Teacher Meet
    The chanting sessions are awesome
    The school celebrates all the festivals so that children could imbibe its importance
    The SCHOOL FEES is reasonable beneficial if one has two kids
    This school is for the people who want Education and Discipline in first place instead of mere show.
    Lastly, let us not forget the fact that there is no school which is very perfect. Every school has its own pitfalls.

  25. The above review is well said and is absolutely true

  26. What is the age criteria for admission to this school? How is the infrastructure here? Can anyone throw some light on the same.

  27. Hii, Can anyone help me when then addmissions will take place for LKG.. Pls..

  28. Hi

    I am looking for 1st standard admission for my son. can any one suggest any good schools in koramangala area. Do you know whether the admission is closed in Chinmaya koramangala?..thanks

  29. Standard of English of the bloggers is very poor and their critic is very foul mouthed. Also, why go to a Christian school when disappointed? Aren't there any other schools to choose from at all? What a shame!

  30. Hi, Can anyone pls tell me when the admissions will open for LKG.

  31. Hi
    I am a 10th class student of batch 2014-2015
    the teachers give lots of projects even though the exams are near
    nd our maths teacher radhika is so lazy that she will never teaches properly.......

    1. hi friend even i am a student of batch 2014-2015
      ur correct
      she is the laziest teacher found on this earth...

  32. Hi,
    I am seeking admission for my son for std 10th. Please let me know if this school is following ICSE syllabus.

  33. Hi,
    Can anyone let me know how is this school? Primary section.

  34. Hi,
    When will they give applications in Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Koramangala for primary? My husband is getting transferred to bangalore.

  35. chinmaya koramangala....horrible school....no responsiblity of management,,,teachers...one teacher started punishing the kids...in the 3 days of new schooling....plz plz...if u care for ur kids...dont join there..washrooms are horrible......no fear of management...to anyone there.. including aayas....very bad ....u r free to express...but immedite result will be on ur kids .....

  36. kids are learing values but teachers are leaving them....

  37. Congratulations! to the Management and Staff for being the TOP 12TH SCHOOL among all the ICSE schools. In fact, all over India!
    Very happy that school is ranked TOP 3 among all Bangalore ICSE schools. Of course, in the current year 2015!
    Kudos to the Staff of Chinmaya Vidyalaya. Yes, the KORAMANGALA Branch

    Parents I hope this would be noted

    A Satisfied Parent

  38. Does this school reflect in top ten schools of bengaluru in academics/extra caricullar activities

  39. Hii..I would recommend this school to parents who are concerned that their children must get a mix of both cultural and western education…the school has developed over leaps and bounds since the principal Saroja Sridharan has taken charge... I agree that this school also has certain flaws. But I am very sure that it will overcome them within a short time and become an excellent school. Be it in sport (especially hockey) or quizzes or academic achievements-this school has a long list of students achieving exceptional feats. THIS SCHOOL IS A STOREHOUSE OF HIDDEN TALENTS. They are revealed by the school during various occasions and competitions. I am a satisfied parent and also a proud one, as my child, who is presently in 10th std. in the school, is a part of such a good institution.
    But as a well-wisher, I would like to suggest some measures:
    • Please ensure proper treatment of parents in the administrative block.
    • And also the most important point, encourage new talent in maths and physics department, as these are the weakest departments in school, according to majority of the students (especially 10th-both icse and state). As the students have commented above, it is really a shame to have such teachers coach for a milestone like 10th standard. Both the physics and maths handled by Mrs. Radhika, lessons will be going on till the last day of exams; no matter if the students understand or not, her only aim will be of completing the portions. The classes that she gets during the mid-year will be wasted and she rushes during the end of academic year. One easy sum from one main and the whole main for homework in the name of practice. This is really bugging, both for parents and more for students. SHE IS TRULY A BLACK MARK TO THE TEACHERS IN SCHOOL!!
    • Of course, we can express our views freely and the management prefers that. But the problems comes with the teachers, who fail to perceive the complaints in a positive way and end up targeting our child or even adapt the cheap way of reducing children’s internals or still, scold them and warn students that what they are doing is right. I feel this is not the way. The school which must teach values to students must first teach values to its teachers and I am sure that the school will improve more.
    • Hope this reaches the authority and necessary action is taken.

  40. I used to study there and once I was severely punished. not recommended.

  41. The school is a good school which emphasizes on our cultural values and Hinduism, the teaching is okay, but that alone cannot suffice in these days when other schools are giving an overall approach to child development. The approach to teaching for one. Cleanliness being the next. Both are missing from the Koramangala Branch. The toilets of children are in very bad shape. My kids study in this school, they had severe UTIs, and hence they are advised of avoiding going to the toilets unless it is absolutely necessary. When other schools with more strength can manage a sparkling and spic and span toilet why not this school, the lame reasons that kids do not keep the toilet clean cannot hold good.

    Hope this issue can be taken care of in the future. Because health is wealth.

    Next comes approach to teaching. The methodology and approach has to be changed. Importance has to be given for improving handwriting of children, that does not mean giving homework, but teacher should take effort in correcting and improving their handwriting. When the basics are strong it paves a easy path for the children. Hope these things are taken care of in the future.

  42. Hi...My son studying in Chinmaya Vidyalaya in chennai now and am working in Bangalore now. I wanted to take him here next year and would like to know if you guys could help me in suggesting few good schools in bangalore. Also, please advise if there is an option to get transfer to Chinmaya in bangalore.

  43. I wld nt reccomend chinmaya vidyalaya school in st johns rd bcz of partiality shown towards students by teachers who hv der own politics runnin in d school. It affects d children. D amount of work load & punishment gvn s innumerable. Bt d values gvn r worthwhile.

  44. Hi...
    I am interested in joining my daughter in Chinmaya Vidyaylaya. She is of age 2.7 years. I wanted to know if the school has pre-school options available. If so when is the admission process starting ?

  45. Any one plz tell me what is fees structure for LKG...

  46. What is the Procedure for LKG admission

    1. Any one plz tell me what is fees structure for LKG...
      What is the Procedure for LKG admission


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