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Nov 24, 2009

Application for DPS admission

Hope most of you might have got the applications for DPS. For those of you yet to get, it will be issued till this weekend, (told over the counter) for 1st to 9th classes.
You can download the application from their site as well. Have to take a DD for Rs.600 for the prospectus.
Anyone who has browsed the site, will tell you the prospectus is a sheer replica with few details of the management added.
Another thing I noted is that DPS East has got its CBSE affiliation only recently. It's only then they have started 9th classes.
Entrance Tests will be around mid-December.
There are around a minimum of 7 sections for a class, so hoping by these calculations 30 per class * 7, you have got about 210 seats. Admission fees of 50K per student * 210, well give it a try!

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