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Sep 16, 2009

PSBB Learning Leadership Academy ( PSBB - LLA )

One of the best schools in Chennai, the PSBB started its Bangalore branch in collaberation with the Brigade Construction Group. A few years back, they split and Brigade started its own school. Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan (PSBB) Millenium schools have been set up in collaboration Learning Leadership Foundation and PSBB Group of Schools in Chennai.

Syllabus: CBSE
Location: PSBB Learning Leadership Academy ( Pre - Primary Campus)
# 75/A, Hulimavu Gate, Bannerghatta Main Road,
Bangalore – 560 076
Phone: 080–2648 4901/ 2648 4902

PSBB Learning Leadership Academy (Main Campus)
# 52, Sahasra Deepika Road, Laxmipura Village,
Near Tulip Resort, Off Banneratta Main Road,
Phone: 080–110329119

email: psbblla@gmail.com
Website: http://www.psbbmillenniumschool.org/PSBBSchools/about_us.aspx

Languages offered: Hindi , Kannada, Sanskrit
Activities: Music, Dance, Karate Yoga, Craft. Sports: Cricket, Volleyball, Basket Ball, Foot Ball, Hand Ball, Table Tennis.

 Admission: In the first week of November 2008, application forms were issued for Rs.300. Admission based on written test and interaction.
Fees: I consider fees to be nominal considering the hike in fees by all other branded ones. Fees is 11,500 per term for three terms. That's going to be about 35K per annum. I guess the bus fees is around 15K per annum. Admission fee of 40K which is non-refundable.

Remarks: Due to the popularity of PSBB Chennai, many from there would consider this school here. I don't know how far this is on par with the Chennai branch. Initially on splitting, Brigade school fared better, but PSBB Bangalore has caught up now. They have wired digital "Smart" Classrooms.

Anyone wishes to share their personal experience, do comment so.


  1. School has started admission for kinder garden.

  2. i am a parent of pre;kg kid in psbblla.the school management is not even spending for printing syllabus also.for christmas also the school will ask us to buy and give cupcakes nd juice to kids to take to school nd eat.for some routes the school vans are very old.now donation fees is 50k nd the academic fee is 40k per year and transport fee is 15k per year.the school management did not even give a damn to parents(who are the essential stakeholders of the school).for the huge fee we pay and the long travel the kids are made to do,this school is not at all worth it.from my own experience,i am repenting for the mistake i had done.many parents are going to an extent of thinking in pulling out their children from this school.

  3. sorry, i made a mistake in my previous comment.it is just 45k donation fee for psbblla.remaining book fee apart from academic fee has to be paid seperately.

  4. I feel the transport fees is too high,its kind like paying another school fees....:( ,not worth spending

  5. Hi all,'
    I think this is just a hype.. I got my son admitted to 6th standard .. and made a worst dicision.. I beleve the samrt class is not even switched on for once from the start of acedmices.. Teachning absolutly below expectation ..Mathematics is worst of all.teachers dont even have patience to even clear the doubts.. Suggest Smahita as a neighbouring school, met few parents while i was in school.. PLS BE CAREFUL

  6. .. Agree.. Same exp here with PSBB.. they need to improve on teaching too many sections in each class i beleive they have F sections and poor teaching faculty..

  7. PSBB has the worst management combined with the worst set of teachers. Most of them are not qualified to teach Maths and Science.. The kid does not learn anything @ school. You have to put them in tuitions or teach yourself

  8. PSBB has the worst management combined with the worst set of teachers. Most of them are not qualified to teach Maths and Science.. The kid does not learn anything @ school. You have to put them in tuitions or teach yourself

  9. Yes Above all comments i agree , I thought PSBB is the best school for learning , then I realized and felt very bad for choosing this school, Thank god last moment i got to know all the feedbacks . The important thing is now 2015 admission status they uploaded in the website " We not collecting any Donations" with out scare the telling lie, when i enquired directly for admission they said 60,000 as donation and 62,000 Admission fees, except school bus ,etc...for Pre-KG . So for each kid 60,000 fees just imagine how much faking and that too not worthable school at all in Bangalore. so PLZ beware off this.

    1. Fake !! They didn't ask any donation

  10. My child is a high functioning autistic kid who joined PSBB in the year 2014. In the academic year 2014 -2015 he did well. Though he never sat in one place but his teacher always said hiss concepts were clear. Then he was promoted to LKG for 2015-2016 and all hell broke loose. I am not sure what happened exactly but my son became very aggressive and stoped talking or playing at all. The principal called me and asked me if there is any issue with my son. i agreed that he was a borderline autistic case an she asked me for reports and said they will devise some special plan for my son. I was really happy that day. I readily submitted all his reports but from the next day the the primary school coordinator kept on calling me for more reports. Reports!!Reports!!Reports and also kept complaining. He is not sitting, trying to go out of class, disturbing kids, what is the doctor saying?what is the therapist saying...blah blah blah. We again met the principal and handed his recent reports but that day the principal very calmly told us that they do not have the capacity to manage these kids. I was shocked that such words are coming from the same lady who earlier promised to devise special plans for my son once is submit the reports. I think all they were planning is to find way of coaxing us to withdraw our son from there. We asked her a couple of months time as we were trying medication and other therapies with my son. To which she agreed saying "we will see" as if my son is going there for free and she is doing a big favour for us. Evene after that the phone calls did not stop and finally i withdrew my son away and heaved a sigh of relief.I think they also celebrated the same.

    1. Sigh of relief !! Good for everyone

  11. An egoistic Principal who did not allow outgoing pupils in 10th standard(going out to other schools for XI) from participating in school programs, cannot empathize with student slapped in public by the sports teacher....what leadership are they trying to inculcate?
    God bless my classmates who stay back.

    1. Students are doing good under same good principal. Dont you see the results !!


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