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May 18, 2010

Games for little ones

Hope all of you are enjoying a good and fun-filled vacation with kids. I am enjoying my summer with family and have not been posting because of that. Will be back after sometime to grill more schools. Till then I thought of just adding a post on games kids play.

Kids just make your brain work overtime and I am left thinking of new ones. This is actually brain-drain!

Sidewalk Games

Some old and popular games are "I spy". This is a good way for kids to build up vocabulary and notice things well. One kid says " I spy with my little eyes something starting with 'T'" . if the correct answer does not elicit then you can give hints like its green, its outside the house etc, when the answer maybe "Tree".

Another good geography game for primary and secondary kids is have an atlas in hand. It would be good to have more kids, for this to be interesting. Lets say kids turn to a page of the Europe map. One kids says the name of an European city. The first kid to spot the city is the winner.

Another fun way of  vocabulary building and word usage for kids is a dictionary game. (We used to play this in the bus when i was at school. Each child had to compulsorily have a dic, so it was a good practise). One of the kids would open the dictionary and say the meaning of a word but not the word itself. Everyone else has to guess the word. If it is difficult then the first letter of the word is told.

Just for fun, kids play hid-and-seek, dark room games, blind fold games and many more.

I would like add two fun games. The first is a sock game.If you have lots of socks, you can play this with a single child or two. Take as many pairs of socks you can get your hands on. Take out one sock from the pair and hide it round the house. Keep the other sock of the pair. After hiding, give the children, the unhidden sock and tell them to find the pair. The first person to find all pairs is the winner.

Family playing dice game
For small kids, another fun game is Find the things. Take a sheet of paper and divide it into squares, maybe 16 squares for a sheet. Draw things you find around the house in them. Say a spoon, pencil, plate, shoe, tomato etc.For another kid you can draw a different set of things. Give them the sheet and the first child to collect them is the winner. Instead of drawing you can also write down the names of things.

There are lots more games. Hope I can post them before holidays end. If you have interesting games, do send in, we can have lots to share. Happy hols.

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