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Apr 3, 2013

National Public School, Banashankari

National Public School (NPS) has started yet another school, this time in Banshankari 5th stage.

Syllabus: CBSE ( and maybe all other syllabi listed on their site).

Address: National Public School - NPS Banashankari
Syno-81, 3rd cross,
60ft road, Uttarahalli-Kengere Main road,
Banashankari 5th Stage,

Website: npsbsk.com
Phone: 080-28611799/28612180 

Admissions: You have apply through the office and admission test will be conducted. Application form are available online.

Classes available for 2013-2014 are from Montessori,KG, Class 1 till class 8. It might be still affiliation is in progress, since they have not got their class 10 yet. It's better to check with the school.

Activities: Yoga, music, craft, cookery. Basketball, throw ball, volleyball, table tennis, Chess and badminton.

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  1. The school is not yet started. Even though all the Schools in Bangalore started a week back.
    There is no mail confirmation or through phone
    communication about starting of the school. It is very difficult to manage children in Home.

  2. Teachers are too rude and inconsiderate. Ms Deepti the librarian is the worst of the lot. Ms Rashmi the science teacher takes every opportunity to punish the child either by spanking or by twisting the ear even without trying to listen to the child. if the teachers don't have patience then they must not be allowed to teach children.. I hope the principal is reading this.. Please replace these teachers. The school insists of uniform etc. that is good but even more than that please look at the conduct of your own teachers. Bad school.. don't put ur child here..They promised us basketball, table tennis, nothing so far.. For karate they insist the girls must change into track suites etc but there is no place to change even. The bathrooms are soo wet.. how are the children even going to change.. All this school knows is how to punish and nothing else.. They are rushing portion so fast.. so much homework and so many projects to do.. There is not a day when children come home happy without complaining.. Will have to find another school.. Not worth the money..

  3. i hv put my kid for nursery, pls anybody can tel whether this is gopalkrishnan;s school or just a franchise

  4. It is a franchise ..

  5. Dear Parents ,
    The strength of class XI is 08 only and XII is 12 . Doubt about their CBSE credential for XI and XII . Think twice before putting your ward. You should not repent later on.


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