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Jan 9, 2010

DPS criteria

An interesting extract from the Times of India regarding admissions and siblings:

"Earlier, the schools would `interview' the child for admission but after the Delhi High Court verdict, schools claim they do not conduct interviews. Some schools, especially those affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), follow the Ganguli Committee report, where weightages are given to various criterion. "The demand is more and supply is less. Hence, chalking out the criteria helps a fair admission process as each carries a certain weightage. Though a child with siblings stands a higher chance, the same weightage is given to proximity if a parent has only one child," Mansoor Ali Khan, member of the Board of Management, Delhi Public School (DPS), told The Times of India.

He said that at least 30% of the seats are given to children with siblings and the remaining percentage falls into other criterion. "We have around 3% of students who are wards of teachers, and 45% of the students are taken from areas in proximity," he added. "

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  1. To an extent this is true. I got admission for my only kid this year in DPS. There was no question asked to the kid during the interaction.


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