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Mar 13, 2010

New Horizon Gurukul: A personal experience

I had started this blog primarily with the aim of searching for a new school for my kid. In the middle of the year, I thought it better to wait for one more year before I changed schools. I was in a dilemma and most schools had finished giving out applications by then. It was then I thought it would be a good idea to introduce my child to entrance exams, so decided to take out an application form.

Gurukul being new was issuing forms and I filled in. They then intimated me through phone, about the exam in Feb last week.
On the entrance date, we had gone a bit earlier to New Horizon Public School. It was then that I saw that students had come for entrance to both New Horizon Public School as well.

All the parents were told to wait in the reception area, but space was a constraint. Exam time was given as 9 a.m. But only 10 minutes back, did one of the staff put up a table and chair and starting ticking off names on a paper and writing names on a sticker.She then handed out tokens ( at least these were already made). Tokens were issued on first-come basis.

Then parents and wards were told to go up to the building on the other side and told to wait in the classrooms adjoining the Principal's office. It was then that we came to know first there would be interaction with the Principal and then students were taken to write tests.

 Each child had interaction with the Pricincipal and someone else( I don't know who it was) present in the room. Then the child was sent for exams.As many as 150 or less children must have come with parents. Some of them had to wait for 2 or 3 hours or more, till their turn came.
The children became restless as time went by. Attenders were constantly moving back and froth announcing the token numbers. Then they made attenders stand at the doors and one of them called out from the office room,whereby others called out in respective rooms.

I asked my child and came to know only 5 people had written the exam in the same room.There was Hindi oral and written also. Maths was about multiplication, division.
 I did not expect good results anyway, the interview was general but even that my child being soft spoken never spoke anything there.
I received a call on Thursday (exam was on Saturday) saying my child was selected.
We then went to visit the admissions officer just to see what they would tell. They just told the fees and to get back. We had decided not to opt for Gurukul beforehand, but just wanted to see it till the end.
We noticed that all the students had "Selected" written in the first sheet the officer was having. Being a new school, why do they need to conduct entrance exams in the first place, I can't fathom. They can just admit students.
Also when I went to meet the admissions incharge, I saw many applications for Gurukul and Public School being taken in at the reception. So maybe there are more tests like these.Also New Horizon Public School has no more space for expansion. If they are taking in so many applications still, it just means students are going out for some reason leaving vacancies behind. Maybe this is just my personal thought.
The fees quoted was as follows:
10K (development fees)+10K (Admissions fees) and 30,880 (first term installment).
Later we have to pay second and third term fees which comes to 10K + 10K.
Books and uniform and transport extra.
Even after all these years, the school should have made a proper arrangement. Parents could be given different timings so that they need not wait.It is pathetic that some better administration is needed.


  1. Hi Very useful information. I'm also looking for my Kid to join this school. Can you Tell me in which standard u have applied for your Kid?

  2. Hi, I was looking at class 2 admissions.


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