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Sep 28, 2010

Admission for 2011-2012 in Vibgyor High

Vibgyor High is the group of schools in Mumbai, Pune, Vadodara and Bangalore. Their Pre-school and kidergarten is named as Vibgyor Kids.

Syllabus: ICSE
VIBGYOR High International School
58/1, Thubarahalli
Whitefield Road (Marathahalli)
Bangalore – 560066
Phone: (080) - 42777000
Email: helpdesk.bangalore40@vibgyorhigh.com

VIBGYOR High International School
107/1, Royal Placid,
Haralur Road (HSR Extension),
Bangalore – 560034
Phone: (080) - 4096 8427 / 28 / 29
Email: helpdesk.bangalore41@vibgyorhigh.com

Fees: Amission fee to all classes: 20,000
Play Group, Nursery, KG: (Tution fees + Annual fees including books,field trips, library, snacks) is 48K,68K and 62K respectively
Grades 1 to 7: Tution fees(all included except transport) + annual fees ranges from 74K to 76K
(Tentative)Grade 8 to 9: Tution fees(all included except transport) + annual fees is 80K
Not sure if the extra cost for co-curricular activities is included.
Classes: In Marthahalli branch: Classes till 9th
In Haralur branch: Classes till 6th
Activities: Athletics, Swimming, Skating, Martial Arts, Jazz, Music and Speech, Drama. They have something like one outdoor,one indoor and one from arts to be chosen from.

Admissions: For 2011-2012 applications will be given out from October 3rd. So do check out with the school.

Remarks: Vibgyor had started off well in Bangalore with the first branch in Marthahalli. Then it ran into issues of steep fees hike and management issues. The year 2010 saw a vigorous online campaign for admissions from Vibgyor. Hope all things have been sorted out.


  1. my daughter is 3 year old and i want to put her in a vibgyor high,harlur road. please tell me about the school and ICSE syllabus(are they teaching them or something different way??)
    please tell me urgently.


  2. Hi, Vibgyor High is definitely teaching ICSE syllabus.
    I have no idea of Ebenezer International School.
    Maybe you can check out with parents nearby or with students at the school.

  3. Dear all,
    My son is presently studying in Delhi Public school, and he has mild learning issues, and also has attention issues. I am planning to change his school this year, and heard about Vibgyor High, Bangalore through a contact.
    I wanted to know more about this schooL. If there are any parents who have already admitted their child with similar difficulty like mine in this school, I would appreciate if they could share their feedback. Thanks in advance.

  4. well, my son goes there. I am more or less satisfied with the school. But not sure about learning difficulties. However, VIBGYOR has small class size..may be that will help

  5. This is my feedback about the school as a parent when attended presentation session for nursery admission.
    School infrastucture and facilities looks OK. The approach road to the school is non-hygenic, polluted and mess which will almost make you lose interest coming to school.Playground is slightly away from school which can be best viewed from first floor of the school only. The First floor railings seem to be bit risky for junior kids as they have some gaps.
    No teachers were introduced or present during the presentation session. Principal (Geetha)seem to be very rude in answering parents queries and has no patience to listen to parents during the presentation. If the principal is like this, how will the teachers be????? The school has their own curriculum till 7th standard and later classes follows ICSE curriculum. This is bit stupid.

    Infact I was not happy with the admission procedure. Admission forms charged Rs.300 followed with registration fee of Rs.1000/- on return of filled in forms. This is purely money making Strategy.
    Some of the hidden expenses i can foresee are school uniforms & shoes, extracurricular activities, celebrations, outings, unplanned activities, fancy dress, competitions etc..

    I have decided not to take admission for my kid. Parents!!! Think before you decide on to this school.

  6. Are you looking for a school around HSR layout- sarjapur area?and particular abot syllabus?infact i can suggest you BRS global center for excellence and gnansrishti school.i heard good reviews on these two schools esp rave reviews on the montessori section of BRS.BRS is CBSE & gnansrishti is ICSE.

  7. Hi,
    I am searching for good schools near Old airport road for class1 & Kindergarden. Howz Vibgyore.On site it says that admission forms were out in oct.How n where can I get admission-forms for my children? What are the requirements along with forms.

    I'm seeking admission for 2012-13.

  8. You can check out the school website or go directly to the school with photos, birth certificate.. and apply at the school.
    Sarjapur Road Vibgyor is good as per my friends feedback. Her son goes to LKG.

  9. I think the quality has come down drastically in Vibgyor:(

  10. Hello All

    Few Negetive points i would like to complie about Vibgyor from hundres of commecnt from diffrent website about school reviews

    1. Principal s very rude and doesnt asnwer properly against the queries from parents

    2. Very very high fee ...money minded management
    3. Increasing fees every year and inform just by march - april so no way to keep out the kind for next year
    4. School bus fees are very hight compared to other shcools
    5. Money loot on the name of SPA ...While its not worth
    6. Teacher's attrition rate is very high
    7. Teacher are underpaid ...( even 6k ...)

    Positive : Education ...is know to be good..ki like to go school and enjoy the way they are being taught ...overall improvements

    * Use your own knowledge before taking any actions about above points

  11. ...wrote above post from a Cyber cafe ..and key board seems to had issues...lot of wrong keys were pressed

  12. What a SHAME to know that a 6 year old girl was raped by a PT teacher and the school tried to cover it up by washing the girl and getting some doctor to inject her with some drug. Dear Parents, how safe are your girls in this school??? Parents who wish to take admission in this school, Pls check all the details and then only think of taking admission....


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