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Feb 9, 2010

Geethanjali Montessori and Geethanjali Vidhyalaya

The Geetanjali Educational Institutions has three schools under them. I recently saw their ad for admissions to the Gitanjali International school while watching TV. So planned to check it out on the net. Here's what I gathered about their older schools.

Syllabus: CBSE
Location: Geethanjali Vidhyalaya
14/3, Near Guru Matt,
Kaggadasapura, CV Raman Nagar
Bangalore - 93
Phone: 080 25272351,25272357

Geethanjali Montessori and Admin Office:
848, 1st Block, 1st Main, 1st Cross, 3rd Stage
New Thipasandra ( Near Gitanjali Layout),

Email: gesv@rediffmail.com
Website: http://gesedu.org/ ( This site branches out to the Montessori, Vidyalaya and International school sections). One of the most badly designed sites of schools, I have seen. You can see a modular furniture ad in the vidyalaya section. Can you see any writeup on the site?
Classes: In Vidhyalaya (M0 till 11th, 12th from 2010)
Admissions: Starts in October.

Fees: Deposit (20K? or 40K?) + Annual fees (25K to 36K) Depends on the class. Looks like Montessori cost is higher than 1st standard.
If anyone can clarify about the fees, it would be be helpful.

Remarks: I read in parentree that primary classes are handled well than higher classes. Montessori section seems to be good. Does anyone know if they have a Montessori branch in Jeevan Bhima Nagar?

They are now issuing application forms for their international school near new airport. I don't know if admissions have closed in the Vidyalaya school.

Does anyone have first-hand experience, then do tell us what you think.


  1. My nephew took admission for the 7th std in their international school located in nadhi hill road..so far so good, lets wait for more

  2. My daughter goes in Montessori, in Kaggadaspura Branch. The classrooms and the teaching aids look all right. There are two sore points

    1. Lack of good school transport. They have multiple batches, and try to juggle the children of all the batches between the handful of buses that they have. Where I live, the bus comes in at 7:20 am for 9:00 am batch - travel time of 1 hour 40 minutes for a distance that is hardly 3.5 kms. They give some reasons for this, like traffic, but I drop my daughter by car and it hardly takes 20 minutes. Granted a bus has to go around and collect children, so it would take more time than a car; but 20 minutes to 100 minutes can hardly be explained by the extra time it takes a bus to take in all children. I think the real reason is that the bus has to rush back to get children for the next batch starting at 10:00 am. In the evening the montessori children are put in the bus, and then they wait for the higher classes children, who come out about 20-25 minutes later. So evening also time is wasted. Net Net the school transport is a problem.

    2. Unresponsive Administration - The administration is most unresponsive about issues such as transportation. The principal is very accessible for admission, but it is then very difficult to get time from her for any other issue. Even if she gives time, her standard refrain is that she can talk about studies and nothing else.


  3. My son is studying in first std. The main problem with the school is that they wont give fee receipt after two months also if we didnt make minimum around 15 calls to them regarding this. They will try to avoid us from collect receipt. U know any school not giving the receipt for the fee we paid!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. My kid is studying in Mont-3 section of Geethanjaly Kagadasapura Campus. They have given the best coaching to the kids in monesory classes.My kid is realy happy to go to school every day.

    The montessory teachers are very nice in their dealings to the kids. Fees are also affordable compared to NCFE,Kagadaspura.

    About the transportation:School has transportation facility to pick up and drop the kids.Private operators are also available for pick up and drop.
    From Geethanjali montessory to vidyalaya you need to register separately by paying library & sports fee.
    It may change from year by year.But that amount is also affordable to the techi people in bangalore.


  5. my kids are studying in Kagadaspura campus. Coaching is so good, only thing which we don't like is their lacking in distributing one or two imp. books on time.
    Toilets need to be supervised from time to time,which most of the kids claimed as dirty.It would be difficult for the kids to use them.

  6. Dear Meena
    My kid is stydying in 3rd mont. I got fees card immediately up on the payment of ist installment and fee Receipt with in a month. Please ask them for the Ist half fee receipt. The receptionists in Kagadasapura campus are very co operative.


  7. My 2 kids are studying in geetahanjali.My concern is about the qauality of teachers which is diminishing day by day.No good teachers stay with the school & moreover any good taechers remain are moved to international school which is worrying considering my kids future.Hope the management address this issue immediately.Ifnot parents will have to look for alternatives.
    Well Wisher

  8. i am a student in this school. this school rox

  9. Geethanjali was great one year ago. But they have increased the number of sections just to pool in money and I am sure there r no enough teachers.......So obviously the quality of teaching has come down.

    More over they just say exercise 4,5,6,7 for home work on monday and they continue 8,9,10,11 for tuesday. so if we only teach our kids at home! why shd we pay money?

    Regarding this if you try to contact the principal they will never give you the appointmet. Bcoz they are always busy collecting money from new admissions.

    No school day, nop extracurricular activities and no proper transport.
    The road leading to the school from the railway crossing is the most worst road I have ever seen in my life. Go by car shock absorbers have to be changed, go by 2 wheeler, your hands will pain balancing,go by auto rick you'll get back pain. School management is not even bothered to take some action regarding this.

  10. Road leading to Kagadasapura School is in pathetic condition. Worst road. Full dust caused wheezing problems to kids. Management of Geethanjali Vidyala please make necessary arrangement to clear the condition of this road.
    It is a request.

    a parent

  11. I heard about the geethanjali school coaching is not good after 5th std onwards. Is it true there is no action from management side to improve the coaching.

  12. Year by year geethanjali vidyalaya increases the donation and fees.even for uniform and books they charge heavy amount.evey possiblility they utilize to make money.money is the prime motto.!!!
    quality of education is just average.there are plenty of other school has less fee ,and high quality of education.there are many christian missionary school with ICSE syllabus are doing brilliant.as mentioned by other parents , the road to school is pathetic.and the trasnportaion service is horrible.if you go with a complaint, they have only one word that"you may change the school if you are not interested". meaning - they are not willing to change or improve.no idea how long this kind of appraoch can exist!!

  13. “Christian missionary school with ICSE Syllabi”- You mean OXFORD/St. Thomas -Thippasandra?
    That school authorities collected nearly Rs. 1500 as monthly FEE. Kids are struggling to learn lessons. Crowded classes (in a class 90 students) and horrible punishments are common. If any parents started questioning the management of that school, they have also same words "you may change the school if you are not interested". I got this report from various parents. Their education quality is also same as Geethanjali. I think Geethanjali is better than OXFORD or St. Thomas. Geethanjali is not screening their students for exams. OXFORD school authorities promote average students to State syllabi only. Only top students will go to ICSE; result 100% success in exams. I know geethanjali is not following these manners.

    Dear parents, when we are trying to find out faults, insist on good things also. If your kid is studying well, school is not a matter, she/he will succeed. If fees are a big concern for you it is better to change your kid to some other school; that is the only solution.

    Anyway Management of Geethanjali School should be taken care of the pathetic condition of road leading to Kagadaspura vidyala.

    Boost the positive sides. Try to rectify mistakes.

    -A parent

  14. For home works--Please take it positively. If your kid is working more she/he can learn more. Consider home work is a way to improve your studies.Unless there is a pain, No gain.

    -A parent

  15. My Daughter was studied in Geethanjali last year. They never give fee receipt immediately, and they will take more than 1 month to give. And their major problem is transportation. The school bus never come to correct time, and monthly three or four times bus would be break down. At that time, they wouldn't make a call and they are not inform about this. Every time we only drop and pick up our kids. They will not make any alternate arrangements. Their administration is very very worst. Road to Kagadasapura School is in pathetic condition. Full dust(powdered dust) caused wheezing problems, cough to kids. So Dear parents if you like to put your kids in geethanjali, please you should rethink your decision.

    A Parent

  16. For Mont. children's-this is very good school.
    For other classes still they need to improve a lot.
    poor administration...poor teaching....no extra curricular activities...
    "Very prompt in collecting money".

  17. Geethanjali school is getting worst and worst. Don't put your kids in this school. They are only money minded and they are not worrying about children's education. And there are no enough teachers and no more extra curricular activities and no more competitions like speech, paragraph writing and fancy dress competitions nothing is there. So don't admit your kids in Geethanjali vidyalaya.

  18. my daughter is studing in the school the major problem is transportation which should be solved and the other is problem is they don't allow the parents to meet the teachers they don't check whether the child understood what they have thought they should want to finish the chapters fast.

  19. I am a single parent, My daughter is studying in Geethajai from Mont I, currently she is in 2nd Std.
    I have only few concerns like receipts are not given for Books and Uniform and they are charged at high price.

    Apart from this I see my child is doing well on all subjects except Kannada and Hindi.

    The teachers are co-operative and friendly with my child which makes gives her confidence.

    We should not always blame the school for everything, a good student will study in any school. I look only for discipline and virtues which I teach my child everyday. This is enough...

  20. the badest teacher is kamaty she hits all the student troble to the core we should file complaint agaisnt her in the police stastion

  21. My son has been in this school right from Montessori till today. Montessori section was excellent simply because the method of teaching was something diff from conventional, credit is also due to some excellent teaching staff. Post Montessori, couple of years were good again because some good teaching staff. Then, almost all the teaching staff left the school because some other school paid them more. Management should have known way to retain these good teachers. Probably, there is no system to provide feedback to school management about the teachers. The principal is good in handling matters with study but she is minus any power to handle administrative matters. To summerize, parents have to struggle with the academics as kids go to higher classes. It is a mixed feeling, not so great school and not so bad as well. After all, which school is perfect from all angles? There is always a penalty attached to the term education. Interesting to be seen how much as parents we cooperate and tolerate them.

  22. My daugh was studied in this school upto mont III.The school's main problem is transportation and another one big problem is administration. The principal is useless lady she couldn't handle the administration properly.

  23. My son is studying in class 7 what I personally feel is that the school is really doing good year after year the most important quality of the school what I have experienced Is that each child is given personal attention and care.The result of the personal care is that class 10 students have gone out with flying colors.
    The teachers give confidence to the students that helps them to nurture their future.

  24. Hi my name is Rahul my son is studying in 10th grade.he is doing really good teaching is excellent the attention given by the teachers towards the children are appreciated, each and every child gets personal attention which gives them great confidence and help them grasp and nurture well i would also like to bring to everyone's notice is the administration which is mind blowing soft spoken people which is the main strength for the school. keep up the good work.

  25. My daughter has been there since Mont-1 till 2nd std now. This is an average school in every aspects. Quality of teachers is OK and only few are really experienced . Many teachers handle subject which they are not interested or comfortable. There was even case where teacher wasn't available for 6 months for a particular subject. Teachers are friendly and approachable but you need to get prior appointment. Administration is very very weak. They don't plan anything in advance. They don't even publish holiday calendar till July end that too lists holidays till Dec as if no holidays in next Jan to march. They do conduct very limited activities which can bring people and get some publicity for school. There is no sports day, school fest day etc here. Yearly they conduct science exhibition to get publicity. Tuition fee is moderate when you compare with other private CBSE schools. But they do charge a lot for transport, books, uniform and other events etc. My daughter continuos here as no schools are perfect, she likes the environment and this is close to my home.

  26. Hi my name is Latha my daughter is here in this school since class 1 . The school is really doing well.they conduct lot of activities like flower arrangement,hand writing ,painting ,best of waste ,rangoli competition (which is to be conducted for the coming week)etc.. and also lot of competitive exams has been conducted .sports day is also conducted every year and the student are issued with the certificates were my daughter has got a no. of certificates.

  27. Hi,My name is Girish.My children are studying in grade III and grade VIII.we are quite happy with the school.The attention they give to each child is quite amazing and also they conduct lot of activities like elocution,essay writing ,debate ,singing,etc..other than painting,rangoli and the teachers in the school also make sure that maximum number of students participate in the competitions.They have been taken for lot of field activities and inter school competitions.Over all the school is doing very good .Keep it up. The only point to be noted is about the road that is leading to the school and I have spoken about this matter to the management.The management has promised to do something before the next academic session starts.

  28. hi ......this is aditya here. I represent the institution and I thank you for your feedback regarding 'Geethanjali Vidyalaya'. the road has been of great concern to us and we are currently resolving it as the civic authorities also play a significant role in the same. but we are happy to say that we have resolved the same and we shall be posting a general circular shortly as the works are slated to begin in a week or two. we appreciate your feedback and we are delivering a host of new facilities/infrastructure in the forthcoming academic session. I personally thank you for your patience and all parents may send their suggestions to our email id: geethanjali.vidyalaya@gmail.com.
    - Aditya

  29. Thanks for looking into the suggestions - Aditya.

  30. hai i am a parent of geethanjali i have been with this institution quite a long time .the approach towards the students and parents is really very good comparing other schools,my child is given individual attention and they make sure that the work of the child is completed which may schools leave it to the parents.geethanjali is doing well teachers are very cooperative and have a motherly feeling towards the children.i am happy with the school.

  31. i am a student of GV .this school is awesome!! they appointed really nice the teachers who can teach and are very friendly. they conduct inter house competitions which are the best! they are trying their level best to improve... CC activities are good too... this year they are getting a road and we are going to get a basket ball ground and a ground with artificial grass. as a student i enjoy being in the school!what more do you think is required for a student?!..

  32. The best school i ever studied.This is a very good institution,i have finished my 10th grade.i miss my school a lot.I will never forget the teachers and my friends specially.This school is the best

  33. what is the age criteria for admission in 1st std

  34. This school was a turning point for me as the coaching is good and the attention are given to students who are weak in studies and the principal is very caring about the students most important of all they prepare the students for higher studies (ie puc and degree) by giving them important tips...........

  35. GV Rocks, no doubt compared to other schools in the vicinity like NCFE which are only money minded.Fees is quite moderate compared to other institutions.
    There are 2 issues which need attention
    1) Give the receipts on time
    2) Make tarred road from railway cross

  36. i love my school,cool and really fun.i love the coaching ,but hate some of the teachers.

  37. Any idea have they tarred the roads as promised before the school closed in March 2012???

  38. The road work has been started after facing many hurdles. the road is currently in its first phase i.e. metalled road. As this is the first time that the road is being laid, we have to wait for another two months until it settles down. After this we will be laying the tar road. This whole project is now being funded by the institution itself.
    - Aditya Sagar

  39. Hello Aditya,

    Good to hear that..Also we saw the circular which was sent out by you this academic year..Lots of good initiatives, especially the Student-parent Portal coming into existence. Hopefully fee receipts also will be uploaded there..right? Btw,when can we start using it?

    Keep up the good work!!!

  40. thanks a lot for the encouragement !!!!! Definitely, the whole point of the portal was to make sure that the parents are able to download the receipts as and when they need to. also the receipts will be sent out by email soon after pmt, u can also download and print it whenever you need the same. I am personally supervising the project and it is completely ready. all trials are over and we are trying to determine relevant email id's of parents as all this tech uses the email id as password. We sent out a circular for that as well and we have obtained the same. all should be up and running in abt a week or so ......

  41. Uniform issue

    My kids are yet to get the uniform. I heard it is same for other kids also in Geetanjali.. It is pretty long time that they took measurement and all..I feel ashamed when I wait at the bus station to see off them and and all other kids of other schools in bright uniform and my kids still with old uniform..Don't you think students are also eager to wear new uniform and go for the new academic year??

  42. I agree with the above comment..It is almost 3 month they took the measurment for unform and money. Better they give cloth next time and we will stitch with our expense. Very prompt in collecting money initially!!!!!

    A disgusted Parent.

  43. I am happy parent of 2 kids in GV.I have tried 2 other schools before and only thing I got from them was just to tell everyone that my son studied in a big school.But with GV we could see our son's progress in various activities and academically.
    Montessori team is excellent!!!! Keep it up.As long as we are in Bangalore we will be with GV.

  44. Adithya Sir

    Came to know thaT the subject teacher for Maths for the class of 6 A is not there from more than 2 weeks.Request you to kindly look into the same as it is a critical subject.

  45. I have two kids studying here..

    The Montessori coaching is undoubtedly great!

    For primary classes, the syllabus is very heavy for the age. For example, the second standard syllabus of GV is comparable with the third standard syllabus of another popular CBSE school in town.

    And the focus seems to be more towards completing the syllabus than having enough emphasis on kids getting the fundamentals right through more practice.

    Overall a good school, constantly trying to improve though the road leading is definitely a setback.

  46. Whats happening with the uniforms? Do you have any plan to give??

  47. Hi, I hear Maths subject is being neglected in Std 5 also. For an entire week no maths class was conducted. I think this subject should be given priority. Unit test time table has been issued. Children will feel pressurised if the portions are dumped at the last minute.

  48. Hi!! Have any parents heard??? The sports sir beats the kids with the tag of his whistle if they dont listen during the class or dont bring the yoga mat/books. Beating/ raising the hand on the kids should totally be discouraged. Management should take note of these things strictly.

  49. Yes, my kid complained about it too.

    I brought this to principal's notice. She said she would look into it. After that i havent heard of such instances. Maybe you can talk to her.

  50. Hi
    My kids are studying here,it would be good if

    1.They lay the roads as mentioned
    2.Publish portions for exam atleast 15-20 days ahead of the exam
    3.Make sure rest rooms are clean and hygienic

  51. Dear Aditya,

    Are you in action now?

    a) What happened to the asphalting of roads??
    b) What happened to the Student Parent portal ??

    Please update the status

  52. I am looking for my kids admission for 1st std in this school for next academic year. Can anyone tell about the teaching, school infrastructure etc?. I also heard the approach roads are not good. Is that true?

  53. my kids are studying here for the last eight years. G V is a no-nonsense school.Good teachers.good infrastructure,polite school drivers.parents are given respect due to them.They have metalled the road this year.The advantage is from the main road to school,it is like a private road.No public buses or lorries.To that extent kids are safe.The school is a blend of modern approach and traditional values.Without any second thought,one can admit.

  54. thank you so much.ivisited the school and found what you said is true.iadmitted my kid to 3rd std.Also learnt that a railway underpass is going to be built connecting vidyalaya road tokaggadasapura near the tank

  55. What about the road?? will it be dusty next year as well?...children are suffering with dust allergy

  56. CBSE bans campus sale in its schools
    Publication: Bangalore Mirror
    Date: Sun, 13th March 2011

    Parents, you have some good news. As per a new rule, the CBSE schools can’t sell books, uniforms or other school-related paraphernalia. The board has given parents a free hand to purchase them in the open market at a competitive price.

    According to a circular issued by the Central Board of Secondary Education on February 21, a copy of which is with Bangalore Mirror, “The premises of the school should not be used for any commercial activity and no shops for sale of books, uniforms, etc should be operated in the school campus.”

    Parents are thrilled, for this would mean buying educational accessories from the cheapest vendor. For schools, this would mean a loss of a steady source of income.

    Says Sujith, whose two children are studying in a CBSE-affiliated school in the city, “Even pencils were being sold in my son’s school. Schools should remain places where knowledge is imparted rather than being business houses.”
    The move comes as a respite to parents, especially the middle-class, in view of the rising cost of school-related accessories. Some upscale schools have been insisting on branded footwear these days, which drills a big hole in pockets.

    “A pair of shoes, which is available at around Rs 500 in the market, costs Rs 1,200-1,500 when sold through the school’s store,” said a parent.

    The circular also makes a strong statement on fees. It says that ‘normally’ schools should charge fee prescribed by the respective state’s education department. Donations, capitation fee and even ‘voluntary donations’ cannot be collected by schools.

    What could please parents further is a clause that says, “The unaided schools should consult parents through parents’ representatives before revising the fees. The fee should not be revised during mid-session.”

    The circular also says fees (quarterly/term/annual) should be returned if the student leaves during the middle of the academic year.

    Bangalore Schools Parents’ Association president A R Ashok Kumar Adiga said, “Schools fleece us. For example, I had to pay Rs 4,500 for a pair of clothes. I was asked to cough up Rs 499 for a pair of shoes while I could get the same for Rs 249. The CBSE circular is in the right spirit, but I wonder if schools will strictly follow this.”

  57. Despite of this rule being passed by CBSE in March 2011,BAN OF SALE OF BOOKS AND UNIFORM BY ALL CBSE SCHOOLS.BAN ON DONATION AMOUNT charged in cash by terming them as 'CAPTIVATION FEES' or'ADMISSION FEES'.

    Yet Geetanjali Vidyalaya is minting huge amount of money in CASH by giving hopeless quality uniforms which are received untimely and books which cost hardly 1000-2000 at retail rates and for this they are charging 10000-16000.They are minting money by name of development fees or admission fees in CASH of around 40000-60000,this is same scenario in all schools around cv raman nagar.WHAT FACILITIES DO THEY EVEN PROVIDE? irrespective of the facilities being provided they are not supposed to charge at first place.

    Do you have any answer for violating the rules of CBSE.As parents we should voice for this and lodge a formal complaint to CBSE board against the school.Let me add,most schools are still not following this CBSE guideline,but when I inquired they are selling books and uniform at a cheaper rate as compared to Geetanjali.I found the other schools also making profit though they are charging less as compared to Geetanjali.

  58. Please scroll up to see what Mr Aditya has promised last academic year beginning. Now another academic year is over and where are we on the promises?????

  59. Thankyou very much for the information of ban of sale of books and uniform ,that too in cash...Like me many dont know about this guideline by CBSE.
    The school has already done with the collection of cash for all classes for books and uniform.What should we be doing now? how to get refund from the school?

  60. Dear Adithya,

    My daughter is going to third standard next year. Last year second term she struggled to learn maths, Hindi and Kannada. At the last moment (just 2-3 days before the March Exam) teachers gave a lot of worksheets for Hindi. Kannada they didn't give any worksheet. About Maths; teacher who taught maths at the second term just scribbled everything on the board. Many parents told me about it and I have just mentioned it at the time of last PTM. Please do not change teachers in between one academic session. It'll affect the overall studies of the children. We Parents are always valuing the relationship with management and teachers of Geethanjali Vidyalaya. Hope next year it'll not happen.

  61. There is delay again in receiving uniforms.Why does this happen every year??On what basis do you print in the circular that uniforms will be distributed on 20th May?? Same old story for everything in 2013-2014 as well.I have lost all my hopes on this school.They just love to test parent's patience.4 consecutive years but same issues year on year..I am sure all are fed up.
    1) Delay in Uniforms distribution
    2) Hopeless fitting of uniforms,socks belt either not given or given after 3 months of receiving uniform
    3) We are still forced to buy uniform from school
    4) Teachers are changed in mid-academic year.
    5) Two to three teachers changed per subject in the same academic year(Maths,Hindi,English,Kannada,Chemistry)
    6) Students confused as to follow which teacher's methodology.
    7) Class Time Table not finalised for the entire academic year 2012-2013
    8)HOLIDAY LIST never given on time.Parents suffer wen booking train tickets.Holiday list given until December only and later given until March.Two holiday list.Dont know why??This shows poor planning.
    9)Exam dates never finalised.Other schools print Exam time table,Portion list subjectwise and examwise,Holiday list for whole academic year June-March,Competitions held every month and Class time table,List of notebooks to be labelled.All these details should be compulsorily given on school opening day atleast if not on closing day like how other schools provide.
    10) There is some system in this school where Substitute teachers are sent
    11) Famous substitution teachers are Tanushri teacher,PT teacher,Narsimha Sir when subject teachers are not available or when subject teachers have left the job.
    12) Drawing books were not given at all for secondary and higher secondary.Both my children did not receive.
    13) Portion list should be given on June 3rd itself.
    14) All exam time table ,that is all four Unit tests and two semesters should be given on June 3rd itself.
    15) Holiday List should be given on June 3rd itself.
    16)Toilets should be re furnished and should be kept clean and dry.
    17) When you love to charge late fees when fees not paid on time then we too will not like if we dont get Uniforms,Class time table,Pending Text books and notebooks,Portion list,holiday list,Exam list and time table,Competitions list ON TIME -----on school reopening day on June 3rd 2013.
    18)Actually all these lists should be issued in March/April itself on PTM day.Why wait till June/July??

    This is my last year with this school...I can only hope for the above changes which I have discussed several times with the school management.Else I will shift both my children to other school and ask all other parents whom I know to shift their children

  62. Why the school is not issuing ID badges so far in this academic year ?? ANy reason?? It is already 1.5 months over after the school re-opened?

  63. I really appreciate the concern of the management of the school in taking up the onus of laying the road between the railway gate and the school at the school’s expense. A really amazing corporate social responsibility gesture from the school side. Keep up the good work !!
    A parent of class IV student

  64. Was really happy when I visited the school last week for some clarifications. Was amazed that I had access right to the upper management people and I could talk to them whereas in another institution where my second son studies I wasn’t even able to get past reception. Thinking of shifting over my second child also over to this institution as there is a greater global exposure in terms of International assessments.

  65. Am a parent of geethanjali am very happy with the way the children are motivated by the staffs to participate in all the competitions.thank you and please continue with the sa me

  66. Read your comment.my child also participated in singing and debate competition .she is in grade 6 and she very happy with her school and teachers.

  67. hai
    My kids are studying in geethanjali vidyalaya for the past 7 years. I am really happy with the way of teaching and curricular activities many school give opportinuaty only for the children those who are really capable but in gv they hunt for talent they make sure that all students participate and prove their talent .

  68. I read your post and yes I liked the amount of exposure that my child is getting. The annual day in January was amazing !! Too bad it’s arranged once every alternate year. But was really happy about the amount of effort and location !. Was really happy about the International assessments conducted and was happy that parents were not asked to pay anything for these assessments. It was nice to see that while it was Cambridge last year, this year it was IAIS …. Good exposure all round.

  69. I agree with you .... this month i heard they are planning another science and montessori exhibition/ carnival !! i like the way they involve parents and give us a chance of reliving the old days while winning some goodies .... i hope they have the same this year too ...

  70. A really amazing experience having my child here.... though they don't boast much, they have all the best features that other school boast that they have newly come up with ..... best is it is comparatively economical compared to other schools in the area and my kid is enjoying the experience !!! No regrets whatsoever....

  71. Really happy to know that the school is starting grade 11 next year ..... a good move by the school .... good to know that my kid can continue in the same system of education ....a really good culture at school too ...appreciate it.

    parent of 9th class student

  72. Kindly let me know - if I can apply for this school, i am keen as it is CBSE pattern, i live near sarjapur road...this schoolwill be around 10 kms fr my kid...please advice

  73. i think the admissions might be open by now ....best way to find out would be to call them. I normally reach them at 080 25272357

  74. Hello,
    Appreciate current situation on 18 points posted on June 1st 2013 by anonymous (I am not the same one). I am considering this school for my son (going into 3rd grade) and honest feedback would help immensely.

  75. the ultimate aim of education is to groom future citizens who will be very committed, competent and confident.quality is not an abstract concept,rather a relative concept.it is relative to a particular time,place, learners and their circumstances.i am a parent of the school for the last two years and i admitted my children to this school after suffering very badly in other two so called reputed schools.everywhere there are problems,admission fees,delay in giving uniforms etc.but in this geethanjali school,though there are a few common issues,the approach is realistic and no gimmics. no private school is providing good education free.i am happy this school is providing quality education that should remain as EDUCATION among our children for lifelong learning. i recommend this school for your kid; decision is yours.

  76. Hi,
    The institution is a really good one in terms of the academic offering and the wholesome character building sort of way. The sports activities are pretty good ... my child never ends up carrying any books as there are 2 sets provided and I dont see him stressed at all ... which at times tenses me up. but his grades are remarkable and so is his behaviour in an adult/his friends group. So i am pretty happy considering that the fee is very very reasonable considering the fee charged by other neighbourhood schools.

  77. Just got news of Geethanjali Vidyalaya's CBSE results for this year.....my son scored a perfect 10.0/10.0 !!!! all thanx to the dedicated staff and management of Geethanjali ....thanx a lot....Plus heard u guys have the best result out of all school in the area !!! congratulations !!! 50% of your students scoring a perfect 10.0/10.0 is an amazing feat ....well done !!!

  78. Please announce school toppers name as well as how many students out of how many students got perfect 10 CGPA.

  79. Dear Mr Aditya,

    I have noticed that you are reading this blog and sometimes even responding to queries of parents.
    I would like to bring to your notice that the fact that school conducts various competitions both academic and extra curriculars is an excellent endeavor. But once the results are announced in the assembly, it takes sometimes a whole year for the child to receive that award or certificate and sometimes only with the progress report at the end of the year.
    It seems the whole purpose of the child's effort is nullified. The certificate or award is of immense motivation to the child who has put him the extra effort. But not receiving it in time defeats the entire purpose.
    Parents are required to come repeatedly and remind the headmistress or admin office about the same.
    Honestly, how many parents can visit the school office regularly, simply to remind the school to give their child's certificate or award.
    I personally think there is no clear allocation of duties assigned to the staff. A few preferred staff members maybe taking on more than they can chew. This is leaving a lot of parents and children frustrated.
    And I do not refer to only the issue of certificates and awards, but also regarding issue of uniforms, pending text books and even follow up on simple concerns like cleanliness of toilets and classrooms.

    Hope you will look into a few festering issues that are completely frustrating us parents.


  80. My kid is studying 2nd class in Geethanjali
    Teaching methodology is just average/below average, in the first few months the syllabus coverage is slow but it is very fast at the end.

    (1).we paid for text books and uniform in the month of April.
    but still(as on 15th Jun) we have not received the Kanada text book and Maths book just received two days back.
    (2). Almost every day some of the classes are not held due to the
    absence of the class teachers.
    (3). Till date we have not received the exams time table(quarterly/half yearly exams schedule)
    (4). No ID cards far even after 45 days of the school reopens,
    No fee receipts so far(paid the fee 2 months back) (it was repeating with out any change for the last 3 years)
    (5). some teachers are impatient and i don't know how they teach/manage the kids

  81. Without Principal this School is running.....
    Now every one imagine the standard of the school..
    Principal always sitting in administrative office which is 5 KM away from the school.

  82. My kid is in Grade 5 - Geethanjlai vidyalaya, Geethanjali is doing a great job .We are very much satisfied with the school. They give importance to all the activities. Many activities are conducted and they also see to that all students participate in these activities.And more over they give wonderful results everyyear.The outgoing students shine very well in the other schools.One more advantage is that they have started with Grade 11th this year onwards.The Principal is always avaliable in the school and we can meet the Principal at any time.

  83. One happy thing for parets like me having daughters is this school takes care of girl students in a commendable way.i have noticed only one male yoga teacher.even that teacher is accompanied in the school by the female p. t. teacher.The basket ball coaches are also females.as a parent ,for the past five years ,i have been noticing this care.they are taking care of both academics and safety of children.At this hour in Bangalore i tell geetanjali management a BIG THANK YOU

  84. a good school giving importance to Academics, sports, cultural activities & safety.I am a parent of the school for the past 8 years.Montessori is Superb.Down to earth approach.All teachers are lady teachers.Even the P T teacher & coaches are ladies.I dont have any tension about safety of our daughter.Up to grade 12 of my daughter, I am tension free.Thanks GEETHANJALI

  85. this is true.i think,as a parent, all these are there because the school gives importance to INDIAN CULTURE and hospitality.As a parent of a daughter studying in G V I wish may their tribe increase.

  86. Dear Aditya...
    Please make necessary arrangement for proper transportation from geethanjali school Kaggadasapura. Many days buses are crowded and most of the children are standing. Drivers are rashly driving the bus. Most of the days drivers are clubbing one or two roots together.

    a parent

  87. Pathetic management , no principal in school premise , laidback attitude of management . Literally one man show in the front desk and admin work . Total chaotic , biased and partiality in dealing with parents . I doubt those who gave good feedback about this school . My son is in class 2 and there are frequent spats and fighting between students . Teachers are not capable of managing the overcrowded beyond the capacity crowd . Principal will be very accessible during admission and then will never be seen around . The management is totally biased and treat students partially based on language. I am saying this with my conviction and have no doubt that am regretting my decision to have given admission to my child in this school . I have several incidents to verify what I claimed . Also you will see the true behavior of the management during distress or emergency - all are good in washing their hands-off during any incident . Only thing they are interested in is in increasing the strength of students exponentially.

  88. The school's management is not very efficient in managing expectations . Good and courteous during admission only . Children keep fighting and teachers have no control on them being overcrowded . Sanitation and toilets worst than railway stations. Front desk is one lady army , and she has attitude . Overall a biased management and not recommended.

  89. Geethanjali school is very good. I would recommend parents to put their kids here.All schools have good and bad scoring kids.As a parent we should also sit with our children and make them study.This is true for all schools.The real teachers are parents.In geethanjali good and bad scoring kids are not differentiated and this keeps the self confidence of kids growing.Fees receipt are provided in time and there are no discrepiances in this.All kids are made to perform on stage on annual day thus making all of them special on that day.This is not followed in other schools.My last point is that all schools make money and this should not be a reason for it to be a worst school

  90. Hi all, my Kid has been in Geethanjali for 3 years now and i have seen gradual yet constant overall improvement in the school. I realy doubt the comment posted by the individual on January 11 coz i was amongst one of the parents who is particular about children hygiene and i was very happy the way it is being maintained in Geethanjali. I hope the management reads this coz i would love to congratulate them on the beautiful annual day held this year especially with the high quality arrangements and giving chance to all children. I do hope the school remains on the same path and hope the management never changes their attitude.this is not just me but view of all parents who stay in my apartment. I would definitely recommend this school to everyone as i am also shifting my younger daughter from a nearby CBSE school (which has gone from bad to worse) to Geethanjali.

  91. How about Parent teachers meetings ? Heard there are no PTA/PTM and we dont get honest feedback from teachers ?

  92. Geethanjali Vidyalaya is a very pathetic school. athe lady in admin is a bitch

  93. Transportation arrangements are pathetic.No proper plan when the school reopens though Transportation fee was taken well in advance of 4 months.Not sure, What did they planned ? Parent has to wait for more than half an hour (50 - 60%) time for pickup n drop.Driver has a default answer that TRAFFIC JAM even though we stay within 3-4 KM distance. Academics wise It's okay for Montessori.

  94. Parent Teacher Meeting (School PTM) allows the parents and teachers to discuss the progress of a child. To this important day at various prestigious schools in Delhi NCR, Young Angels’ is known to add another important aspect and that is our display of our interesting and unique reading material and Magazine for children. This day helps to connect both the young and the adults with books. Our aim through such interactions is to develop literacy skills and create engaged readers. Parent Teacher Meetings coupled with the display of exciting Educational Magazine books by Young Angels always proves to be a very stimulating event. www.youngangels.in


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