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Jan 6, 2010

Sherwood High

A fresh start to 2010, I decided to start posting on new schools. So the first school is Sherwood High.

This school is a venture of Bethany High school. The school was slated to take off from 2009, and presentations to that effect and site visits were made, but its only now that it has got grounded.
The management is recruiting a female principal, teachers and administartive staff only now. Admissions have already started and Mr. Johnson from Bethany High School is in-charge.

Syllabus: ICSE
Location: Sherwood High
Opp. Royal Hermitage
Bannerghatta Road,
Bangalore – 560 083

Website: http://www.sherwoodhigh.com/ (it is "under construction" and was supposed to be up on March 2009, stated on the site.Looks like things are moving slow)
Classes: Pre-nursery to 4th

Admissions: You will have to contact Mr.Johnson at Bethany high school. You can look up the address of Bethany High here. Application form costs Rs.200
Eligibilty: 3+ as on 31st May for Pre-KG.

Fees: Registration (includ. admission fees): 40,000 Rs.
Tution fees: 36,000 (annually)
Activity fees(for picnic, abacus, club,sports): 10,000 (yearly)
Uniform, books, transport, food are extra.

For the updated post: Update on Sherwood High


  1. intersted in knowing about the acquiring of application form for admission to class2 in 2010june.can be contacted by mail hanpoppy@yahoo.co.in
    hannah paul

  2. Good choice, please Mr. Johnson at Bethany High School (Koramangala), we registered our child there as well.

  3. ICSE school.
    Mrs Cheryl Ann D'souza, MA (Eng), MA(Hist), PGDELT, BEd is taking over as Principal. With over 20 years or teaching experience. Ex English teacher at St Josephs Boys High School on Museum Road and ex Principal of Gopalan National School at Whitefield.
    Your child will be in safe hands

  4. Hi,
    I visited this school 2 days ago - things are really shaping up in this school. The location is great and the proposed facilities will make this more like an international school. Whats amazing is that the fee structure is reasonable and affordable. Suggest everbody visit all schools in the neighbourhood (I did)and then make decision.I am putting my son in Sherwood!

  5. Please take your argument off the internet. You are just making a fool of yourselves and not helping anyone. I am a prospecting parent. I met Mrs. D'souza and she seems like a knowledgeable and seasoned Principal.

  6. hi what is this about testing the water?

  7. Hi,
    Anybody can share how is your experience with sherwood high this year.I am planning to put my kid here for next year

  8. 'Testing the water'? What's that really? I visited the campus today but didn't notice a lot of water, apart from a mini fountain in the children's outdoor play area. Well, my first impression is that work, I am afraid, and as someone said earlier (Looks like things are moving slow...where there is more talk and less work done!!), is progressing a bit too slow for my liking. The 'playground' on the right has not yet been developed fully, which I had expected to since the school had initially attempted to start off from June 2009 itself. I thought I would see that ready in two years' time, but alas.

  9. very confused!
    My son is going to Inventure Academy...a useless school!
    Don't know where to put him in 2011. he will b going to grade 6. I was considering Sherwood High. But, all the above argument has left me bewildered. Anyone can help. Pls don't advice me t visit the school because they never show the real picture.

  10. Hi Parents,

    When I was looking for a school to admit my child in 2010 , I looked on the internet.About Shewood High I saw postings on the net that the
    principal of this school is a very troublesome person.It seems she was previously the principal of Gopalan School and has a History of creating lots of problem there and was asked to leave.The posting also WARNED parents who were looking for schools for their kids.

    I did not care about the posting thinking it to be misinformation and ignored the writing on the wall.Also at that point of time Sherwood High made a great hype of the fact that the Principal of Bethany School (Mr. Akash Ryall) was their Director Education.

    But within 5 months of the shool's inception a letter signed by Mr. Ryall was sent to every parent stating that he is leaving the board.The Date on the letter suggested that he signed the letter in less than 3 months of the school's inception.The letter was cleverly and conviniently kept under the wraps by the school, so that they can use Mr. Ryall's name for more and more admissions.

    Today, we really feel cheated and duped by the school and repent every moment for selecting this school for our child.Except infrastructure nothing about this school is good.

    So parents, A BIG WARNING to all of you.The very beginning or inception of this school is based on fraud and eyewash.The school is VISUALLY APPEALING, otherwise not worth at all.You are going to repent big time if you select this school for your child like us.This school has simply USED the name of Mr. Ryall to DUPE parents and get STARTED.

    The principal is just a sweet talking trickster who is good at tricking people.Those parents whose childen are in Sherwood and deny these facts are either lying or turning a blind eye to the truth or are ashamed of accepting the fact that they have been fooled.

  11. I'm a parent in Sherwood High, and am pretty disappointed with my choice. My child's wasted one whole academic year of his life sitting indoors. All the promises of play and games and sports were like pie crust ones... easily made, easily broken. Very easily made indeed! The Principal sweet talks so much, and never finds time to listen.
    Even if I met her by appointment, she never devoted 100% of those few minutes with me, she'd answer calls on her mobile, talk about unwanted topics, try to show how busy and important she is... I've given up trying to talk just because I know she's not interested in the existing parents or children,.....
    But my child really loves the school, the classroom environment, the teachers and so I've decided to let him continue in Grade 5 this coming year... I don't want to act hastily and act on impulse like the principal, who knows? She might be asked to leave instead.
    So I'm keeping the faith!
    Great School! Wrong leader....


  13. i like sherwood high. butim dissapointed because they said there will be extra acivities, its nat done until now(2011).

  14. I am sending my kid to this place for past 6 months. I only have good words for this place. Teachers are good, my kid is learning and enjoying. Two things that really caught me - when I was lookign for a place for my 4 year old - they are honest! All money by checks, second they treat students and there parents with respect. All emails or phones are answered. Every concern addressed. Good suggestions are acted upon.

  15. awesome school
    i just love it .
    just visit the school.
    oh my god its the best school ever seen
    caze they make children understand things by showing/displaying them
    :) :) :) :) :) :)
    im never:(:( :(
    always :) :)

  16. As a parent of a 3rd grader I would like to offer my humble opinion regarding Sherwood. We are not exactly on cloud nine but all the same we must admit that Sherwood is trying its best to deliver the goods.
    The Principal is an honest lady who is a hard worker to boot. Having volunteered in the school I can honestly say that she involves herself in all areas of the school. Every meeting we have had with her has ended on a positive note and we have no complaints where she is concerned.
    There are areas which need improvement mainly regarding the quality of the staff. As parents we need to address issues in a positive manner. There's no point in analysing and criticising people unless you are very sure you would do a better were you fortunate enough to be in their shoes.

  17. the sharewood is run by emmar . they are bloody cheaters owned by dubai pagal shaik mohamed. pls sent this guys out of india.

  18. I have been a Sherwood parent for 2 years now. I will not take sides here but would like to birng forward a few of my own experiences at the school.

    I have met the principal of the school on a number of occasions. I have been more than satisfied with the way she runs the school. The school is not perfect, none of us are. I am happy because our suggestions are taken very positively by the principal. The improvements in the system out number the concerns I have.

    The school is run very professionally and my son is very happy at the school. Just because of a few incapable staff members we cannot blame the School Management. It takes a while to get the right teachers and retain them. I myself am a teacher (not at Sherwood) so I know the drill.

    As for the Management, I have met the board of Directors of the school and found them to be very promising. They have been constantly looking for ways to improve the school.

    I request all not to judge any school by a few or just one negative experience.

  19. Is it right that Academics in Sherwood is not good, And i also want to know the Management of Sherwood right now who is managing the school.

  20. Hi,
    Would like to know Sherwood focuses on Academics or Sports?

  21. HI,

    They take care of both Academics & Sports as well.As i personally had an visit to school and was impressed about the management.


  22. Hello,
    I am a sherwood parent. My daughter has being going to this school for two years now !! She loves her teachers and the infrastructure and often tells me she doesn't want to come home after school. I have personally met the teachers principal and the management as well and I must say they have a dedicated team of teaching and helping staff and extremely supportive and passionate management and the principle is very approachable !!! And yes the school is being run by emmar trust which isn't owned by any sheik nawab from Dubai so that's just wrong information. The infrastructure is good they have a swimming pool, an indoor and outdoor play area , a computer lab, a library, a music and dance room, a huge ground and well ventilated classrooms !!! I am very happy with the school and every year all students take part in events such as sports day and annual day functions. Reputed people are called as cheif guest and the trustees of the school are also reputed. They give equal importance to studies and extracurricular activities as well. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming and personally I feel the school has progressed every year. The presence of Mr. Ryll and his abscence of has not mattered much !!! Even the transportation facilities are good and I would highly recommend this school for all your kids and I ensure your kids would enjoy their school life and they would learn lead and succeed as well !!! On an ending note we all know when there's something good happening around there are people who want to spread negativity all over and that's what has happened on the net regarding this school !!!

  23. Can someone please share the fee structure of the school now in 2012/ for 2013?

  24. Admitted my child in 2012. Liked the infra and principal. Huge disappointment. Only sweet talks...not much action. Principal is like a dictator.

  25. I really appreciate Sherwood High School effort to improve my child. The did what they promise.
    Really a wonderful school in Bangalore. As a parent i would invite all parents to visit Sherwood High once.
    Sherwood take care of both Academics & Sports as well
    Sports include cricket,basketball, football, swimming and table tenis.

    I personally attended some of the cricket coaching session and interacted with the
    coaches(very senior gentleman) and some of the highly paid IT Professionals who were helping the Coach.
    Sherwood also arranged couple of Hard ball matches with the other professional club and believe me the
    results were encouraging,Sherwood small kids were really confident and there hidden talents were revealed and
    with children taking greater interest in their studies and Sports and therefore lower absenteeism.

    I usually meet principal and she is one of the best teacher i have ever seen, she is having a vision and she is promoting sports in a big way.

    I am a PARENT so Applicants and their families please have a trip to campus and get a first
    hand idea of the wonderful things that happen at Sherwood High.

  26. Awesome annual day yesterday

  27. Sherwood high has good infrastructure, but teaching staff need a lots of improvement. Many of them are not well trained and don't know how to handle kids. I have also heard about kids being slapped in class ( By Maths teacher ), though corporal punishment is now banned.

  28. I had no second thought on the school for my child. Heard good from many. Imagine my child when she doesnt wake up in the morning, if i say you will miss the school, she gets out of her sleep and gets ready to goto school. What else you want from a school.

  29. Hi

    I have admitted my child for 2014-2015 , they take a donation of 70000, it is pretty on a higher side I felt , but consulted many parents they said it is a very nice school but getting mixed reviews on the net ....But I feel they have lot of room for improvement , It is just 3 years old ..hoping I made a good choice ...but quite nervous how the school will shape my child .

  30. This is my daughters second year in Sherwood high...And me and my daughter love the school ...Principal Mrs Cheryl dsouza is an awesome lady. ..she has given her 100% or even more than that for the smooth affairs of the school...my girl who is in class 2 loves her princy Maam...Before entering her class in the morning, she visits her first and wiyh open heart n no attitude she welcomes her..
    management , teachin staff, bus coordinator all are excellent ppl...special care is taken towards each every child. ..so ppl plz stop rubbishing abt the school and its ppl...the trustees are not the dubai emmar properties....

  31. My child,is in Sherwood High and I have come to know that corporal punishment is prevalent in this school. Hitting, making kids stand on benches holding their ears among other forms of punishment is still practised by the teachers. Please share your experienced if any.

  32. Corporal punishment is banned and the schools strictly follows the rule of no punishment..
    As a punishment ,the teacher stops talking to the children and that's the biggest punishment they get from their favourite teachers.


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