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Feb 26, 2010

Update on Sherwood High School

Update (Feb 26, 2010): I am late in checking out about Sherwood High. Admissions are going on in full swing and their website is up and running. One thing is that the map is reversed, so check it out well to know the location.
They have put up a lot of facilities and it looks like the fees are reasonanble for the slew of facilities.

You can look up the website for all the facilities, to name a few:

CCTV and surveillance, GPRS in buses, RFID for all, video conferencing for staff-parent interaction, veg meal cafetaria, Indoor games complex, skating, meditation rooms with zen garden. Also they are going green with rain water harvesting and solar power plant.

Akash David Ryall, principal of Bethany and Education Director of Greenwood High is now going to be heading Sherwood High. The principal is going to be Mrs. Cheryl Ann D'souza, the past principal of Gopal National School (input from an user)

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  1. Just wanted to add my thoughts in the comments:
    The principal at Gopalan is taking over charge at Sherwood. Gopalan has been good, not excellent. Also Akash Ryall has been with Greenwood, and what I have seen is the expansion of facilities and also a huge increase in fees there. So I'm waiting to see how Sherwood would fare under both of them.
    Maybe at the beginning it's nominal fees and then its going to skyrocket, due to the extravagant number of facilities?

  2. Doubting thomases and cynics get nowhere. Fees will increase every year in all schools so i guess one will have to keep waiting.Just Try Indus to see what fees can be

  3. anyidea of who is the owner or chairman of the school sherwoodhigh.that really counts.MR.akash ryall,is an academician and no doubt about his performance as director of academics of this school.but will his leadership continue for long?then its really good


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