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Aug 25, 2009

Online learning for CBSE and ICSE

I was looking for online methods of teaching children, but most of the online material is suited for US education. Something I found on constant searching was cbsetutor. It is a site for learning resources and a common room where you can discuss with fellow mates. There are 3 possibilities of logging in as: student, teacher, or parent.
If you login as a parent you can go only to the discussion room.
If you are a teacher you can upload teaching resources and discuss with other teachers.
If you are logged in as student you can goto a particular class and view the teaching material.

The teaching material is in the form of slide presentations. Not all topics are covered, but it sure has some online material for ICSE and CBSE classes. You will find resources for classes Pre-K till 12th. You first have to register and a email is sent to your id for verification. Be sure to login as student to view the learning materials.

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