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Oct 9, 2009

BGS-NPS school 2010 admission

BGS- NPS on Bannerghatta Road, has started issuing admission forms for 2010-2011, its available in their site here. You can also check out the points based admission procedure system they have in place. You can check out here.

1. Applicant staying within a radius of 3 km will get the maximum of 30 points.
2. Less weightage for those living farther off up to the distance of 10 km.
3. A sibling studying in same school: 20 Points
4. If the father or mother is an alumni of BGS / NPS 20 points
5. Physically challenged child or with special needs: 5 Points
6. Parents' level of qualification: 20 points(max)
7. A girl child: 5 points

Read in magic puddles that admission to nursery on first-come-first served basis. Is it true that Rs 25000 is taken as reservation amount for a seat? Do send in your comments on your admission experience.


  1. I as told that for LKG, there are no vacancies and will be informed by end of November 2009.

  2. I just admitted my sone in PP-1(nursery) this year. Admission fee is Rs 35000 (this has to be paid within 3 days of admission confirmation. This is what is being claimed as reservation amount by some parents. But almost all schools ask parents to deposit the amount within a specified period).

    The school charges a tuition fee of 35000 for nursery, lkg and UKG. And 45000 for 1st to 10th grade. This has to be paid in two installments. One in April and another in November. So for the first year of admission, one has to pay both admission fee and the tuition fee, and in subsequent years only yhe tution fee needs to be paid.

  3. Hi,

    I have finally completed the admission formalities in BGS NPS for my son for PP-1(pre primary) on Monday and wanted to share my experience here. Our appointment with the principal was intimated to us by email with the timeslot of 10 AM to 12 Noon and we were there at 10 AM sharp. On approaching the reception, the receptionist sent the admission form to the principal while asking us to wait in the reception. Within 5 minutes, We were called into the Prinicipal room for the interaction session. The interaction lasted for around 10 minutes. The principal primarily focussed on our(me & my wife) education and where I work and also interacted with my son briefly. I felt that the interaction was meant for better understanding the background of the child rather than testing/interviewing the child or the parent. Then we were asked to pay the admission fee for confirming the admission.

    In a nutshell, I can say that the interaction was a pleasant one and a stress free experience compared to what other schools are doing(where they test/interview the kid & parents). Also the principal is a a very nice gentleman from what I can see from the brief interaction with him. Througout the interaction, he ensured that my son is at ease by engaging him in the conversation and at times he also spoke to my son in our mother tongue.

    We had applied to the school in early October and till now, I have had called the school atleast 10+ times and visited the school several times. And every time(on the phone as well as in the school campus), I found the admin people to be very cordial in answering my (anxious) calls/questions. In short, they were completely professional in handling the admission process.

    On the age front, after discussing with few experienced teachers , I decided to put him in PP-1 itself as everyone unanimously adviced to admit the child in LKG(PP-2) only if he is 4+ and even better if he is around 4.5 . The reason they quoted was that even a 3-6 months difference could make the child unable to cope to the expectation in the early years of education if admitted early. But if a kid is older by few months than the 4.0 years, it does not do any harm, it only helps him.

    So after being in the admission race for the past three months, visiting several schools, and with loads of confusions( like CBSE vs ICSE, right age, right school among many that are equally good or bad), I can say it is a big relief for me as I feel I have chosen the right school for our son.


  4. I had applied for my son for LKG on Oct 20 and last week when I enquired, they told me that I'll be informed.
    Are there any hopes of getting the seat?
    During the admission form submission itslef, I was told that the waiting list itself was 60 :-(

  5. I have applied for my daughter's in class PPIII year 2011-12, and while inquiring, office staff told that it is in waiting list...

    Any idea, when it will be getting cleared...

  6. It is disheartening to see that the school does not give proper response about the application status. From past 10 days I am trying to reach out to the school and one time the telephone attendee says Sept 20th 2011 onwards we will get response and after a week if I call person just lifts the phone and disconnects without talking to the caller just by hearing that status enquiry.
    And finally and luckily I could get hold of the enquiry phone attendee and I get to know that my kid’s application is rejected. I was expecting if there is a rejection at least a communication has to be given to the parents so that they can look for other school. Or the school clearly states on the website that if in case if the parents do not hear by so and so date then they can consider it as rejection. Both are not happening in BGS a popular school in south Bangalore.
    An expectation of such communication from parents is not a high expectation and school should communicate properly when they charge Rs. 800.00 per application.
    Now with this experience personally I would not consider and recommend this school for my kid or any of my friends or relatives kids.


  7. All this time I had a good feeling abt this school till I saw this comment


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