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Dec 10, 2009

Update on Gopalan National School for 2010

The fees for this year seems to be 38K and an admission fees of 40K. Next year they propose to increase the fees to 42K-44K.


  1. Gopalan National School has a had a change of principal from Dec 2009. There earlier Principal Mrs Dsouza resigned suddenly.

  2. What is the impact of change of Principal? Is it a good school comparitively?
    How are the teachers and how is the teaching there?

  3. Hi,
    I heard from my friend with two kids here, that school is good. They enjoy well. Only cyclic tests till 4th or 5th. Change of principal has brought in one change: the school has been made half-day for lkg and nursery. Overall they feel good. No undue academic pressure(primary classes).


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