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Sep 14, 2009

Delhi Public School

One of the branded schools having locations in the three corners of Bangalore is Delhi Public School. The Bangalore schools come under K.K. Educational and Charitable Trust. The 130 schools in India and the 14 abroad come under the DPS Society. The first school (Naveen Bharat) was started way back in 1949. DPS has an established trademark.

Syllabus: CBSE
Delhi Public School - Bangalore South Campus
11th K.M., Kanakpura Road,
Konnanakunte Post,
Bangalore - 560 062
Phone : 2666 8582 / 83 (Front desk)
Website: http://south.dpsbangalore.net/default.asp

Also South campus has DPS Bangalore Kids World started in July 2009
Website: http://kids.dpsbangalore.net/Index.html

DPS - Bangalore North School
Survey No. 35/A, Sathanur Village,
Jala Hobli,
Phone: 080 - 22796281,080 - 22796300, 28478041/42
email: north@dpsbangalore.net
Website: http://north.dpsbangalore.net/default.asp

DPS Bangalore East
Survey No.43/1B  45,
Sulikunte Village, Dommasandra Post,
Bangalore - 562125
Karnataka, India
Phone: 080- 2782 2260, 2782 2261
email: east@dpsbangalore.net
Website: http://www.dpsblr.com/

Head Office:
Delhi Public School, Bangalore
#3/2, 4th Floor, Al-Ameen Apts,
Petallama Temple Street, Basavanagudi,
Bangalore - 560004
Phone:  +91-80-657 0314, 6570346

Classes: Nursery till 12th(only in South and North campus)
Activities: They have lots of activites, horse riding, swimming, mini tennis etc. Do check out the individual schools for particulars. They have hobby classes and club activities.
Language options: French, German, Hindi, Kannada
Class Strength: About 30 students per class. Classes extend till H sections also.
Home work: Moderate amount of homework is given.

Admission: For Kindergarten, based on observation/interaction. You have to fill in a registration form(about Rs.600 for brochure), then you will be initimated by email, for a school visit.
For 1st till 11th, there will be written test and after that interaction.
They take into consideration your address, DPSite earlier, siblings in DPS etc.

Admission starts on the last week of November (it was 20th last year and this year too.) and it is followed uniformly in all the DPS Bangalore schools.Registration form can be downloaded from the site ( still the old form has been put up).

Admission tests have been carried out from November till March. Interviews have taken from April first week and results announced till May.
You can post your queries in any of the DPS sites you are interested. Be it admission or transport.
Fees: In 2007-2008 the north campus charged 25K per annum(Excluding bus; including tution, magazine,activities, misc) Check out here.
A report in Mid-Day suggested that the fees for 2008-2009 was 4900 per term, then they increased it to 6150 per quarter in 2009-2010.So the tution fees must be around 25K.

(Updated on 22 Oct, 2009): I asked around and was told the admission fees plus refundable deposit comes to around 50K. Annual fees is around 25K (primary classes).
The DPS site might state the fees in a few weeks time, so I hope to update then.
Remark: The DPS schools have installed Lyceum, so all the classroom activities, homework, assignments are updated online.
A parent had changed the school for the simple reason that the uniform was white. So I am just updating the school uniform colour here.
A friend of ours had their son admitted in 1st in DPS South, they shifted to Singapore in the middle of the term and it was easy to secure admissions in DPS Singapore for them.
Also more equal importance is laid on extra curriculars as well as studies. No undue pressure and parents need not sit long with their wards for coaching them.

Hope to hear what others have to say. Do share in your views.


  1. I am confused with the fees. You are saying 60K but then you are saying North campus charged 25K per annum (excluding bus). Isn't 25K per annum excluding bus an average fee. Schools like PSBB LLA is charging 35K excluding bus.

  2. You are right. The total fees I have heard is about 60K a year, but I don't know how it adds up. I am not sure of the exact fee structure. I hope they update in their site(DPS East) in a few weeks. So I have also edited my post. If you have any details do post them.

  3. Can anyone let me know the fees charged approx per annum in DPS South Bangalore.

    I am trying for a seat for my daughter for next year Baby Nursery

  4. In DPS south, I think it is around 33-35k for tution and 10-15k for bus (depending on where you live). So, its like around 50k per annum for everything. This does not include the 1st year admission fees which I believe varies from person to person. I have heard perople paying anywhere from 50k and above.

  5. You should check out a student site of DPS, old but has tons to say on attitude:

  6. Lets not just go to any conclusion by one student's website that too 3 years old.

  7. Hi all,
    Can anyone tell me how is DPS in middle and high school? Primary, I have heard is full of activities, but there is no disciplined nature of students in higher classes. I would like to know more.

  8. oh i am just so worried

  9. can anyone let me know of the fees structure of DPS South for 11th per annum ?

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