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Apr 8, 2010

Admissions to Class 11 in NPS - stream selection

I had been talking to few parents, well I am always talking of school info with them I guess. Many of them I talked to had kids in good schools with no stress and no tension. But they feel for higher classes they want a more academic and rigourous approach. They want their kids to have less fun and more study and their choice is NPS. But one thing that deters them is the high fee structure, but they are willing to shell out more in higher classes for the sake of better marks.

Well for those of you planning on NPS ( National Public School ), here's what you might need to know. For admissions to class 11, it's another process once again. They don't seem to take the Class 10 board exams into consideration. They have their own set of 3 board-model exams. The average of the marks you score in them is taken for choice of streams in class 11. So kids doing well in board but not in their exams may lose out on joining the stream of their choice.

Another thing is that NPS has its own set of text-books and its board level text-books are said to be very tough.

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