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Mar 2, 2010

Edify School

I am thinking of shifting to Bannerghatta seeing the large number of school coming up in this area just this year alone. Should think seriously though. Another new school which made me thinking is Edify School. I had seen career options for all sections of the school recently and next comes the ad for admissions.
So here goes about the school, though you can gouge all the details from the website.

Syllabus: CBSE
Location: Edify School Bengaluru
226/227, Near 25th mile,
Kanakapura Main Road, Somanahalli,
Bangalore-560 082
Phone: 9980209858,080-41624649, 8904469609
Email: admissions@edifyschoolbengaluru.com

Vasavi Vidyaniketan Trust (VVN Trust)
#3 Vani Vilas Road, V.V. Puram,
Bangalore -04
Ph: 22415571/26613534
Bangalore Office:
# 3, 5th C Main, Tata Silk Farm,Opposite Tata Concorde Motors
Bangalore -70

Website: http://www.edifyschoolbengaluru.com/

Fees: The fees are for their concern in Nagpur
Security Deposit: Rs 10,000 (non-refundable)
Admission fees: Rs 10,000 (refundable)
Annual fees: Rs. 10,000(non-refundable) I don't see what is the need for this, though.
Tution fees: Rs 36,000(for KG) and Rs. 42,000( for Grade 1 to 4)
Bus fees: Rs. 12,000

Admissions: Have started for 2010-2011 KG1, KG2, KG3, Grade 1 till Grade 4.
(For their other schools in Nagpur, testing procedures followed for admission)
Age: As on June 1st of the year,for KG1: 2 years 6 months and so on.

Activities: Swimming,Skating, Mini Golf, Yoga, Karate

Remark: The school is part of DRS business Group which commands DRS Kids. It is a joint venture between them and Vasavi Vidyaniketan Trust ( The education wing of the Arya Vysya Trust, which is running many schools and colleges under the name, VVN).The DRS Group runs DRS International School in hyderabad, also they have schools in Nagpur and Chennai

Still to know the exact address of the school, which implies: has construction work finished or going on or yet to start? Anyone has more details do send in your outlook to the comments section.

Update(March 15, 2009): I have updated the school address,phone and email.Their website has also been updated so I changed a few things in my previous post.

Another interesting thing to note is "Teachers meet parents at the child's residence", Customized curriculum, online student tracking, Breakfast, lunch and snacks provided.

The fee structure of the Bangalore school is as follows:  ( I have kept the Nagpur fee structure for reference)
Prospectus and Registration Rs. 500/-

One-time Fee (Non-Refundable) Admission Fee: Rs. 15,000/-
One-time Deposit (Refundable) Security Deposit: Rs. 5,000/-
Annual Fee (Non-Refundable) (Once in every year): Rs. 6,000/-
Tuition Fee to be paid in three terms (Non-Refundable)
KG I – KG III: Rs. 12,000/- (per term)
Grade 1 to 4: Rs. 14,000/- (per term)

Transportation fee to be paid in three terms - optional (Non-Refundable)
KG I - Grade 4: Rs. 4,000/- (per term)

Amount to be paid towards Food in three terms (Non-Refundable)
KG I - KG III: Rs. 2,000/- (per term)


  1. It is one of those schools that promise the moon and do not deliver even a zero watts bulb. Do not admit. Tall talk

  2. There is no swimming pool. LIES!

  3. They appoint North Indian teachers who do not know English. As if there is a dearth of good-English speaking teachers in South India!!

  4. It is so true. This school tries to impress parents instead of teaching students. It is always trying to "market" itself, woo parents and do not teach at all. No one knows what kids do there from 8 to 4 pm and also on Saturdays.

  5. Dear Anonymous,

    A few observations--- there are 4 posts from you , within 2 mins of the previous one. Also, it is year closing, march 25th. It tells that you were a member of Edify and got a royal boot due to your attitude and now you are regretting. we are very proud of Edify. Also, the school website has ample pictorial evidence to tell what they do in school. Marketing is one way of being competent , which is one of the c's in 3C system of education at Edify.

    My sincere advice-- do not make a spectacle of your shallow values on a public portal.DO NOT disrespect your country by writing North n south Indian. We can actually take you to task for writing such anti -India remarks.

    No body needs Edify education more than you at this moment.

    The school ROCKS.


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