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Apr 2, 2010

Update on fees in Kumarans

I had heard that Kumarans was charging an development fee every year for its students. That is to say, parents of students already in Kumarans have to shell out out around 60k every year in addition to the tution fees. I did not know how true it was.

Well recently I came to know the above was true only to an extent. Students already studying in kumarans have to shell out the development fees of around or above 60K once every 3 three years.

I had thought their site was truly good considering they had mentioned the fees in detailed, but this is their hidden fee structure. So on an average the fees for a year is 70K. So parents be forewarned and do check out the authencity of this post.


  1. Extremely surprised at this report. My child has been studying in Kumarans CBSE since 2007-2008 and we have never been approached for any such 'development fee' or any other hidden fees. Please check with the school management before you publish this kind of info. Regards

  2. Checked the information from an insider at Kumarans. The info above applies to class 1 and above.


  3. Is this applicable even now? i am looking at my Son's admission to Grade 1 this year


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