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Feb 5, 2011

Samarthanam Residential School - friendly school for the differently abled

Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled has been involved in various programmes for helping the differently abled. In conjunction with this they are going to open a "friendly" residential school in HSR Layout for the normal, under-privileged and the differently abled.

From the Trust website about the school:

" What makes the Samarthanam residential school special?
  • A 100% disabled friendly school with a total built up area of more than 48,000 sft
  • A one stop shop that will provide the very best of infrastructure, technology and facilities to our students
  • A state – of – the – art facility that can operate and cater to more than 600 disabled and underprivileged students.
  • Special facilities include a meditation hall, recreation facilities, yoga, gymnasium, computer lab etc.,
  • State of the art classrooms with teaching aids
  • Improved physical environment - lighting and paint schemes to help the visually impaired
  • Lifts and ramps to help the physically challenged
  • Carpeting and acoustic tiling of classrooms
  • Sign boards to help the hearing impaired
  • Information provided through Braille, in large prints
  • Lectures on audio tapes from eminent scholars
  • Provision of Assistive Technology - Interactive keyboards, Touch screen computers, and Interactive whiteboards
  • Braille translation software etc.,

 All these facilities are provided free of cost to the socially disadvantageous section of society. This school will help in the following:

1. To promote primary and higher education of the visually impaired, disabled and underprivileged children.
2. To increase the educational and employment accessibility of the people with disabilities by using assistive aids/ technologies and comprehensive vocational training
3. To reduce malnutrition related disability through nutritional supplements
4. To promote and spread art, cultural and other recreational avenues for people with disabilities.
5. To encourage sports and games of the people with disabilities especially the visually impaired
6. To promote eco-friendly living and sustainable waste management practices as an innovative vocational opportunity for the disabled. "

Anyone would like to donate or volunteer their services may contact the trust for details.

Website: samarthanam.org
Email:  mahantesh@samarthanam.org (Mahantesh is the Founder Managing trustee)
Phone: 919448365929


  1. Very informative.It is a fact that this school brings literacy to many people.A braille translation enable a blind person to obtain, store, retrieve and communicate information.

  2. I say this is too bad, because boarding education, done right, can concentrate the brightest kids from a broad geographic area, and create an environment that values learning.

    IB Residential School


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