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Mar 28, 2013

English Grammar and spelling books

Hi, It's the time of the year when parents are looking out for their kids. It's the exam season in most parts of the world also. I had been scouring the web looking for good grammar links and books.

The good old days of "Wren and Martin" are over now and I just could not seem to find a good book.
I came upon a book by Wren by it was just filled with exercises.

Finally I have got some of the best grammar practise books with instructions, that parents might want to download. Its from Mc Millan publishers and you can access it at:


The grammar books starts off very methodically from the basics. All the mechanics of a particular grammar topic are covered. It has lots of exercises and kids will really get the hang of it.
( But maybe if your kid is in grade 4, you might need to see the grade 3 book.)

The link contains spelling practise books also.
Hope you find the great books as good starters and they work out as worksheets too.


  1. It is stupid of you to say that - ["The good old days of "Wren and Martin" are over now"] since even to this day, it is a fantastic ready reference book for grammar and language skills. Don't tell me that English language has changed so much as to make "Wren & Martin" irrelevant! ... Of course, it doesn't have your "current day" SMS lingo!

  2. I really loved the Wren and Martin books. I told its over because I don't seem to find that book anymore or anything even equal to that.


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