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Dec 15, 2009

The Samhita Academy

For those parents in the south-west of Bangalore, who cannot find a Prakriya -like school in their vicinity, there is another new school, "The Samhita Academy" situated off Bannerghatta road.

It was started this year, 2009 and the founder is Shibulal, COO of Infosys. He and his wife started the Advaith foundation in 2004 and their first venture "Ankur" was for under-priviledged children. They have boarding with meals for about 1000 students. They hope to incubate some of the kids into the main stream academy with a 20:80(priviledged student) ratio.

Their teaching methods are no rote memorization, open-minded and innovative thinking. Students are encouraged to have mutual respect for all sections of society.

Syllabus: CBSE
Location: The Samhita Academy
#52, Lakshmipura Village, Jigani Hobli,
Anekal Taluk (Off Bannerghatta Road),
Bangalore – 560083

Phone:  080 27837001 (8:30 - 3:30 on weekdays)
Ranjini Shridhar: 90087 90372, 90080 32163
email: info@samhitaacademy.com
Website: http://www.thesamhitaacademy.com/

Classes: Nursery till 6th
Activities: Art, Craft, Music, Adventure sports, football, hockey, cricket, volleyball, throwball, basketball, chess, carrom.
Second language: Hindi, Kannada

Admissions: Open throughtout the year. Now they are admitting students for 2010-2011.
Fees: I read somewhere it is about 25K plus an admission fee. You can expect a 10% increase in fees yearly.

Remark: The aim of the founders and their noble mission can be found here. You can read about them from their website.

Teachers are trained by the Teacher Foundation of the Ratan Tata Trust. Foremost they want to imbibe a sense of love and a nurturing environment.

The school also has a day-care facility for nursery students.

Have you visited the school? Did you like the environment? Hope to hear from you.


  1. Hi,

    I did visit the Samhita Academy, but still have not made up my mind. It is mainly because of the distance and the fees, it is extremely high when compared to other CBSE schools in the vicinity. I wanted a school which would nurture my son and make him a better person. Am still in search of a school which does not charge exorbitantly, it is nearby Bannerghata and can care for my son.

  2. Hi Llamahere,
    Can you tell me the fee structure in Samhita Academy? I am looking up,to join my daughter here.

  3. I visited the school and liked it very much, because of the campus,playground,and sporting facilities it has r otherwise in these days in bangalore there r so many schools which doen't have the playground facilities and charging highly then the samitha as it is new Iam also not getting the reviews but I have talked to them their curriculam looks good!

  4. The fees for KG is 55K and I std is 65K. Admission fee is 25K. Books; uniform charged at actuals ...This is for year 2010 - 11

  5. We visited the school and was pretty much impressed with the facilities and their philosophy of teaching. Especially impressive were the play grounds with a real football ground in the campus. The only issue is the distance to the school which looks like a risk worth taking considering other things. There appears to be a sound philosophy that drives the people behind the school, which I believe is very important.

  6. Hello All,
    I would like to know the kids experience going to this school (Samhita Academy). I would like to consider this school for UKG next year. Kindly let me know about the transport as well as sports in the school.

  7. Hello All,

    I visited the school recently and am impressed with their infrastructure, facilities and as mentioned above by a gentleman - philosophy. I am planning to enroll my baby for UKG there. The fee structure is little over the limit and so is the distance, however, I am willing to go ahead keeping in mind the other advantages which I feel will be beneficial for my baby on the long run.

  8. just want to know what their long term plans on edn are will they set up high school board

  9. I did contact the school for my kid's admission for grade 3.They have the plan to extend one more class like 7th std next yr & henceforth.Going to visit the campus today!!

  10. I would like to know what is the ratio of kids in the class and what is fees,any latest reviews paremts have who have visited the school.Any parent who have kids in std th would be useful to me .Kindly share ur reviews

  11. People will give more weightage to facility (which one can see)but there are other thing which really makes the difference
    1. Trained and Qualified Techers. Most of the new school never put their teaching staff list with their qualifications.
    2. Curriculam - new schools go for relatively lighter
    3. No bright Students - who can move the bar for others.
    Still, i would like to go for traditional teaching and long history of teaching

  12. Hi everyone,need reviews about this school.
    parents whose kids are going to this school kindly give me the feedback.Planning to enroll my 2 daughters there for next academic year(2013-2014)..Have no idea about it as we are out of the country.

  13. Hi Ranjitha,

    I am on the same boat like you and have heared good reviews about the school on r2iclubforums.com.The only downside tough as discussed here is high fees.

  14. Hi,
    I am interested in putting my son for Nursery to Samhita Academy, but had a few questions.
    1. How is the teaching in higher classes like 4,5,6?
    2. Are there multiple teachers for the subjects like Maths\Science, and what is the qualification of these teachers ?
    3. Are there any teething problems, as its relatively new school ?

    however, for lower classes, it looks like a very good option.

  15. Hi,
    I called up at school today & got to know they tk admissions only in nursery(like most of the reputed schools) except in case of new sections or drop outs. Apart frm this they also hv strict age criteria, for nursery- 3 to 3.5 yr old, LKG 4 to 4.5 yr old. whr do the 3.5 to 4 yr old go? So won't they tk any admissions for kids born between july and dec ?

  16. hi
    I think the school has very impressive infrastructure and warm looking staff, what i find is nowadays most new schools are have both above said to impress the business, but I the fact is they are veryintolerant they expect kids to behave in adult manner, where in the cannot deviate from policies.. kind off no mentoring & they dont talk to parents nicely.

  17. Hi,

    My son has been going to The Samhita Academy for two years now. The atmosphere is great. My son loves going to school, he wouldn't miss it for anything. The staff is caring, respectful and easily approachable. They add a personal touch to every meeting and all parents feel welcomed! The principal and the board of directors are amazing and they come with volumes of experience and child-like curiosity! My child feels safe and happy at school and on his way to school (he takes the school bus as we live almost 7kms away). What more can a mother ask for?

    1. I am planning to join my kids , .which place u stay ...need details if u do not mind

  18. hi.
    The school was good. But changing to not so good rapidly. When we sent our son to school, they said they wont take more than sya x no of kids in a class. But now there are more than double kids. Fees is exorbitant. Not worth it... for less fees some schools are offering better facilitis and food during the day. If you have more money, then you can admit your kids here.. And every year they increase the fees by 15% to 20%

  19. Hello all,

    According to me Education should be free for all kids...unfortunately we are in INDIA where everything including education has become a big business.

    Even i feel the same...the fees is relatively higher when compared to other schools.Also there approach is bit corporatish kind, because increasing the fees every year is like giving hike to your employees and retaining them. My kid is going to this school since LKG and now he is in I std. Still a very long way to go for Samhita to prove themselves. I think there extracting more money from rich people and balancing that with those under previlaged kids who cannot afford more fees.

    I think school should think of reducing the fees rather increasing it. This is my humble request.

  20. I am planning to put my kid for the next academic year for LKG. Can anyone please tell me the present fee structure and admission criteria.

  21. Sister son planned to join in your school on 2014 academic year, Please tell me the Nursery fees structure, We are living in Yelanahalli, Akshaya nagar. Your school near my place. Please tell me the fees structure.

  22. Please do not enroll your kids to this school. Its very expensive and the facilities are not that great.

  23. How is the school? now he is going 2 harvest intl school, we are not satisfied with that. so how is this schools teaching? are the teachers patient enough 2 control any type of kids? do they give regular complaints about them?

  24. I am surprised at some of the negative comments above - Firstly they are a brilliant institution, I got my son into UKG this year. The principal spent an hour talking to us on a saturday back in Jan. She is such a Gem and so approachable. It is a rarity in a world where schools dont even talk to parents , much less spend an hour taking us thru their teaching approach and their philosohy. The school gave me so much positive vibe from the moment i set my foot in. I also tried PSBB next door and found them extremely snooty in responses. Samhita is also very clear about taking only 25 students per class and this years admissions prove it. The lists are displayed all over the place. Well on the fee front, they do collect a tad more money maybe compared to other schools but it is to fund for the underpreviliged kids whom they educate. I dont mind spending 10- 20 K more a year to get someone educated.It is a way of giving back to society I believe.The teachers are brilliant and very approchable and my son swears he wont go to any other school (not even Kumarans). That speaks volumes about the school.

    If you do get an admit - GRAB IT.


  25. Missed the fee structure - this is what it is for UKG in 2014

    Admission fee - 25 K (One time)
    Tuition fee - 80 K recurring every year
    Van fees - 25 K (Since we stay 15 kms away)

  26. Samhita school's education quality is deteriorating. As a teacher, the insights from within is not encouraging..the presentation during start of the year is excellent but the execution is damn poor because of politics that existed earlier but increased this year due to some old teacher/coordinator who gossip and spread false rumors. After some exits last year they have lost control on external vendors too and too many compromises at the cost of quality education.

  27. What is the latest update on this school. How is the school doing in term of quality education and overall development of children as per the their vision.
    How are the teachers.

    Could parents share their views on this.

  28. Quality education is comparable to other schools who concentrate on academics.
    Extra curricular activities were ok earlier, bad last year, and worse this year.

  29. Quite disappointed by the school authorities related to admission procedure. I have written and reminded on three occasions (on 09/12, 22/12 & 14/01) to email info@thesamhitaacademy.com, but till date have not received any response. Quite unprofessional.

  30. I visited school today and must say I am very impressed by staff and principal. Overall, excellent school and staff. I got my son admitted to class 3 today.

    1. Please let me know your reviews on this school

    2. Please let me know feedback on this school.

  31. Comprehensive Review
    I have mixed feeling on this school. My daughter was in this school from Pre KG to 1st standard. I changed the school from 2nd Standard onwards, as I was not happy with the overall development of child. Here is the Pros and Cons

    Good Infra
    Well Documented process and procedure
    No Hidden Cost
    Teachers are with less experience. Surprised to see a Hindi Teacher, she can’t speak in English
    Extremely high fees for CBSE school with no added benefit
    Your kid will be studying with Kids which are in hostel. When I say hostel, these kids have parents. But due to other well-known issues they have accommodated here. The cause is very good, but since we are separating them from parents at early stage. I am afraid about the psychological issue … which may have bad impact on our kid too… Since am pessimistic in nature … giving more importance to negative side of it. Excuse for the same.
    No extra circular activities. Watch out other schools in your locality.
    Samhita had a good leadership earlier with Vision and Mission like Kamakshi. Since she left at very early stage. Am little skeptical about the future.
    Many Teacher’s Kids are studying in this school. So we have noticed many times, the importance going to those kids
    Teachers will always complain, your kid is not up to the mark, not completing the work sheet, don’t know how to read etc. Especially [1st std]… Ironically even they don’t know how to help us? You can very well ask them, how can we rectify it? Other than giving some general statement. They even don’t know how to address it… Looks like they are very much inexperienced.

    Advice: If you are not getting admission in any school. Join here, till you find a good school. All glitters are not gold. So don’t get impressed with Infra. Infra is important component, but we need to look for overall development of kid [Extracurricular +study]? Do your own assessment and select based on that.

  32. 1) "Extremely high fees for CBSE school with no added benefit".. Agree with this bit. Rs.1,15,000 (Tuition Fee) + 30,000 (Admission fee) + 25,000 (Transportation fee) for Pre-KG, this is exorbitantly priced. They teach the same X-Seed as in Planet Kids upto UKG.
    2) Crowded classrooms: 30 students per section and more than three sections per class. The teacher-student ratio is amongst the worst. With this large a student body, I am begin to get feeling this is run much like the for profit schools mushrooming all over. Advaith Foundation! Tax free Income??
    3) Compare this with next door Christ Academy - much larger campus, much better faculty and facilities at 1/3 rd the cost. With excellent coaching and Bangalore's leading sporting infrastructure, Christ Academy is way ahead in Nation's best schools ranking.
    4) Several drop outs of students through latter classes speaks volumes about the quality of teaching and care.
    5) It is almost 6 kilometers off Bannerghatta Road. Daily commute for children will be a pain.

    STAY AWAY; Find better school close to your home.

    1. Thought of adding my two cents here...
      1) yes, the fees is quite high if you compare with the other CBSE schools nearby.
      2)30 students? Is that in a smaller class? higher classes have 23-25 students, as far as i know.
      3) Yes again, the fees at Christ is much lesser (just about half). But the style they follow is totally different from what they have in samhita... so Christ may not be for everyone, just like Samhita may not be for every one either. On one hand (at samhita) there is no pressure at all on the kids, they enjoy a good relationship with the teachers and take things in their own pace. Values are inculcated, like compassion and care (but of course, there is an argument that such soft values wont help you in a hard world)... whereas in Christ, there is so much of pressure. It is competition in every field, curricular or extra-curricular (yes they have lots of extra-curricular things)... Perhaps that push is needed to help the students survive in the outside world. But that is for the parents' to decide what is right for your child and what is not. If you think competition is good and pressure helps your child excel, then definitely Christ is a better choice.

      4)again, yes... looks like there are so many drop-outs in higher classes. But I have felt that has more to do with the higher fees and lesser activities (like games)... where parents will be expecting more of a complete package (studies, co-curricular-extra-curricular and lifestyle related) with such huge fees. Co-curriculars are name sake. Stage time that the students get is very less, so am not sure if leadership qualities will develop... They are never "forced" to do anything... if a child knows an art, and they get trained in it from outside, the school may give it a small stage to showcase it. That is all... also, the parent-school interaction is very less, in case you want to get involved in the overall development of your child. These could be the reasons behind the higher percentage of drop outs. But as such, academics and the quality of teachers, I don't think is a big issue.

      Another thing i wanted to note down is that the choices seem to be less here. The manage the study part pretty well, but there arent many choices otherwise. Second and third languages are limited. Not much choice in arts and sports, and there is no in-house canteen or even an option to get some food from the hostel canteen within the same campus, in case a child spills some food. They believe it will be too much of a "responsibility" to them to manage such a service. But on the other hand... the kids and teachers rise up to the occasion, volunteering to help the hungry one with a serving from their own plates. A value learned, perhaps.... but a facility, still lacking.

  33. By popular demand - school is transforming itself into something like Chaitanya and the school dearly misses a leader like the original principal. Particular senior leadership of the school lacks intellectual capability which is clearly demonstrated by the adoption of a "command" structure and free willed student will be made to feel unwanted. Aware of more than one instance..so please be careful in discussion with senior leadership of the school in higher sections.


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