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Nov 26, 2009

Notre Dame Academy

Thanks to an user for making me remember to write on Notre Dame Academy. Why should it be in the news.Well you can scroll down to see why?
Notre Dame Academy is part of the educational institutes started by the Sisters of Notre Dame (started by St. Julie in 1804). The Notre Dame Academy has institutions all over India and the Sophia High School, Sophia Opportunity School and Notre Dame Junior College of Education in Bangalore are all sister concerns.

Syllabus: ICSE
Location: (not sure whether this is the right address and phone)
Choodasandra, Hoskur Post,
Bengaluru 560 099,
Tel: 080-22790014
Website:  notredameacademyblr.com ( thanks to an user)

Classes: Montessori, 1st till 4th (co-ed school)
Admission: Admissions for classes have started for 2010.
Fees: Fees for 2010-2011
Admission fees: 10K, Building fees: 10K, Tution fees: less than 30K (thanks for user KP's comment)
Remark: The building construction for higher classes is going on now.
The reson, I got to know of this school was an applaudable gesture on part of one of the parents of this school. About 60 trucks of garbage had been dumped daily near the school permises. Santhosh Mathew and his wife Sonia initiated action to clear the waste. Hats off to these parents.
To read the news article, you can view it here in the Times of India (21st June, 2009).


  1. My daughter got admission for school year 2010-11. Below is what I know about the school.

    Co-ed school
    Admission fee 10K one time
    Builing fee 10K one time
    Annual fee <30 K

    New school building will be completed before next school year.
    A portion of the road to the school is not in good shape.

    Not much extra curricular activites based on other parents opinion.

    Good experience with management so far.

  2. Thanks KP, for the information, will update the post also.

  3. School's telephone no is

    Phone: 080-22790885
    Mobile: 9535006836

  4. My Daughter is studying past 4 years, Fees are reasonable, ambience is good, not pressure on kids (she is not complaining), they dont ask for additional. Now they have a new building, quite spacious..also lot of open areas for kids to enjoy..

  5. My daughter got admission for Nursery for the year 2011-2012. School campus is good.We paid 50,760 as cheque.

    not sure about the annual fee structure.
    Can anyone inform me about the annual fee?


  6. What is the website for Notre Dame Academy ? Do they have admission fron M0?, Whats the age criteria for M0 ..Can someone please comment !

  7. Notredame academy doesn't hav a website.Pls clarify MO.if u mean montessori then they don't follow montessorie system.and the admissions for academic yr 2012 r closed long ago.

  8. No it is still open you can try

  9. Hi All,

    I got admission for my Son in Notredam Academy. Admission was taken in the month on November and entire fees was payed. In march 2012, we intimated the shcool that we are purchased our new flat and wanted to change the address. At that point we realised that there is no transportation available and the school authorities claimed that we had made a blunder by buying a house. We initiated a withdrewal of my son by a personal visit and and a Application to the principal.

    Session is suppose to start from June and we have confirmed of withdrewing our on in March. till now we have not got any reponse from the school on the fees refund. Without the refund, it's outside our capacity to get our son admiited to any other school.

    Please let me know the correct process to go for the refund.

  10. If they hav mentioned in their prospects or in the receipt that there won't be any refund of the amount paid then you can't claim.As far as i know Notredame school takes fee as non refundable.

  11. Also transportation is not provided by the school management.Some private person is doing it.

  12. They have their website now www.notredameacademyblr.com. It's a very good school.

  13. I have just admitted my ward to the Nursery. I haven't come across any bad reviews about the school, management or teaching of the school. I have checked with couple of parents and recieved only good reviews about the school. Will share my experience once my kid goes to school

  14. I want to know about admission to class 5 and class 7 at Notre Dame, I am shifting to a nearby area in April-May 2013. How is the school for High class. What is their fees and how is the facilities for labs, library, activities etc. Is the school till class 10 or till class 12.


  15. and another thing, for above the students are from CBSE and this school is ICSE. So, how is going to affect the children and studies ?
    There is no good CBSE school near by. The one i came across are very expensive with fees over 70,000.
    A quick reply will be appreciated as a decision needs to be taken in a week.

  16. @anony above...y don't u look at Zee school or BRS wich r in the vicinity?both r cbse affiliated.
    even sri chaitanya techno school is thr.

  17. Zee school needs Rs 1 lakh for admission and fees. They don't yet have proper infrastructure for high class. No labs yet.

    BRS is not having sufficient students in high classes. About 6 students in a class.

  18. My kid is now 3 and a half and he will turn 4 by April 2013. He is supposed to go to LKG by 2013 academic year. Does Notre Dame admissions starts from LKG or below that? Like nursery of the age 3 to 3.5? Are the admissions still open? I came to know about this school only in the past few days.

  19. My kid is of September 2010. I would like to put her in Notredame-academy.Just would like to know whether she is qualified for 2013 pre LKG admissions?

  20. I went to NotreDame to seek admission for children and was asked to call later to fix a time for test for admission.
    I got a very vague reply when i contacted on phone. I was told " we will see and let you know if we have to call you".
    I read very good reviews, but the attitude shows differently.

  21. i am shifting near to Notre Dame school, I need the details for UKG level and fee structure. As the views are good on this school.

    waiting for your sugessions.

  22. I had got admission for my son three years back paying 50,000/- in this school. However, after a month of admission itself(he did not attend even a single day of school there), we had to relocate to a place out of Bangalore and when we went there asking for a refund, the principal started yelling and screaming as if we are trying to outrage her modesty. There was nothing mentioned anywhere that the fee is non-refundable. But that arrogant and insensitive lady was very adamant. Later, it was a big financial struggle for us to get our son admitted in another school.
    I find these people as nothing more than a bunch of conwomen in saffron clothing trying in every way to dupe innocent parents of their hard-earned money. They should be wearing black clothes instead. Had they been really God-fearing , they would never have dared to keep the money that they don't deserve. Such unscrupulous people don't really deserve to be in the field of education. May God give them the harshest punishment possible for their wickedness.

  23. I got my daughter admitted to Junior 1 (UKG) for the year starting June 2013 based on good reviews. I am yet to find out how the overall school experience is. One major drawback is that there are no school buses run by the school, but by private operators who overcrowd their buses and do not care to listen to the parents. The school administration takes no responsibility. It's high time the school starts it's own transportation option, if required with additional fee.

  24. what is the fees structure in NDA for 2013 for Nursery?

  25. are admissions started in NDA for 2014-15?
    IIs there any written test for KG?
    Can somebody share their experice for admissions ?

  26. Software people's& Well known persons kid only get the admission easily in notary dame academy.Dear parents you are out of this category please don't wast your time to seek the admission for any std.I got very much bitter experience from the( arrogant and adamant) principle.The school approach also very worst like the entrance road.If any one of the parent not accept my review please reply .I will give you more details on this regard.

  27. Don't go there.u can try some other best schools around electronic city.Transportation is very worst.Road access also too bad.you can't meet the principle for your grievances.receptionist also behave like a CEO.school strength in higher std is very low.Totally they are running the school to trouble and mislead the public

  28. Can any one please share their review for admission to nursary 2015-16.We went for the intervw session for our child whioch was almost like jo intervw and havent heard back from them.

    1. For my son (2014-15) they have asked us to pay on the interview day. Not sure about 2015-16..

  29. Notre Dame Academy is a branch of Sophias High School, the well known school but very bad response…. No one who picksup the phone and never replies any calls/ message/ e-mails.

    And the most surprise part is no security guard at the main entrance!!! Anybody can go…inside and come back…

  30. Notre Dame Academy is a branch of Sophias High School, the well known school but very bad response…. No one who picksup the phone and never replies any calls/ message/ e-mails.

    And the most surprise part is no security guard at the main entrance!!! Anybody can go…inside and come back…

  31. Does anybody know when Notre Dame Academy would start admissions to LKG for 2016? Also, what is the admission procedure? Would we get to know whether the child got admission the same day itself?


  32. Hello,
    I am to give admission to my 2.6 yeras old daughetr in Notre Dame Academy, sarjapur (Huskur ) in nursery .
    Any idea about how the school is about , fee structure and academic activity, environment etc.
    Please suggest if this will be a good choice for nursery?
    Also please tell when the admission starts for nursery 2016 session.

  33. Hello ,
    Can anyone tell me if admissions for 2016-2017 have started in Notre Dame ? I am looking for admission to Std 3. Is it very difficult to get admission ? How are the teachers ? Any feed back about the school is appreciated.

  34. Can any one tell the age group for nursery in Notre dame school and the fees structure

  35. Hi,

    Anyone know about fees structure in notre dame school Bangalore?

  36. please give a review of note dame school?????????

  37. Please give review of notre dame school

  38. Can some one tell me till which standard this school is ?

  39. This school is till 10th Standard.


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