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Apr 13, 2011

30% fee hike !

Another academic year has gone by and its time for schools to flutter in the admission process. Re-openings are still a month away, but schools have been fast enough to decide the hike in fees for next year.

Recently I met a friend whose first child is in India International School (IIS). She was contemplating moving to another city or to stay back in Bangalore for another year. The school had told them the last date to get TC was Feb. She decided to go ahead with admissions for her second child in IIS. In March all parents got a rude shock in the form of a circular stating that fees has been hiked by 30%. If they wanted TC at this time, they had to pay the quarterly fees for the new academic year and then only TCs would be issued.

Due to protests from parents, there was a meeting between parents and the management to discuss the issue. A feedback form was sent and promptly answered by parents. Some of them were okay with the hike, while a majority wanted a less hike. Finally the hike has come down to 10%. My friend was asking in what way 30% hike is justifiable?

Needs to be seen what other schools are planning to do this year. Do you have any inputs, have you paid out for the new academic year? Do shoot your thoughts.

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  1. Saw an advert in Indian express last monday stating the school and all its property is being auctioned on 10th of october !!! what will happen to the children who are studying there ?? and what about the new admission taken ??


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